Beard Transplant In Turkey

beard transplant turkey

Following a similar process to a FUE hair transplant, a beard transplant in Turkey is a popular choice for those looking to restore facial hair around the beard and moustache areas. With a reputation for offering the best beard transplants and hair transplants in Turkey, our combination of intricate processes and leading surgeons lead to natural results which have boosted the self-confidence of many.

The Process of a Beard Hair Transplant

For patients who are looking to even out patchy facial hair or struggle to grow facial hair due to hereditary reasons or past skin trauma, the process of a beard transplant uses existing hair to create a natural looking beard or moustache.

The FUE method relies on donor areas which are dense in hair. For a beard hair transplant, the donor area tends to consist of the hairs found in the back of the head as this leads to a natural appearance. The hair follicles are extracted and then implanted into the target site, whether this be the upper lip, chin, sideburns or jaw area to achieve the desired shape.

To achieve the best beard transplant in Turkey, working with accredited and experienced surgeons will ensure immaculate scar-free results. The surgeons at Vera Clinic are intensely practiced in the field, paying great attention to detail and undertaking the intricate process in a skilled manner. We tailor each of our beard hair transplants to the individual patient, selecting the appropriate blades dependant on the patient’s hair follicles.

Typically, a FUE beard transplant takes about 3 to 5 hours to complete and will be carried out under local anaesthesia. The exact duration will be dependent on how many grafts need to be extracted and transplanted but this will be established prior to your appointment.

beard hair transplant in Turkey

Candidacy for a Beard Transplant in Turkey

Generally a beard hair transplant is suitable for a large number of potential candidates, but to ensure we offer the best beard transplant in Turkey, we only carry out the procedure on patients if they meet the criteria to provide optimum results.

The main defining factors which determine candidacy include the presence of patches around the beard area; patients with disconnected beards or those who are unable to grow beards tend to make suitable candidates for a beard hair transplant. We also check to ensure that patients are in good physical health, any health issues which could lead to potential future complications will not be suitable candidates as we do not risk the chance of health issues down the line.

Recovery Following a Beard Transplant in Turkey

Following your moustache or beard transplant in Turkey, downtime is kept to a minimum and you will be able to get back to your day to day life with relative normality in the first two days. For the first couple of days, talking and laughing should ideally be kept to a minimum to avoid disrupting the healing process. For the first 10 days following your procedure, shaving is prohibited to allow the area to recover. You may notice redness or crusting within this period but this is perfectly normal and will face out within the week.

We provide each of our patients with an aftercare kit to help them achieve the best beard transplant in Turkey. The kit contains all the information you need to manage your transplanted hairs, with advice to provide optimal results and eliminate scarring. In addition to this, our beard transplant aftercare kits include all of the necessary supplies such as shampoos, creams, antibacterial serums and pain-killers which have been designed exclusively to be gentle the transplanted hairs to shorten healing time.

After 2 weeks or so following your beard hair transplant, it is normal to notice the shedding of the implanted hairs, this should not be a cause for worry as it is natural and the hairs will begin to re-grow in a couple months’ time. Optimal growth will appear in 4 to 6 months following your moustache or beard transplant in Turkey.


At Vera Clinic we provide every individual patient with an after-care kit that contains information on how to manage the transplanted hairs for optimal results and to eliminate scarring. In addition to this, our after-care kits include necessary supplies such as shampoos, creams, antibacterial serums and pain-killers; designed exclusively to be gentle on the scalp and the transplanted hairs post an FUE and to shorten healing time.

Beard Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

Is a beard transplant permanent?

Beard hair transplants are growing in popularity due to the long lasting effects but we often get asked ‘is a beard transplant permanent?’. Once the transplanted hair has started to regrow, it will act in the same way as your normal hair and create a permanent solution.

How much is a beard transplant in Turkey?

The beard transplant cost in Turkey varies from practice to practice. Thorough research should be undertaken into the company offering beard transplants, checking to make sure the hospital and surgeons are fully accredited. Unusually cheap offerings are often not the sign of the best beard transplant in Turkey and can compromise on safety and results. Book a consultation today for your bespoke quotation.

How long does a beard transplant take to heal?

Generally a beard hair transplant heals very quickly, with scabbing and redness subsiding within a week. Our patients often ask us ‘how long does a beard transplant take to heal?’ with the expectation of downtime off of work and day to day activities but normal life can resume within just a couple of days.

Do you have examples of a beard transplant before and after?

Having an idea of the type of beard transplant before and after you can expect to see for yourself will help you decide if an FUE transplant is the right choice for you. Taking a look at some examples of the work that the team at Vera Clinic have achieved will give a clearer idea alongside a consultation to discuss your own needs, setting realistic expectations of how a beard hair transplant can work for you.

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