OxyCure Therapy

At Vera Clinic, we are proud to offer our clients an emerging and revolutionary treatment, OxyCure therapy available in our Turkey based clinic. The OxyCure treatment is designed to be a supplementary treatment to a traditional hair transplant in Turkey and designed to ensure full and long-lasting results. With an objective of filling in the gaps often left behind by the intrinsic process of hair transplantation, OxyCure offers the picture of perfection and peak unprecedented thresholds of success.

What is OxyCure Therapy?

OxyCure therapy in Turkey is an ‘outpatient’ procedure, in which patients are administered to 100% pure oxygen in a pressure-controlled chamber. Controlled factors involved in OxyCure therapy prompt the body to enhance multiple metabolic functions around the body, all of which have a significant impact on the results of hair transplants, hence it being an excellent complementary treatment.

The hyperbaric pressure conditions of OxyCure therapy allow the lungs to absorb more oxygen than they would under normal conditions. What’s more, oxygen diffusion from red blood cells to plasma is also dramatically facilitated during OxyCure therapy, where the oxygen concentration skyrockets from just 2-5% to an average of 70%. To put it simply, this means that the treatment enriches your body cells with oxygen, and then this stimulates molecular function that favours the proliferation and survival of grafts, resulting in a fuller and denser head of hair where the transplant has taken place.

Why OxyCure Therapy?

As we already know, hair transplants are a hugely effective single treatment in reversing multiple permanent classes and categories of hair loss and alopecia. However, as with any scientific or medical process, there is always room for growth and improvement, and it is necessary in order to nudge the potential of treatment forward. This is where OxyCure comes in.

With a typical hair transplant, healthy follicular units are translocated to areas of the balding scalp in order to encourage hair re-growth. However, while the process of the hair transplant does not pose irreversible trauma to the grafts, it does tend to have adverse effects to a certain extent. For example, by cutting the primary source of blood supply in the original region, grafts are placed in an entirely unfamiliar location and the adaptation process, although an inherent part of the event, can at times be harmful to select grafts.

After this, it takes typically around 3 days for the grafts to connect to a consistent source of blood supply, and this process is known as revascularization. Before this process is finished, grafts rely on plasma to receive their oxygen requirements in order to presume necessary cellular activity. But, as there are significantly trivial concentrations of oxygen present in plasma, it is predictable that the survival rate is not guaranteed for all grafts and only around an average of 70% of grafts are estimated to survive.

This makes it clear that plasma is the prime oxygen source for follicular units during the first three days post-transplant. This means that the level of oxygen carried in plasma is necessary for survival rates of follicular units and by extension, ensures excellent results and hair density. To aid the survival of the hair follicles, OxyCure treatment in Turkey has monumental consequences on not only this success but also a versatile range of aspects of the surgery.

The OxyCure Procedure in Turkey

OxyCure therapy in Turkey entails two sessions, the first taking place directly after a hair transplant procedure and the second scheduled for the day after the transplant. During the treatment, you will be prompted to sit or lie down in a tube chamber, which may either be a full room designed to fit a group of people or a single tube able to fit one individual at a time.

Once comfortable, pressurized 100% oxygen is delivered via a mask or a hood, and patients are able to engage in leisure activities such as reading, listening to music, or watching TV. As a whole it is a very calm and relaxing procedure that also offers some downtime for clients following their transplant.

Benefits of OxyCure Therapy

Oxycure therapy

When patients choose OxyCure therapy in Turkey to complement a hair transplant, they can enjoy improved hair growth and results following the procedure. This is because OxyCure offers several benefits which include:

1. An Increased Survival Rate of Grafts

As previously mentioned, OxyCure therapy ensures that follicular units retain enough concentrations of oxygen carried in the plasma in order to survive the 3-day period before they connect to direct blood supply. Transplants carried out without OxyCure therapy complementing them typically lose around 30% of grafts as a result of low oxygen levels. With OxyCure, survival rates of follicular units rise to 98%.

2. Decreased Swelling

With any hair transplant, swelling occurs immediately and is a source of discomfort for patients following the procedure. With OxyCure therapy, oxygen is delivered directly to the scalp and therefore, eliminating the occurrence of swelling and the need for specialist post-surgery care, such as compression headbands etc. This lowers the number of lifestyle changes the patients will have to adhere to directly after surgery.

3. Reduced Recovery Period

After transplant surgery, the body is often left exhausted, but with OxyCure therapy, energy levels are boosted to aid the body in recovering faster. Instead of the regular two weeks recommended for full recovery, the period is lessened down by 50-70%.

OxyCure FAQs

Am I Eligible for OxyCure Therapy?

There are certain requirements which must be met in order for a patient to be eligible to receive OxyCure therapy in Turkey. Certain conditions may affect whether a patient is suitable, and these include a recent cold, fever, ear trauma, having a history of tinnitus, pressure intolerance, having an ear infection, or have recently had ear surgery. All of these are factors that would mean a patient is unsuitable for the treatment, so if you are unsure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team for further guidance and advice.

What are the Risks with OxyCure Therapy?

When used properly, there are no adverse side effects of OxyCure therapy in Turkey. However, inappropriate use may lead to numerous adverse effects as it involves breathing oxygen at high atmospheric pressure. Side effects may include the following:

  • Ear Damage
  • Sinuses Damage
  • Vision Changes
  • Lung Damage
  • Teeth Damage

As well as the above, abuse of oxygen could also result in patients experiencing increased blood pressures, anxiety attacks, claustrophobia, decreased blood sugar, the build-up of fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema), and collapsed lungs.

How Much Does OxyCure Therapy Cost?

If you’re considering OxyCure therapy alongside a hair transplant at Vera Clinic, then get in touch with our friendly team on hand now. We would be happy to offer you a more in-depth consultation filled with the appropriate advice and guidance to ensure you choose the correct procedure for your needs. We will also be happy to offer you a quotation on OxyCure treatment in Turkey alongside one of our transplant procedures.

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