Moustache Hair Transplant In Turkey

A moustache hair transplant might just be the thing your face has been missing. Like all of our hair transplant services, we only offer the best moustache hair transplants on the international market, with an incomparable moustache transplant cost. Thick, full, moustaches aren’t easily achieved by every man through natural means. The presence of a heavy-set moustache on your upper lip draws the eyes of onlookers and create a presence of power, sophistication, and superiority. With a moustache hair transplant from Vera Clinic, you can achieve your facial hair goals, and you’ll no longer have a stiff upper lip, but a full, fashionable one instead.

Eligibility For A Moustache Transplant In Turkey

There are many prerequisites for a moustache FUE in Turkey. Whether you have suffered injury to your face, leaving a remaining bald patch, scarring from past trauma from when you were younger, or simply fact that you aren’t genetically predisposed to growing facial on your upper lip. Whatever the reason, a moustache FUE transplant will turn your life around, allowing you to possess the moustache you have always dreamed of, at a heavily reduced rate with the moustache transplant cost in Turkey. Our moustache hair transplant services enable the stimulation of hair growth in your moustache area, so absolutely anyone can get one, no matter who you are.

The Procedure For A Moustache Hair Transplant

A moustache hair transplant in Turkey takes place at our state-of-the-art hospital, undertaken by our expert surgeons at Vera Clinic. The objective of a moustache hair transplant is to increase the growth of hair on your upper lip, giving you a natural, authentic looking moustache. The method used is a moustache FUE hair transplant. Like all FUE hair transplants we offer, such as our FUE beard transplant, hair follicles are extracted from donor regions and then grafted to the problem area in question. Using the moustache FUE transplant technique, group hairs are implanted into the moustache area, taking into consideration the hair growth angle, so that the resulting moustache hair presents as normal and natural looking. The entire procedure will take between 3 – 4 hours, with local anaesthetics administered, so the entire process will be completely painless. Every individual has a different pain threshold, so the process may feel slightly more uncomfortable for some individuals than others, but we at Vera Clinic do our very best to make sure your moustache FUE transplant is as comfortable an experience as possible. Following your moustache hair transplant, you will experience mild swelling and some redness around the affected area. Don’t worry, as this is completely natural, and this will subside within 2 – 3 days following the moustache hair transplant procedure.

Moustache FUE Transplant: After the Procedure

Following your moustache FUE transplant, the scabs surrounding the area of your new moustache will begin to heal in 7 – 10 days following the initial procedure. Our surgeons are specially trained in the transplanting of hair, and no scarring will occur, leaving you with an authentic looking moustache once the healing process is complete. The results of a moustache FUE transplant are permanent, and you will be able to enjoy the facial hair you have always dreamed you could grow, while paying a small comparative price, with the moustache transplant cost being so low here in Turkey.

Moustache Hair Transplant In Turkey FAQs

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