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Preparing for hair transplantation

As the surgical appointment date approaches, your doctor will ask you to make minor changes in your routine. Although the modifications might be small, their effects are significant. The instructions your doctor will provide you with, do not only physically prepare the body but mentally as well. Moreover, how strictly you choose to abide by the directions is capable of affecting the results and altering the length of the recovery period.  However, the guidelines are not standard and differ from one surgery to another. What we’ll discuss today is instruction exclusive for patients preparing for hair transplantation.

Even though hair transplantation is a micro-surgery and as minimally invasive as surgery can get, it still poses risks which following the right instructions can eliminate.

Directions for the first two weeks before surgery

Preparing for hair transplantation in Turkey begins two weeks before surgery. Specific directions are put to reduce surgical risks. One general risk is bleeding. To make sure this does not occur, patients should completely quit the use of anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning drugs. Blood-thinning and anti-inflammatory medications are notorious for increasing the risk of bleeding. This class of drugs includes Rivaroxaban, Dabigatran, Apixaban, Heparin, and Warfarin.

Your doctor will also ask you to keep your consumption of vitamin pills preferably to a zero during this period. There might seem like there is no correlation between the two, but vitamins are capable of interacting with sedatives or drugs during the surgery.

Another thing your doctor will ask you to abandon is smoking and Alcohol. Alcohol and tobacco can alter the healing rate of wounds by slowing them.

We have come to the end of the list of things patients should avoid when preparing for hair transplantation. However, directions are not all about cutting off specific products. Your doctor will also ask you to massage your scalp for 30 minutes every day at least a week before surgery. This regulates blood flow to the area and increases recovery rates.

Preparing for hair transplantation twenty four house before surgery

Twenty-four hour before surgery, you are probably a bit nervous. That is natural, and thankfully the directions will not be overwhelming during this time. The first thing your doctor will ask you to do is wash your scalp thoroughly. The brand and type of shampoo do not matter; anything will do. The important thing is that the scalp should be clean.

Your doctor will ask you not to cut your hair as well. The medical crew will cut your hair on the day of the surgery. You should also rest well and get sufficient sleep. Stay hydrated and keep your piece of mind.

What to do on the day of the surgery

There is not much preparing for patients to do. We advise you to have a light breakfast before the surgery, noting it should not include caffeine. Caffeine increases blood pressure thereby increasing the risk of bleeding. So we advise you to keep your breakfast caffeine free.

Keep your scalp clean and do not apply hair products, do not apply any hair serums, gels or creams on it. For your choice of clothing, pick something with a wide collar. Since the surgery is taking place on the scalp, that area will be a bit delicate. Choosing items of clothing with a tight collar might rupture the transplanted hair and cause discomfort for you.
In summary
You should begin preparing for hair transplantation two weeks before surgery. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco, blood thinning drugs, and anti inflammatory medications. Wash your hair before surgery and stay hydrated. Hair transplantation is a low risk surgery, but being careful is never wrong. Preparing for the surgery is an essential step in the process of hair transplant. However, the real deal is in the post surgery instructions.