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Vera Clinic is one of the best hair transplant and cosmetic surgery hospitals in Europe that was conceived in 2013 by Turkey’s leading hair transplant surgeons.Operating from Istanbul in Turkey, Vera Clinic has become a prominent hub of attraction for health tourists seeking world-class resources from all around the world.Read More

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    The Emerging OxyCure Therapy

    Hair transplants are rapidly advancing, and adjuvant treatments are continually emerging. To push the potential of the surgery to the threshold and achieve the best possible results from the procedure is a mutual objective between patients and surgeons alike.

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    Our Patient Reviews

    Hair Transplant Turkey - The Complete Guide From A To Z

    Hair transplant is growing in popularity and gaining a lot of attention. The Vera Clinic prepared the following comprehensive guide to help you learn the risks, the techniques, and alternatives to hair transplant in Turkey. Everything you need to know about the process you will find below.

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    Hair Transplant UK: The Costs, The Cons, And The Alternatives

    Hair transplant is not very common for the UK to be known for something under a negative light, but according to recent statistics, the UK is among the top 10 countries with the highest hair loss incidents. Hair loss is a phenomenon that affects nearly 50% of the world population, with a bit of a racial bias associated with the condition that happens to be not in the favour of the Europeans, the chrome domes constitute 39.23% of the UK population.

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    Hollywood Smile: What It Constitutes And Its Costs

    The dazzling effect of the Hollywood smile on the red carpet has become a prominent feature in Hollywood. Celebrities and A-listers from various backgrounds and of different ages, dominate the screens and scenes of movies with their gloving pearly whites and glamorous smiles. The lens the media focuses on the Hollywood smile brought intense attention on the impact of teeth. The significance smiles have in portraying your character and accentuating your charisma is monumental.

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