Blepharoplasty In Turkey

blepharoplasty turkey

Blepharoplasty in Turkey is an exceptionally beneficial cost-effective procedure, with the eyelid surgery cost in Turkey being lower than anywhere else in the world.  As with all cosmetic surgeries at Vera Clinic, the procedures offered here are renowned worldwide and the vast range of services we offer, such as hair transplants, make us one of the most versatile medical and cosmetic clinics in the world.

Eye lift surgery in Turkey will open your eyes to a whole new world of opportunities, enabling you to enhance your facial aesthetic, boost your confidence and see the world the way you always wanted to.

Advantages of Blepharoplasty

  • Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery in Turkey, is a surgical procedure used to remove excess skin, muscle, or fat from around the eye area.
  • Eyelid surgery in Turkey can amend droopy eyelids, sagging eyebrows and an array of other undesirable afflictions.
  • We offer the lowest lower and upper eye surgery cost in Turkey you can find worldwide.
  • Available for a range of cosmetic and medical purposes, blepharoplasty in Turkey is able to make you look younger, correct sagging skin and amending issues you may be having with impaired peripheral vision.
  • As well as the practical benefits, you will also develop the glowing, youthful complexion of your dreams.
  • As the face is an especially sensitive area of the body, we at Vera Clinic do our utmost to ensure maximum comfort and protection is provided.

Why Choose Us for Blepharoplasty?

  • Reduced costs on treatment
  • High quality standards in patient care and service
  • World-class surgeons performing the best liposuction in Turkey
  • Accommodation arranged along with onward travel
  • Central Istanbul location
  • Aftercare included

Blepharoplasty Details

Blepharoplasty Details

Procedure Time – 1 – 2 hours

Anaesthetic – Local

Recovery Time – 4-6 months

Accommodation & Transfer – 7 days

Why Eyelid Surgery In Turkey Is Done

As aforementioned, there are many reasons why you may require blepharoplasty in Turkey. Sagging eyelids can cause long lasting or even permanent problems with your eyesight, prohibiting your eyelids from opening completely, or even pulling down your lower eyelids. Removing the excess tissue from your eye area will improve your vision, making your eyes appear younger and more alert.

Eye lift surgery in Turkey may be suitable for you if you have any of the following:

  • Baggy or droopy upper eyelids
  • Excess skin of the upper eyelids that interferes with your peripheral vision
  • Excess skin on the lower eyelids
  • Bags under your eyes

Blepharoplasty In Turkey: The Procedure

The duration of eyelid surgery in Turkey will differ from patient to patient, depending on their specific condition and requirements.

  • On average, we like to say that blepharoplasty in Turkey takes an hour and a half, although the procedure can be quicker or last longer.
  • Before going for the lowest eyelid surgery cost in Turkey, you will need to meet with one of our eye specialists or our specialist plastic surgeons to discuss the best option for you.
  • We will assess your medical history, ensuring you are a capable candidate for blepharoplasty in Turkey.
  • We will need to know about any previous medication you have been on, as well as any conditions you have or had, such as glaucoma, allergies, or circulatory problems.
  • Upon this assessment for your eyelid surgery in Turkey, we will also advise you to persist the use of any medications (prescription or herbal) as well as stopping the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.
  • This will be followed by a thorough physical examination, including testing upon your tear ducts, measuring your eyelids, a vision test (including your peripheral vision) and photographs will be taken to help with the planning stage of your eye lift surgery in Turkey.
  • Blepharoplasty in Turkey usually takes places as an outpatient service, requiring an overnight stay in the hospital.
  • The surgeons will firstly inject local anaesthetic into your eyelids, before administering IV medication in order to help you relax during your eye lift surgery in Turkey.
  • The upper eyelid surgery cost in Turkey will differ from person to person and will also differ from lower eyelid surgery in Turkey.
  • If you are having surgery on both eyelids, one of our expert surgeons will generally work on the upper lids first, cutting along the fold of the eyelid, before removing excess skin, muscle, and fat, before sealing the incision.

Blepharoplasty in Turkey: Aftercare

Following your eyelid surgery in Turkey, you will spend some time within one of our recovery rooms and one night in the hospital, where we will monitor you and assess your condition following the procedure. Some short-lasting side effects may occur such as:

  • Watering eyes and blurred/double vision
  • Hypersensitivity to light
  • Swollen or numb eyelids
  • Bruising of the skin around the eyes
  • Slight pain and differing levels of discomfort

Following your blepharoplasty in Turkey we will also advise that you use icepacks, holding them on your eyes for 10 minutes, every hour, for the evening following your surgery.

  • The day after your surgery, you should use the icepacks on your eyes for 10 minutes, 4 – 5 times throughout the day.
  • In the following days after your blepharoplasty in Turkey, you should clean your eyelids gently with the eyedrops or ointments that we will prescribe and avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible to ensure for thorough healing following the procedure.
  • In the week that follows your eyelid surgery in Turkey, we would also advise you to avoid strenuous, heavy lifting, or any heavy exercise such as swimming, jogging, or aerobics.

Blepharoplasty In Turkey – FAQs

What Is The Eyelid Surgery Cost In Turkey?

The eyelid surgery cost in Turkey will differ for multiple reasons and there is no one size fits all price. For example, the upper eye surgery cost in Turkey will differ from the full eyelid surgery cost in Turkey, so it completely depends what service you opt for, and the extent of surgery required. The eye lift surgery cost in Turkey can start from as little as $890, but we advise you speak to one of our specialists and arrange a consultation so we can fully assess the eyelid surgery cost in Turkey for you. Thanks to subsidies from the Turkish government, the eyelid surgery cost in Turkey is still the cheapest in the world, costing up to 50% less than other places such as the UK, USA, and other European countries. For more information, please visit our Blog Page, where we have more details regarding blepharoplasty in Turkey. For advice and a quote, dependent on your specific needs, contact us today and one of our experts will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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