Plexr Plasma In Turkey

Plexr Plasma Turkey

Plexr Plasma is a new technological innovation, used in substitute for various, more intrusive surgical procedures, with the intent of eyelid correction, medically known as blepharoplasty surgery. As with all of our medical aesthetic procedures at Vera Clinic, we only provide the highest quality services, from hair transplants in Turkey, to cosmetic surgery and dental treatments at our Istanbul clinic. Plexr Plasma, undertaken with the use of a Plasma Plexr pen, replaces surgeries such as scar removal procedures, face lifts, and necks lifts. It can also be used to treat concerns with papilloma, milia and any moles you may have quickly and effectively.

The Plexr Plasma Before And After Results

In recent times, to treat sagging eyelids, the only option was an extremely intrusive procedure, surgically cutting the loose skin in the selected area. With Plexr Plasma, using a Plasma Plexr pen, we at Vera Clinic are now able to perform a Plexr Plasma eyelift, a non-surgical approach that allows for the tightening of the upper and lower eyelids. The Plexr Plasma before and after effects are drastic and you will absolutely adore the impact that this procedure has on your facial aesthetics. The Plexr Plasma eye lift cost is more affordable in Turkey than other places internationally, as the Turkish government provides subsidies for the cost of procedure. The Plexr Plasma pen essentially zaps away loose skin, stimulates the tightening of skin, and leaves you feeling and looking brand new.

The Plasma Plexr Pen: How It Works

The Plasma Plexr pen vaporises, and ultimately removes unwanted skin in the facial region. The Plexr Plasma Pen also simultaneously stimulates collagen production in the face, encouraging the production of elastin and hydrators, which tighten the remaining skin. Plexr Plasma treatment can be administered in various areas of the face, such as Plexr Plasma for the nose, but is most commonly used for eyelid procedures. Prior to your Plexr Plasma eye lift, or any other treatment using a Plasma Plexr pen, a full consultation here at Vera Clinic will need to be arranged. This will allow you to ask any questions relating to Plexr Plasma, the applications of the Plasma Plexr pen, and also allow you to book a patch test to figure out whether the Plexr Plasma eye lift cost is the right price for you.

Plexr Plasma: The Procedure

When you arrive at Vera Clinic for your Plexr Plasma procedure, our world class doctors at our state-of-the-art hospital will assess how your skin reacts to a patch test, before beginning the procedure. Here, a numbing, anaesthetic cream will be applied to your face, leaving it to settle in for roughly 40 minutes prior to your Plexr Plasma treatment. Your Doctor may decide to administer an injection instead of the cream, depending on which is best for you. The Plexr Plasma treatment is performed with dots, created by the Plasma Plexr pen, which transforms the superficial skin cells from solid into gas, without damaging your surrounding tissue. No bleeding will occur due to the Plexr Plasma pen’s unique abilities, but the surrounding area will be red with swelling, following your Plexr Plasma eye lift or Plexr Plasma facial treatment. You should not touch the area targeted by the Plasma Plexr pen for 7 days following the procedure, and you will need to keep it dry, clean, and out of sunlight for 30 days.

Once the Plasma Plexr pen has been used on your affected area, an aftercare cream will be applied, before we give you a procedure specific face wash, SPF moisturising cream, and sunscreen. The Doctor will advise the best type of product to use such as a colour SPF moisturiser, anti-bacterial soap, or baby shampoo to use on your face as it does not irritate the skin. In the week that follows your Plexr Plasma procedure, we will review your condition every 2 or 3 days, followed by LED light therapy, which assists in the promotion of healthy skin recovery.

Plexr Plasma Treatment: The Benefits

Effective for treatment on the upper and lower eyelids, Plexr Plasma is also very beneficial on the nose and surrounding areas. The Plasma Plexr pen can be used on any skin type, it does not involve the cutting of the skin and heals much faster than other cosmetic surgery. If you are unsuitable for blepharoplasty, or do not wish to receive an intrusive surgery such as this, Plexr Plasma is the perfect procedure for you.

The Plasma Plexr pen can treat a number of ailments, such as:

Sagging, aging eyes

Wrinkles, superficial or severe

Acne or Acne Scarring: Plexr Plasma on the nose, cheeks, or eyelids

Turkey Neck

Papilloma, milia and moles

Plexr Plasma In Turkey – FAQs

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