Smart Lipo In Turkey

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Smart Lipo in Turkey is a minimally invasive liposuction technique that we offer at Vera Clinic.

  • As a comparatively new technique in the world of cosmetics, Smart Lipo in Turkey (Smartlipo™) is a process that contours the body, incorporating the use of precision based medical laser beam.
  • Stubborn fat cells are emulsified in “problem areas” of the body.
  • Fat cells will be extracted using suction, with the assistance of a cannula, resulting in the finished product of a slim, finely toned physique.

Smart Lipo Surgery Advantages

  • Extremely versatile and can be performed on a wide range of areas of the body.
  • Permanent, long-lasting results
  • Remove stubborn areas of fat that exercise alone can’t shift
  • Ideal for your arms, buttocks, waist, stomach, thighs, and chin

Why Choose Vera Clinic for Smart Lipo in Turkey?

  • Reduced costs on treatment
  • High quality standards in patient care and service
  • World-class surgeons performing the best smart liposuction in Turkey
  • Accommodation arranged along with onward travel
  • Central Istanbul location
  • Aftercare included

Smart Lipo Details

Procedure Time – 2-6 hours, depending on number of areas

Anaesthetic – general

Recovery Time – 6-8 months

Accommodation & Transfer – 7 days

Smart Lipo Turkey: The Smart Process

  • Smart Lipo in Turkey is a surgical procedure undertaken by our passionate, highly experienced cosmetology team here at Vera Clinic.
  • The procedure is versatile in terms of technique, meaning our team is able to precisely target, and ultimately remove, stubborn fats as well as loose skin in a wide variety of locations around the body.
  • Compared to traditional liposuction, Smart Lipo in Turkey will produce better results. This is due to the fat sucking process being much more effective, with better results and even a quicker recovery.
  • Additionally, unlike the traditional method of liposuction, Smart Lipo actually eliminates cellulite and tightens sagging skin.

Smart Lipo Turkey: Recovery and Results

  • Once you have undergone Smart Lipo in Turkey, it is expected that you will be fully able to resume normal activity within 2 days of the procedure.
  • Swelling and bruising immediately following your Smart Lipo in Turkey is completely normal, so this is nothing to be concerned over, as it will reduce and fade away within a few days.
  • When it comes to time taken for the procedure to take effect, you will notice the positive impact immediately, as the process involves the fat being sucked from your body.
  • As time progresses, you will notice even more positive effects as the treatment settles in.
  • Depending on the area targeted, Smart Lipo in Turkey can take varying amounts of time to complete.
  • The larger the area, the longer the process will take. The entire process can take as long as 2 – 3 hours, or for a smaller area, as little as 45 minutes.

Smart Lipo in Turkey: Aftercare

  • When it comes to permanency of Smart Lipo in Turkey, generally speaking, the results will remain permanent.
  • The way in which the Smart Lipo in Turkey laser contours your body will remain, irrespective of whether you put on weight or lose weight in the future.
  • It is recommended to always maintain your operative weight for the best, long-lasting results. We know this may not always be possible, but as long as you gain less than 10lbs, you won’t notice any kind of drastic physical difference, and you are unlikely to gain the weight within the area that you had the Smart Lipo on.
  • This also applies to the natural aging process, which should not arise as a future problem following your Smart Lipo in Turkey.
  • Additionally, to see what full transformative effect of Smart Lipo in Turkey can do for you, check out our before and after pictures which clearly depict what a huge change having this procedure will have on your body.
  • Along with the physical benefits of Smart Lipo in Turkey, our procedures, undertaken by the best in the business will raise your confidence beyond your wildest beliefs, allowing you to become the person you have always wanted to be.

Factors Determining Smart Lipo Eligibility

  • To be eligible for consideration for Smart Lipo in Turkey, you must be in reasonably good health. This is advisable to avoid and minimise the risk of further complications following the procedure.
  • Following your procedure, aftercare will be given by some of the best liposuction specialists in the world.
  • This will ensure a comfortable, short lasting recovery, where you can enjoy your new body in the way it looks, feels, and will know that Smart Lipo in Turkey was the right choice.
  • Our doctors at Vera Clinic will prescribe the required medication if you do so require, depending on your condition.
  • Before your Smart Lipo in Turkey, we suggest you stay hydrated, discuss what medication you are taking with the doctor upon consultation and if you are a smoker, try and stop at least 6 weeks before the procedure.

Smart Lipo In Turkey – FAQs

How Much Does Smart Lipo In Turkey Cost?

Smart Lipo in Turkey will differ in price for a number of reasons. The price can range from as little as $720 and up to $4500 per targeted area. As the cheapest place in the world for cosmetic surgery, Smart Lipo in Turkey may just be the smartest choice. Rates for procedures are subsidised by the Turkish Government, which means we can offer cheaper rates than the likes of the USA and UK at Vera Clinic, while still operating from quality hospitals with best-in-class surgeons.

What Should I Do After Smart Lipo In Turkey?

Following your Smart Lipo in Turkey, you should not apply ice packs or a heating pads to the skin and do not apply hydrogen peroxide or plasters to the incision sites. You should also avoid soaking in a bath or Jacuzzi or go swimming for up to 2 weeks following the surgery, in order to heal appropriately.

At Vera Clinic, we also offer numerous types of Hair Transplants in Turkey, Dental Treatments as well as other liposuction options are also available, aside from Smart Lipo in Turkey. For advice and a quote depending on your specific needs, contact us today so you can book your Smart Lipo in Turkey as soon as possible. For more information, please visit our Blog Page, where we have more details regarding Smart Lipo in Turkey, as well as information on all other procedures.

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