Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

eyebrow transplant in Turkey

An eyebrow hair transplant is a popular choice for those who are dealing with a lack of hair growth as well as those who wish to enhance the appearance of their brows for aesthetic purposes. The best eyebrow transplant in Turkey is carried out using the FUE hair transplant technique; permanently restoring eyebrow hair with natural looking results.

An eyebrow transplant is a similar treatment to a hair transplant in Turkey, and is a great solution to permanently restoring eyebrow hair in patients who suffer from congenital eyebrow absence as well as those who lost hair due to trauma which may include scarring, over plucking and chemotherapy. In addition to overcoming hair loss, an eyebrow hair transplant is also growing in popularity to thicken or enhance the appearance of the eyebrows to get the desired style.

The Process of an Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Turkey

The best eyebrow transplant surgeon will always check to ensure that the patient is eligible for an eyebrow transplant, determining candidacy based on key factors. Unlike regular FUE hair transplants, anyone looking to restore or thicken their eyebrow hairs are generally eligible for an eyebrow transplant. Being in reasonably good health is also a main factor; any health conditions which could lead to complications down the line would make an eyebrow transplant in Turkey not suitable.

When undertaken by the best eyebrow transplant surgeon, an eyebrow hair transplant is a very intricate process which requires a high level of precision and skill. The team at Vera Clinic have rich experience and are highly trained in eyebrow transplant in Turkey, keeping up to date with trends to ensure our patients are happy with the physical appearance of their new brow shape.

When carried out by accredited surgeons, the process of the best eyebrow transplant in Turkey uses micro equipment for immaculate end results with no scarring. Hair will be carefully extracted from either the eyebrows, behind the ear or from the upper thighs dependant on the desired result. These areas offer thin and natural looking hairs which are implanted very tightly together in the direction of the natural hair growth.

Typically, an FUE eyebrow hair transplant takes around 5-6 hours to complete. This is dependent on how many grafts need to be extracted and transplanted but this will be established prior.

Recovering From an Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

Following your procedure, the best eyebrow transplant in Turkey results will depend on the aftercare being carried out correctly. We provide our patients with an aftercare kit that contains all of the necessary information on how to manage the transplanted hairs to eliminate scarring and leave you with the best results. We also give you all of the necessary supplies to take care of the surgery site, including shampoos, creams, antibacterial serums and pain-killers which are gentle on the transplanted hairs and shorten healing time.

Within 48 hours of your eyebrow transplant in Turkey, it is expected that you will be able to resume with your daily activities and enjoy the sites that Istanbul has to offer during your stay. We recommend avoiding strenuous activity initially but generally downtime is minimal.

A bit of soreness and slight crusting around the site of the eyebrow hair transplant are perfectly normal following your procedure but these will fade within the week. The shedding of the transplanted hair will begin at around 3 to 5 weeks, this will not have an impact on the final results and will begin to regrow at about 2 months post-surgery. You should notice the full potential of hair growth from anywhere between 4 to 6 months after your eyebrow transplant.

Choosing the Best Eyebrow Transplant Surgeon

The high level of precision needed to achieve the best eyebrow transplant in Turkey requires a highly skilled surgeon. Undertaking thorough research into the healthcare provider to ensure you are visiting an accredited hospital and surgeon will avoid an eyebrow hair transplant that is unsafe or provides results you are unhappy with. Vera Clinic work with the best eyebrow transplant surgeons who are extremely experienced to provide optimum results for each and every one of our patients.

Eyebrow Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

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