Can I Exercise After Breast Surgery?

The First Few Days

Exercises you can do after a breast augmentation should be very gentle and easy going to start off with. Immediately after your procedure, especially within the first 48 hours, it is important to move gently around the house. Taking care of basic needs is enough immediate exercise after a boob job, so don’t push yourself too hard. For the first 4-5 days, moving around is important to ensure you keep good circulation, while you wait for your body to recover.

After The First 1-2 Weeks

Breast implant exercises after surgery at this point can include the reintroduction of gentle cardio exercise, but only as and when you feel able. Walking is a great initial exercise after breast surgery, but bear in mind that you want to avoid raising your heart rate or body temperature. Stick to cooler times of the day and avoid any vigorous exercise.

Weeks 2-4

You may start to feel better at this point, so feel free to incorporate cycling and longer walks within your exercise timeline after breast augmentation, increasing your endurance and strength gradually.

At this stage, breast implant exercises after surgery can also include low impact aerobic exercises, keeping your intensity to about 50-60% of your normal pace. Avoid squats or upper body work to avoid inflicting any unwanted strain or damage upon yourself.

Weeks 4-6

Following a check-up, once your doctor has assessed your progress, exercise after your boob job can include weight training. Workouts should still avoid the pectoral muscles, so stick with, lower body workouts and strengthening your core. Although you may be eager to get back into your usual routine of exercise after your boob job, you should still avoid bouncing, running, and jumping.

After 6 Weeks

Assuming your doctor has given you approval, you may resume your normal workout routine 6 weeks following the procedure. This can include running and any other breast lift exercises you wished to do before and after surgery, but you should always listen to your body as you phase in chest and ab exercises after your boob job.

Listen to Your Body

Everyone heals at their own rate. You should not rush into any form of exercise after breast surgery to reap the full rewards of the procedure.

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