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Afro Hair Transplant In Turkey

  • Afro Hair Transplant Istanbul sets itself apart from other hair restoration techniques due to certain distinct factors, which also highlight the uniqueness of this approach.
  • Firstly, it caters specifically to curly hair types. The hair follicles harvested from the scalp are larger than those of other hair varieties, given that curly follicles cover a more expansive area than their straight counterparts.
  • This results in a more voluminous appearance, as curls contribute to a denser hair look. Tailored exclusively for individuals with Afro-textured hair, this transplant method embraces the one-of-a-kind curl pattern, density, and texture that define this hair type.

The process of Afro Hair Transplant Turkey  differs for some specific reasons from other hair transplants, which also reflect the features of the method. The first reason is that it works for curly hairstyles. The hair follicles extracted on the scalp are more extensive than other types, as curly follicles occupy a greater area than straight ones. It also makes it more beneficial to a more volume look as curls make the hair denser. This type of hair transplant is specifically designed for individuals with Afro-textured hair, unique in its curl pattern, density, and texture.

Expert Hair Transplants for Afro Hair

Vera Clinic is the number one choice for your Afro hair transplant Turkey for long-lasting, natural results. Getting an Afro hair transplant in Turkey has multiple benefits for you. It is a cost-effective option, and we are also the best at what we do. Our team consists of specialists in Afro-Caribbean hair transplants in Turkey, so we can provide excellent, natural-looking results that make us stand out from other clinics.

We offer many types of hair transplants in Turkey, so we recommend you browse our full-service options first and find the best procedure for your circumstances. Each technique can differ, and we specialize in many areas, including the best Afro hair transplants in Turkey. Suppose you enquire today about a hair transplant for Afro hair in Turkey. In that case, we can book a consultation for you as soon as possible.

Afro Hair Transplant Advantages

An afro hair transplant in Turkey is popular among our patients due to its advantages over similar procedures. Unlike a FUT hair transplant, the surgery presents minimal scarring and faster recovery times. The key advantages of an Afro hair transplant Istanbul at Vera Clinic include the following:

✓ Minimal pain and discomfort following your procedure.

✓ Virtually invisible scars to give you a natural-looking afro hairline.

✓ Gives you a head of thick, full Afro hair.

✓ Fast recovery, allowing you to return to normality in no time.

✓ Ensures natural-looking results using the advanced FUE technique.

✓ Less visible redness on dark skin after the procedure. Slightly seen redness can occur though it disappears in shorter terms compared to skins with fairer tones.

Why Choose Vera Clinic for an Afro Transplant in Turkey?

 State-of-the-art facilities

 Qualified and experienced medical team

 Accommodation and onward travel included

 Expert aftercare and patient care

 High-quality standards of service

 Permanent, natural-looking results

 Trusted destination for medical tourists

 Affordable procedure costs

Am I Eligible for an Afro Hair Transplant?

Those who suffer from diffuse thinning or hair loss may not be suitable candidates for an Afro hair transplant. During your consultation, we can confirm how suitable a candidate you are for surgery.

The Process of an Afro Hair Transplant

Afro hair transplants will differ for everyone as depending on the extent of your hair loss, a procedure for you may not be the same as someone else. As there is no “one-size fits all” procedure for a hair transplant, booking in with one of our clinicians for pre-assessment is the best decision you can make before your Afro hair transplant, helping you start your transformation journey to the head of hair you’ve always wanted.

If you are new to the world of hair transplantation, the procedure itself is nothing to be concerned about. As experts in this field, Afro-Caribbean hair transplants in Turkey are safe and expertly performed at Vera Clinic. We can help you feel at ease when undergoing the procedure.

  • The donor site will be prepared, deciding upon the size of the area of the skin, based on your requirements.
  • Before examining the density, one of our surgeons will determine the estimated number of grafts needed. After properly shaving and washing, a local anesthetic will be provided to the affected region.
  • As a “clean procedure,” you will not have to go under general anesthetic when receiving an Afro hair transplant in Turkey. This means you can remain conscious throughout this experience.
  • Once applied, you will not be able to feel a thing, so you don’t need to worry about any pain experienced during a hair transplant for Afro hair.
  • Following this, your Afro hair transplant will begin. An FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure is the safest method for an Afro hair transplant, which is why it is the method we offer here at Vera Clinic.

