Stem Cell Hair Transplant

If you’re looking for a one-time hair loss treatment procedure, then you have come to the right place. At Vera Clinic, we are pleased to offer our clients a revolutionary stem cell hair treatment available in our Turkey clinic. Find out more about stem cell treatments for hair loss today and get started on a new journey.

What is a Stem Cell Hair Transplant?

Similar to a traditional hair transplant in Turkey, stem cell hair transplants are effective procedures in practically reversing the effects of hair loss. As the name suggests, they are focused on the notion of using stem cells for hair loss in order to encourage hair re-growth. This is possible due to stem cells being cells that have the potential to develop and adapt to different parts of the body. They are known to divide and renew themselves in order to become the types of cells they need to be in a particular part of the body to repair certain tissues by replacing them. This is where stem cells for hair loss comes in and our expert stem cell hair transplant procedure.

Plus, our stem cell hair treatment in Turkey is renowned for being a procedure that offers faster results that even a regular hair transplant, while also being much more discreet. Meaning if you are looking for a way to reverse the effects of hair loss in a subtle and discreet fashion, then stem cell hair treatments in our Turkey based clinic may be the perfect option for you. Unlike regular hair transplants, using stem cells for hair loss guarantee no stitches or scars, while your hair re-grows in a natural fashion.

The Stem Cell Hair Transplant Procedure

The procedure for a stem cell hair transplant is relatively simple and begins with the patient being put under general anaesthetic. Whilst under, we will take a small amount of fat in a minor liposuction procedure. The fat will be taken from a usually stubborn area and will then be divided into two portions. Some of the fat will be purified, and the rest processed o-isolate and concentrate the needed stem cells.

Now that the actual stem cell hair transplant can begin, the purified fat will be injected under the skin of the scalp. Already, this is considered to be a super enriched tissue injection which is regenerative in itself. This is because as humans age, we slowly lose fat from our scalp and this relationship between hair loss and fat loss go hand-in-hand.

As well as being regenerative for the scalp, at Vera Clinic, we like to think of the process like this; the purified fat injection works as the ‘soil’ in which the stem cell ‘seeds’ can be sown once they are injected. This combination offers an effective treatment for hair loss and a powerful, regenerative option to regrow hair anywhere on the body, as the fat cells act as a ‘food’ source for growing hair follicles.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant FAQs

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