FUT Hair Transplant in Turkey

Choosing the right hair loss treatment is important, so knowing the available options before making a decision is vital. Here at Vera Clinic, our expert medical team can help to fully assess your suitability for this, explaining the options of an FUE or FUT hair transplant in Turkey to ensure you can receive the most optimum results. Below is further information about these two hair loss procedures to help you understand the differences between them.

To speak with our medical team, book a consultation and we can fully assess your hair loss issue to recommend the best treatment for you. With our world-class facilities, leading surgeons, and lower costs, you can choose cosmetic surgery, dental aesthetic treatment and hair transplants in Turkey to provide a happier, more confident you.

What is an FUE and FUT Hair Transplant?

An FUE and FUT hair transplant are different methods to achieving hair transplantation. Whereas Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) involves transplanting individual hair follicles, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) will involve a strip of skin being surgically cut from the scalp, either from the back or side, and then the extraction of the hair follicles. Due to this, an FUT hair transplant can be a more invasive procedure that can potentially leave a more significant visible scar. Of the two procedures, an FUE hair transplant is most commonly used as patients will benefit from minimal downtime and less associated risks, boasting minimal pain and less visible scarring.

The FUE and FUT hair transplant cost in Turkey can both be considerably less than in other countries. Our facilities in Istanbul, Turkey, use the latest state-of-the-art equipment all within a comfortable environment. The FUE and FUT hair transplant costs can include accommodation, flights, and transportation, making the overall package extremely cost-effective when compared to having a hair transplant in your own country.

You can be recommended for an FUE or FUT hair transplant in Turkey if there is enough hair on your head for the procedure to be successful. Those suffering from hair loss connected to ageing, alopecia, as well as female or male pattern baldness, can all be suitable for this treatment. A full consultation is always recommended before undergoing any hair transplant so that the area of hair loss can be properly assessed.

Pros and Cons of an FUT Hair Transplant In Turkey

Whilst there are advantages to having an FUT hair transplant, it can also come with its fair share of disadvantages. These include:

Longer downtime

More discomfort and pain than FUE

Significant and visible permanent scarring

Skin removal from your scalp

Hair from other areas of the body can’t be used

Not as effective as FUE for shorter hair styles

The FUT hair transplant cost in Turkey can be cheaper than FUE, but this is due to its generally shorter operation time and less precise procedure compared to FUE. The FUE method is currently favoured by many patients because it provides a more natural-looking result. With minimal scarring, much less pain after surgery and a more precise approach, the desired results you are looking for can be achieved, even if you have poor hair density such as having thin hair.

FUT Hair Transplant in Turkey - The Procedure

Those who do have an FUT hair transplant in Turkey tend to be those suffering from Androgenic Alopecia, commonly known as male pattern baldness. This can also affect women by experiencing hair loss on the top of the head. Those with Alopecia Areata are unlikely to be candidates as the FUT hair transplant results will not be as effective as FUE for this condition. This is where patches of hair loss appear on the head and body, meaning precise surgery is needed.

With FUT, the surgeon will mark your new hairline and also mark the area where the skin extraction will be made. Anaesthesia will be applied and usually the patient will be awake for the surgery. After the area is shaved, a strip of skin with the hair follicles to be transplanted is surgically cut and removed. The hair will then be removed from this skin strip, ready to be transplanted to the new hairline area. Sutures are then used to close the scalp and the patient will receive pain relief and bandages to the area. The most noticeable part of this procedure is the FUT hair transplant scar that is left which is permanent although will fade slightly over time. FUT hair transplant results may take many months to appear, sometimes up to 12 months for optimum results.

With the FUE procedure, the removal of any skin section is avoided, and instead, individual hair follicles are removed and transplanted. Procedures such as Sapphire FUE in Turkey provide even further accuracy for the most natural-looking results, thanks to the use of sapphire blades instead of steel ones.

Book an Expert Consultation For An FUT Transplant Turkey at Vera Clinic

At Vera Clinic, we are happy to assist in helping you choose the right hair transplant for your hair loss issue. We know that patients want the most optimum FUE or FUT hair transplant results available, and we can advise how FUE will help to provide natural-looking hair for you. Book a consultation today and we can assess your suitability, compare the FUE and FUT hair transplant cost in Turkey, and arrange specialist treatment here in Istanbul along with 5-star hotel accommodation.

FUT Hair Transplant FAQs

Does an FUT Hair Transplant Hurt?

Whilst the procedure itself will not cause pain thanks to anaesthesia being used to numb the area, patients who undergo FUT can experience pain and discomfort after surgery. Due to the surgical removal of a strip of skin from your head, pain is to be expected in this area from where sutures are placed to close the wound. An advantage of an FUE hair transplant is much less pain and discomfort after treatment. Knowing how much does an FUT hair transplant hurt will depend on each individual and the size of the surgical wounds, but pain relief is usually provided.

Will an FUT Hair Transplant Scar Be Noticeable?

Due to a strip of skin being removed, the scarring will be noticeable immediately after FUT surgery. As the FUT hair transplant scar is noticeable, those with shorter hair styles will find it more difficult to cover up easily. This is where FUE transplantation is beneficial as it has little to no visible scarring after treatment.

Are FUT Hair Transplant Results Better Than FUE?

When looking at what is an FUE and FUT hair transplant, the results favour the FUE method thanks to less downtime, no visible scarring, and more natural-looking results. Patients undergoing Sapphire FUE can experience further improvements and excellent results too due to the accuracy of using sapphire blades compared to steel. If you suffer from certain types of hair loss, such as patches of hair not growing or falling out as is a symptom of Alopecia Areata, the results from FUE will be much better also. We recommend that patients compare both procedures and book a consultation before proceeding to ensure results are achievable.


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