Breast Lift in Turkey

Breast Lift Turkey

Providing a way to reshape and restore the youthful shape of your breasts, a Breast Lift in Turkey can provide the desired results and reverse any sagging or loss of volume with age. Performed here at our state-of-the-art facilities in Istanbul, Turkey, our expert medical team work to the highest standards and provide the results our patients want at a much lower cost.

To find out more about a Breast Lift cost in Turkey and more about the procedure, book a consultation today. Our team will be able to address your suitability for Breast Lift surgery in Turkey and provide an affordable quote for treatment.

What is a Breast Lift in Turkey Treatment?

Breast Lift surgery in Turkey, also medically referred to as Mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that intends to reverse breast sagging caused by ageing or weight fluctuation. The procedure of a Breast Lift in Turkey gives the breasts a firmer, perkier look, which is a desired aesthetic for many. At Vera Clinic, we can help you through consultation address the concerns you may have with your breasts and how we can help you achieve the shape and firmness you want. We’ll help determine the best procedure to do so and recommend if a breast lift is suitable for you. We also offer breast reduction surgery as an alternative option if you prefer.

Who Is Suitable For a Breast Lift in Turkey?

During your consultation, our surgeon will assess and make the final decision on whether you are suitable for Breast Lift surgery in Turkey. They will need to determine if there is enough excess to remove to provide the desired result. You are a suitable candidate for a Breast Lift in Turkey if:

  • Your nipples and areolae point downward when unsupported
  • Your breasts fall lower than average
  • The areola is stretched out of proportion
  • Your breasts sag where they’ve lost shape & volume
  • You are not pregnant or planning to be before surgery
  • You are at a healthy weight
  • You are not a smoker

Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey - Procedure

The Breast Lift surgery in Turkey procedure takes approximately 3 hours to perform in total, with a general anaesthetic provided to numb the area. The technique used to lift the breast(s) can vary between patients as the breast tissue and size will be different. Typically, the surgeon will mark on the breasts where the incisions will be made and proceed to do so around the areolae and downwards to where the breast creases on your torso. This will also go along horizontally along the breast creases so that any excess fat can be removed, and the breast lifted. The areolae may need to be reduced to be in proportion with your new breast size and lifted also. Stitches will be made to the incision areas to finish the procedure.

The exact step by step for breast lift surgery will vary between individuals but is very similar to this. During the consultation, you will be talked through exactly what to expect and what the results you could achieve after surgery will be. Once the surgery is completed, you will be required to wear a surgical support bra and your breasts will be covered with bandages (gauze).

Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey - Recovery & Results

Patients who undergo a breast lift in Turkey can expect to resume daily activity within 5 days. Any swelling and soreness will fade out within a fortnight of the surgery. Numbness in the nipples, areola, and breast should not be a cause of concern and will disappear within 6 weeks.

You will notice a change in appearance immediately, however as time progresses, the results of the treatment will further accentuate to an optimum result. The doctors at Vera Clinic will prescribe the required medications and provide you with all the information needed to ensure a comfortable, speedy recovery.

Book A Consultation Today for Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey

If you’re interested in finding out more about Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey, please contact the team here at Vera Clinic. We can help you book a consultation for when it suits you and provide a Breast Lift cost in Turkey quote that can include everything you need including flights and accommodation.

At Vera Clinic, we provide the highest standards of customer care and surgical expertise, all within our modern facilities in Istanbul, Turkey, with procedures performed only by skilled professionals. If you’d like to find out more about our services, we can provide cosmetic surgery, dental aesthetics and Hair Transplant in Turkey options.

Breast Lift in Turkey FAQs

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