Stress Hair Loss

If you are experiencing a period of your life where stress and anxiety may have led to hair loss, you are not alone. The effects of stress on your body can mean a number of possible symptoms, with hair loss being just one that can occur. Knowing what to do when you have experienced hair loss no matter the situation can itself be stressful, so what types of stress hair loss are there and what treatment can help? Here at Vera Clinic in Istanbul, as hair loss specialists we can help advise and provide treatment including hair transplants in Turkey that can provide a solution to any permanent hair loss.

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What is Stress Hair Loss?

Stress hair loss describes when someone experiences the loss of hair due to anxiety or stress impacting the body. The hair follicles become weakened and fall out more than on average, with persistent stress causing a cycle of hair loss. In extreme situations, clumps of hair can fall out and depending on how reliable the growth cycle is, may not grow back. Whilst anyone can suffer from stress at any point in their lives, hair loss isn’t always a symptom. It can be that the hair loss itself is causing stress and anxiety and the two aren’t inexplicably linked. If you are experiencing stress in your life from work, personal relationships, children, or family, you may experience many different types of symptom and not suffer from hair loss.

Discovering the reason for your hair loss can be something else entirely rather than stress alone, but prolonged anxiety can lead to hair loss conditions including:

Alopecia Areata – this is where you may experience a sudden loss of hair in patches around your scalp or over time.

Telogen Effluvium – this condition is where more hairs than usual fall out at one time compared to the average person who will lose hair each day.

Trichotillomania – this describes the physical condition of pulling out your hair due to stress and anxiety.

By speaking to your doctor if you feel your stress and hair loss are connected, they will be able to determine if there is another reason for your hair falling out. Here at Vera Clinic, we arrange a free consultation to assess the areas of concern and provide advice on recommended treatment.

Stress and Hair Loss – What Are the Causes?

Many things can lead to stress and hair loss, so discovering the cause of your hair falling out is important. It could be that with small changes to your lifestyle you can avoid the causes, but other times it may require specialist treatment to help. If you suffer from anxiety, this may create long-term stress that puts your body under strain both mentally and physically. Hair loss is not a symptom of stress and anxiety for everyone, but those who experience hair loss may find this a stressful time. This is what makes both complex when determining the causes.

It could be that what you may think is stress hair loss is actually genetic, such as Androgenic Alopecia which can be passed on from family. You should check your family history to rule this out. Other reasons can relate to nutritional deficiencies, so having a lack of certain vitamins and minerals may be causing hair to not grow back after falling out. Discovering what is causing your stress and hair loss will go a long way to finding the ideal solution.

Solutions for Stress Hair Loss

If you are at a loss for why you are experiencing stress hair loss, the good news is that in most cases it isn’t permanent. It could be with small changes to your lifestyle that both stress and hair loss can be reversed and resolved. If you know why you are feeling stressed and anxious, working on the root cause of this may help ensure your body feels more relaxed and encourage hair regrowth. Taking vitamin or mineral supplements can help with this too, especially if you find eating difficult during periods of stress and anxiety.

It could be that your hair loss is normal compared to the average person, as we all lose hair each day, sometimes without realising. Your stress-related symptoms may be more to do with the fear of losing your hair so that it seems you are losing more than you actually are. Again, this is why it is important to consider many factors before linking stress and hair loss together, especially before looking into further treatment. Try practising mindfulness techniques such as meditation and self-care to try and reduce anxiety levels, whilst also looking at regular exercise and eating a healthy diet. This can sometimes be all that is needed to make anxiety hair loss reversible.

Treatment to Make Anxiety Hair Loss Reversible

If treatment is required due to the level of hair loss becoming permanent, here at Vera Clinic we can offer treatment including FUE hair transplants in Istanbul that will provide a permanent solution. Minimally invasive, if you have healthy hair follicles available, we can transplant these individually to the area of hair loss. Compared to traditional hair transplant surgery, this means no visible scarring and much less downtime experienced.

If you would like to speak with our medical team about stress hair loss and the possible treatments depending on the cause, book a consultation today. We can provide a quote for treatment that also includes everything else from flights to transportation and a stay in 5-star hotel accommodation.

Stress Hair Loss FAQs

Are Stress and Hair Loss Always Linked?

Not always, but hair loss can be stressful to experience even for someone who doesn’t suffer from anxiety. The reasons for stress and hair loss can vary and be linked to many aspects of modern life, including work-related stress, finances, or personal relationships. If you have noticed more hair falling out than usual, this may be a sign of other hair loss conditions such as Alopecia Areata or even female or male pattern baldness that can be genetic. You should look at the causes of your stress and anxiety and look at ways to reduce them, as this may help promote hair regrowth again. We are here to help at Vera Clinic in Turkey if further treatment is required for any permanent hair loss.

Is Anxiety Hair Loss Reversible Without Surgery?

Yes, depending on what is causing your anxiety, the effects can be reversed. Changes in diet and lifestyle can help ensure your body is receiving the right vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth. Reducing stress levels can also prevent future hair loss. Discovering the root cause of your hair loss will determine if it is reversible, as if you have a family history of this, it could be genetically passed on to you. If so, further treatment such as a hair transplant can resolve any permanent hair loss symptoms.

Is a Hair Transplant The Best Solution for Stress Hair Loss Symptoms?

If your hair loss is permanent and you have made changes in your lifestyle to reduce anxiety levels, a hair transplant could the right solution. We recommend speaking to your doctor if you have concerns with hair loss and booking a consultation with us to determine whether a hair transplant is the best solution for you. A hair transplant may not be suitable for everyone, as sometimes stress and hair loss can be temporary and means the hair will naturally regrow. Our experts can assess the areas of hair loss you have and recommended the best treatment for the results you require.

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