Love’s in the Hair: Why you Need to Get Hair Transplants this Valentine

Why you Need to Get Hair Transplants this Valentine

The month of love, February, is a romantic time of year that every couple looks forward to with passion and excitement. Among all the hassles of life: career, academic, and filial stresses, the 14th of February is a reminder of that sweet summer kiss that is now buried in an obscure frame in the past, that despite its distance, rekindles the fires of juvenile love. There is far more meaning to Valentine’s Day than is credited, but the most important consequence of the fleeting day is a flashback to the good times and a wake-up call that we often hang up on annually. This Valentine’s Day, in the final year of the decade, it is your time to reclaim your youth, your moment to shine,…


The Norwood scale

The Norwood scale is a metric of hair loss for Androgenic alopecia that was the original criterion of James Hamilton in the 1950s. Modified by O’Tar Norwood in the 1970s, the scale adopted the name of the latter, but is oftentimes referred to has the Hamilton-Norwood scale. Although not considered a reliable measure, the Norwood scale is internationally endorsed as the standard benchmark of male pattern hair loss that dwarfs all the possibilities of hair loss patterns into 7 distinct categories. What are the benefits of the Norwood scale? The Norwood scale classifies patterns of hair loss into 7 categories that simplify terminology between patients and doctors and assists patients in grasping the progression of their case, provide them with an extended perspective on the…


5 long & Amp; Short Term Side Effects of Hair Transplant you NEED to know

side effects of hair transplants

Hair transplant is the most effective method of hair restoration and the most promising. Constantly being modified, the techniques hold cosmic expectations. However, to hair transplants, there are certain side effects of hair transplant that people should become familiar with to avoid disappointment Side effects of hair transplant that vary based on the technique 1- Visible scarring in hair transplant The visible scarring on the donor site mainly depends on the method of extraction grafts. Therefore, the wave of inclusivity for the side effect of scarring is limited to technologies with an invasive aptitude. The follicular unit transplantation FUT which is the precedent technique causes a scar during harvesting of grafts. It operates on isolating strips of skin from the scalp by surgically removing them,…


Secrets to high hair density after hair transplants

The goal isn’t to cancel your subscription from the receding hairline club. The desire isn’t merely to pull back the escaping blanket of hair to pass for a two dollar James dean. Most patients are after a thick mane of glorious thatches that will restore their youth, boost their confidence, and spike their attractiveness. Here are some techniques that can provide you with high hair density after hair transplants, as well as some tips to assist you in achieving your vision. Factors that affect hair density of hair transplants 1- Supply of donor region If you’re considering hair transplants, then you would have done enough research to understand the rudiments of the concept. The donor region is a defined area of hair that is genetically…


Beard Transplants: How To Achieve The Perfect Beard

Beard transplants

Beard transplants are the channel through which you can achieve your Hugh Jackman beard and reinforce your masculinity. The beard transplant procedure can restore the thickness and growth of your facial hair. Regardless of whether you can't grow a beard or whether you lost you facial hair to physical trauma. Second only to hair transplants, beard transplants rank in the top cosmetic surgery procedures for men. Some contributing factors in the prevalence of the procedure among the male demographic are both technical and social. On the one hand, the significance of facial hair in the dating scene and the impact it has on anchoring the male dominance and emphasizing attractiveness acts as a driving force towards the technology. On the other hand, the success of…


David Beckham Hair Transplant Speculations & 422 predictions

The year of 2020 has had a rocky start that perhaps sent its waves beyond politics. On January first, a twitter user dug into media archives to revive and brush the dust off a 1998 piece published by FourTwoTwo magazine that holds an article image resembling the ripening of the ever attractive David Beckham by the year of two thousand and twenty. The tweet holding a juxtaposition of the prediction of Beckham's anticipated matured countenance and the footballer's actual picture in the year of 2020, went viral on the application earning 23.4K likes. The discrepancy between the pictures, begs the question of how a to-age-like-milk prophecy turned to an aged-like-wine reality. Regardless of the underlying incentive behind the FourTwoTwo prophecy, and albeit the controversy, the…


The Genetics Of Baldness: How Hair Loss Happens

La genética de la calvicie

Hair loss is a conundrum that deflated millions of spirits since the crack of dawn, yet despite being under the piercing lens of science throughout time; to date, the genetics of baldness remains a mystery. If we unwind the rope of all the intricate events that took place on this earth, if we rewind the film tape of time, of the tragedies and the celebrations back to 400 BC, to a trivial moment in time, to linger precisely on a convention of a sweet camaraderie that the Greek physician Hippocrates shared with his circle of chrome domes — we'd learn that the infamous father of medicine often narrated to his comrades and companions tales of hope and echoed promises for a permanent solution to their…


How baldness surpassed natural selection

Could the hair restoration industry be an illusion, a charade of stigma to facilitate the capitalist wheel for corporations to profit off the innocuous and natural receding of the hairline? How could have baldness surpassed natural selection, the scrutinizing and highly-selective filter of evolution? A trait, if claimed loudly to be quite undesirable, should have long been exempt from existing in the genetic pool. However, up to 50% of the world's male population is destined to suffer a certain degree of hair loss, a generous demographic that opposes the predictions is incongruous to the present data and disparate from the stereotypes. Hair loss has proved to be a pervasive, relatively challenging concept to unravel and fathom fully. Despite androgenic alopecia earning a spot at the…


The best hair transplant techniques

trasplante capilar

The elementary objective of hair transplants as a pioneering concept was to restore hair loss, regardless of the displeasing results in terms of aesthetics. As the foundational aim was attained, progress towards immaculate and more efficient techniques and results has been on a role. Below are some of the best hair transplant techniques you should consider opting for as well as hair transplant techniques to eschew from. The best hair transplant techniques ♠ FUE hair transplants FUE hair transplants were first invented in the late '90s as an attempt to counteract the adverse effects of preceding techniques. Prior to their invention, FUT hair transplants were last in the field, although significantly advanced for their time, FUT’s soon acquired a flavor of redundancy and their side…