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Cut Loose With A Freedom Day Do

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The experts at Vera Clinic provide their research to determine how many Brits are likely to get a haircut when salons re-open in the UK after the pandemic.

The Jack Grealish Look

The experts at Vera Clinic highlight the popularity of certain hair styles and their success on famous dating apps like Tinder.

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Lip Fillers – What You Should Know

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The experts at Vera Clinic weigh in on the importance of lip fillers being carried out by medical professionals.

Stress, Hair Loss & Metal Music

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The experts at Vera Clinic explain the connection between hair loss, stress and the research behind stress-reducing metal music.

Want To Relieve Stress? Try Pop Music

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The experts at Vera Clinic poll 1,540 people aged 18-65 to find a connection between music, stress and hair loss.

Men’s Confidence At Work

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More than half of men are struggling with confidence at work according to a study from the experts at Vera Clinic.

Treatments To Hair Loss From The Experts

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Dr Zafer Çetinkaya, hair transplant specialist at Vera Clinic gives opinion on Finasteride and Minoxidil for hair loss treatments for men.

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