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It can be a worrying time if you are experiencing hair loss, especially if it has never happened before. As there can be numerous reasons for female or male hair to fall out, finding out what the hair loss causes are is key to discovering a solution. Here at Vera Clinic, as hair loss treatment specialists based in Istanbul, Turkey, we can help you quickly discover the reasons for hair loss through a thorough consultation and help you stop hair loss once and for all. Whether you are concerned about having a high hairline, bald patches, thinning hair or Alopecia, our expert medical team can recommend the best hair loss treatment for men and women and help restore your hair confidence.

Book a consultation today where the Vera Clinic team can arrange a time and date suitable for you. We can arrange a wealth of treatments including hair transplants in Turkey to address your hair loss. Our team can also help you with dental aesthetics and many forms of cosmetic surgery if this is required.

Hair Loss Causes – What Are They?

The reasons for hair loss can range from damaged hair to genetics, so determining the reason for your own hair to fall out unexpectedly sometimes requires further investigation. Some of the most common hair loss causes include:

Stress & Anxiety

Genetic conditions such as female or male pattern baldness

Harsh treatments or chemicals used on your hair

Too much strain on the hair bulbs and follicles from certain pulled-back hairstyles

A poor diet, anaemia or iron deficiency, or vitamin B deficiency

Pregnancy or the menopause

Excessive weight loss

Some of the hair loss causes above can be addressed with lifestyle changes, but others require further help. If the reasons for hair loss are genetic, such as Androgenic Alopecia (otherwise known as female or male pattern baldness), then seeking out hair loss regrowth usually leads to treatment.

If you’re thinking to yourself “Help, I’m not sure why my hair is falling out”, the good news is there are experts available to help address this. Through a hair loss clinic, you can receive the specialist care needed that goes beyond over the counter remedies. Here at Vera Clinic, we use state-of-the-art equipment to help administer the best hair loss treatment for men and women that is proven to work. If you haven’t been satisfied by a hair loss doctor in London or anywhere else in the world, or can’t find low enough costs to help that you can afford, we have treatment packages for both female and male hair, including eyebrow transplants and beard transplants.

Is There a Hair Loss Cure?

Many people will be looking for an all-in-one hair loss cure, something that some products may claim to do. If you have tried shampoos and over the counter hair loss cures to no resolve, considering hair loss treatment in Turkey could be your next best option. Our procedures can help provide long-term to permanent results, such as FUE hair transplants that transfer individual hair bulbs from the follicle on your body to the area of concern. This is a non-invasive option compared to a traditional hair transplant or FUT procedure where skin will be cut to move the follicles. We also have options for Sapphire FUE hair transplants that provide extremely accurate transplanting of the hair bulb and follicle. Both types of FUE provide no scarring and natural-looking results.

Hair Loss Treatment in Turkey

Naturally, you’ll want to find the best hair loss treatment

All procedures require a consultation before being performed, as our medical team will want to ensure you are able to achieve the results you desire. If you suffer from Alopecia Areata, for example, this commonly appears as patches of baldness on your head and body. The surgeon will want to see whether this condition can be resolved through an expert hair transplant in Turkey, as all individuals will require slightly different treatment courses. If there is a good number of healthy follicles available to use, you could be an ideal candidate. If the surgeon feels any form of treatment will not have the desired results you want, they will say so, ensuring you have a realistic expectation of what can be achieved. You are a good candidate for hair loss treatment if:

You have good overall health

You do not have any blood-borne diseases

Any hair loss you are experiencing has stabilised

You do have permanent hair loss

You have no history of poor wound healing

Benefits of Choosing Vera Clinic vs a Hair Loss Clinic in London

Some of the main benefits of choosing to have your hair loss treatment in Turkey rather than at a hair loss clinic in London, for example, will involve the costs and quality of service. At Vera Clinic, we can help you arrange a hair loss treatment package that is affordable whilst also including added benefits including the flights, accommodation, and transportation from your hotel to our hair loss clinic in Istanbul. We offer:

Experienced & Certified surgeons and technicians

Free consultation

High-quality standards

5-Star Hotel Accommodation during your stay

Lower total costs than the same treatment in your home country

Advanced equipment and hair loss techniques

Many satisfied patients with the hair loss treatment results

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