1 – Before the Treatment

  • Free analysis

Enjoy a free hair analysis to ensure an Afro hair transplant suits your needs.

  • Free Virtual Consultation

A free, bespoke consultation to ensure you have the best results from an Afro hair transplant Turkey from one of our expert consultants.

  • Customer service 24/7

Our team will look after you from day 1 and are available 24/7

2 – During the Treatment

  • Transportation

We can help to arrange VIP transport to and from the airport, as well as to our hair clinic for your treatment.

  • Accommodation

We will assist with arranging accommodation for your stay. Hence, you feel best in high-standard hotels for your trip.

  • Translation

We offer translation services to assist you during your trip. We speak your language!

  • Medical Pack

As part of your journey, we will provide you with all the medication and care you require.

3 – After the Treatment

  • Regular Checkups

We offer regular checkups with our expert team to ensure your cosmetic procedure is healing correctly.

  • Guarantee Program

We believe in value and quality over quantity, so we offer a guarantee on our treatments.

  • Additional Advice

We will provide consistent advice post-procedure on additional treatments which may assist with your long-term results. However, below are the essential steps after an Afro Hair Transplant. Patients will get the best outcomes over therapy and recovery by taking the following precautions:

-Your doctor advises you to take additional supplements, such as vitamins.

-Our patients can only walk for the first 2 weeks after the operation, and only do light exercises between the 2nd and 4th weeks. However, after 1 month, they can return to their normal sports routine.

-Our experts will give you both spoken and written instructions for your procedure.

Following Your Afro Hair Transplant

Immediately After

Once the procedure is finished, following the aftercare advice we will provide you is essential. This will help you experience the best results possible from an Afro hair transplant. The afro hair transplant will take up to 8 hours, meaning you can leave the clinic on the same day.

Initial After Care

The healing time is 24 hours, so be mindful not to bump, knock, or scratch your head following your Afro hair transplant in Turkey. You may find that your scalp is itchy, an entirely normal sensation, and a sign of healing.

3 – 4 Weeks After

If you follow our advice fully and heed all precautions, your new Afro hair transplant Turkey should heal to perfection. You will begin to see the full results, but you should allow time for the hair to grow. The full results of your transplant may take up to 12-18 months, so keep this in mind when looking at progress following your Afro hair transplant Turkey.

Afro Hair Transplant FAQs

Why get an afro hair transplant in Turkey?

There are many reasons to get an Afro hair transplant in Turkey. These include:

  • The prices in Turkey are the lowest you will find worldwide for hair transplants, priced 2 – 4 times lower than the UK, USA, or other European countries.
  • You will receive the best Afro-hair transplant in Turkey from experienced doctors, who are constantly adapting as new techniques for Afro-hair transplants evolve.

We provide the best Afro hair transplant service, tailoring our procedure to your needs.

How long will an afro hair transplant last?

The effectiveness of the FUE technique for an Afro hair transplant Turkey means you will have permanent results. We have perfected our technique to ensure that you will have natural-looking results. Over time, you will be so used to your new head of hair that it will seem like you never had hair loss in the first place. We are confident that if you are suitable for the procedure and depending on your desired results, you will be happy for a lifetime with a successful transplant. To ensure the best chance of permanent results, you must avoid anything that strains your hair, known as Traction Alopecia.

Can I get an FUE hair transplant for Afro hair?

Yes, the FUE technique is highly recommended for an Afro hair transplant Turkey and is how we perform this procedure. While it is more challenging than the same transplant with Caucasian or Asian hair types, the FUE technique provides more natural-looking results. It is less intrusive than a FUT hair transplant which will also leave significant scarring. Book a consultation today for our experts to determine if you are a suitable candidate for FUE.

