Key reasons why you should invest in dental implants

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When it comes to tooth replacement, and given the many treatment options currently being employed in Turkey, choosing the right treatment to invest in can be a very heinous process for patients. However, despite the array of tooth replacement methods currently being implemented, fact stays that dental implants remain the preferred treatment over fixed bridges and removable partial dentures by dentists and patients alike.

Listed below are 4 reason why patients should consider dental implants over cheaper alternative treatments. 


1– Dental implants improve the overall oral health

As opposed to alternative teeth replacement treatments, dental implants do not just fill in the gaps but they also replace the roots. As a result, they are the only tooth replacement treatment that can stimulate blood circulation in the mouth. This consequently aids in maintaining facial elasticity and the jawlines natural contour. 

Moreover, In the presence of gaps left behind from lost teeth, surrounding teeth tend to try to compensate for the extra space by gradually moving closer towards the gap. This process yields other health issues such as teeth misalignment and malocclusion. For that reason, dentists recommend that patients consider dental implants becuase occupying the extra space will eliminates this phenomenon.


2– Restores the natural smile

Dental implants are a 2-part unit that compose of a titanium root and a porcelain crown. A dentist will entrench the root  in the jaw bone ensuring the dental unit remains anchored and firm. The crown, on the other hand, is made from a range of materials the most popular of which is porcelain. Before application, dentists usually shade it to match the color of existing teeth. This process is important to ensure the implants blend in with natural teeth.

When assembled together, the crown and root become a unit fully able to imitate natural teeth. The results are natural and long term as long as patients adhere to practicing a good oral hygiene.


3– Prevents bone resorption

Teeth roots do not only function as anchors, they also play a role stimulating the jaw bone by activating surrounding tissue. In their absence, the jaw bone usually loses its strength forcing the bone tissue surrounding the gap to resorb. 

Bone resorption is a process that affects unused bones. Since unstimulated bones no longer serve a purpose, they usually shift to different areas. In case of lost teeth, the surrounding tissue, with no roots to stimulate it usually resorbs.

Since dental implants replace the roots of teeth, they can stimulate the jaw bone and the remaining bones. This consequently prevents resorption.


4– No food restrictions

Dental implants behave entirely like natural teeth, appearance and function wise. That is due to the fact the root is firmly anchored and secured in the jaw bone, which consequently makes them withstand pressure from chewing regardless of the food being devoured as opposed to other treatment methods


In short

Dental implants can be a very successful life changing investment for patients suffering from lost teeth. They are permanent, durable, and most importantly, can fully imitate natural teeth. The results are also natural looking and long term as long as patients adhere to practicing good oral hygiene. 

Contact us at Vera Clinic for a free consultation session to assess your case and to learn more about dental implants.


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