Is an afro hair transplant safe?

Thanks to our expert team here at Vera Clinic, every Afro hair transplant is safe to experience and will provide minimal discomfort. We are proud to offer health tourists from the world over only the most advanced techniques and patient care, helping you to achieve the head of hair you’ve always wanted. You will find more information about our quality standards and our state-of-the-art hospital facilities here. You can also take a virtual tour of our clinic to see it before your visit.

Is an afro hair transplant safe?

Thanks to our expert team here at Vera Clinic, every Afro hair transplant is safe to experience and will provide minimal discomfort. We are proud to offer health tourists from the world over only the most advanced techniques and patient care, helping you to achieve the head of hair you’ve always wanted. You will find more information about our quality standards and our state-of-the-art hospital facilities here. You can also take a virtual tour of our clinic to see it before your visit.

Can an afro hair transplant fail?

During your consultation, you will be assessed on suitability for a hair transplant in Turkey for Afro hair.Many hair transplants can fail if the person is not a suitable candidate for it, so it is crucial to have a consultation first, something we always do here at Vera Clinic. Another reason a transplant can fail is if the aftercare guidance needs to be followed correctly. The aftercare program provided to you after surgery is designed to get the best results possible, so not doing so can lead to it failing in the long term.

Why do you consider getting a hair transplant in Turkey?

Many patients choose Istanbul for their medical needs for various reasons, including financial advantages. However, there is another significant reason to consider hair transplant in Istanbul is its being known as the “capital city of hair transplant” attracting a large number of medical tourists, particularly for FUE hair transplant procedures. As a result, hair transplant procedures in Istanbul are of high quality and offer a valuable option for those seeking this type of treatment. Overall, the specialized approach required for Afro hair transplant in İstanbul, found in Vera Clinic, makes it a practical option for individuals with Afro-textured hair who are experiencing hair loss or thinning.

I am starting to experience hair loss. Should I get an afro hair transplant Istanbul?

It can be expected for many of us to experience some form of hair loss, which will depend on various factors, from diet and lifestyle to hereditary conditions. Suppose you notice more hair loss than usual, and the regrowth cycle takes much longer. In that case, this could indicate a bigger problem. Age is an important factor. However,  at Vera Clinic, we plan customized treatments for each of our patients. Accordingly we plan transplantation in line with the degree of hair loss.

What type of afro hair do I have?

There are different types of Afro hair, all down to how the hair follicles grow. Awareness of what type of Afro hair you have can help determine the solutions for a hair transplant and general hair care and maintenance. The main types are curly, wavy, and straight Afro hair. Curly hair can be more liable to frizz and dryness. In contrast, wavy hair can be less voluminous than curly and easier to style. Straight afro hair is without curl or wave patterns and can be easier to maintain. An Afro hair transplant is a complex procedure, because, the more curled the root of each follicle is, the more difficult it is to extract. However, as it is experienced in various hair transplant techniques, Vera Clinic is also experienced in Afro Hair transplant.  During a consultation, our experts can fully assess your hair type and suitability for a transplant if required.

Can I have more than one type of treatment at once?

Vera Clinic is the ultimate destination for advanced hair transplant Istanbul and aesthetic treatments in the greatest city in Turkey, Istanbul. Our clinic offers a unique and personalized approach to hair restoration and other cosmetic procedures, allowing you to achieve your dream look with ease and comfort.

At Vera Clinic, we understand that every patient is different and has unique requirements. That’s why we offer a wide range of treatments, including hair transplant in Istanbul, beard and mustache restoration, Hollywood Smile, and more. What’s more, our experienced team of surgeons customize the procedures to suit your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a natural and long-lasting result.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients is whether they can have multiple treatments at once. The answer is yes! So, if you’re looking for a reliable and trusted clinic that offers hair transplant in Istanbul and a wide range of other cosmetic treatments, look no further than Vera Clinic.

How much does an Afro Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost?

Although it varies according to the size of the treated area, it costs from 3,000 to 3,500 EUR.

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