Things to know Before using Minoxidil for Beard Growth

Are you suffering from a patchy beard? Is your facial hair falling out? Many men are searching for alternative ways in which they can stimulate hair and beard growth. With a growing number of individuals opting for procedures such as beard transplants and hair transplants in Turkey, this is often seen as the best way to reclaim thick, fuller head and facial hair. Minoxidil for beard growth is an option many men choose to take, but does it really work? It is important to stay informed when opting for this. Many organisation state minoxidil is used for beard growth, but ensuring you stay informed and look after own personal health and safety is imperative.

Is Minoxidil Used for Beard Growth?

It is important to note that Minoxidil is not approved by the FDA for application to the face, only for application on the scalp. More than 30 years ago, minoxidil 5% solution was found to be safe and effective for growing hair and preventing hair loss caused by male pattern baldness. This is only when it is applied to the scalp, although researchers exploring the use of minoxidil on the face have found that it could cause a change in hair count within the minoxidil beard growth stages. Even though it was shown that it is possible to stimulate beard growth with minoxidil there were some adverse reactions. These included redness, dry skin, and itchiness. This can cause discomfort, as well as having an impact on the confidence of those choose to use a high minoxidil dosage for beard growth. The minoxidil dosage for beard growth in one study was that of 3% lotion, which was deemed as effective and safe for beard enhancement, although side effects were evident.

Should You Use Minoxidil for Beard Growth?

Although there are many theories, and you can stimulate beard growth through the use of minoxidil, no one is quite certain as to whether it would help those who are completely unable to grow facial hair. We do know that minoxidil helps blood flow to existing hair follicles and increases follicular size and hair shaft diameter, which can stimulate hair growth. However, if minoxidil is applied to an area of the skin with no hair, you should not expect hairs to miraculously start growing.

When it comes to applying minoxidil to the scalp, it will only work if you continue to apply it consistently. If you stop, your hair will return to its prior state. The best option if you are losing facial or head hair is to consult an expert physician who can advise you of the best next steps to take.

Consider Alternatives

Due to societal pressure, many patients make a quick fire, unthought out decision when it comes to hair loss. The important thing to remember is that there is always a solution. FUE hair transplants in Turkey are becoming the go-to decision for many individuals due to the reasonable price. You can be sure to get high-quality medical care in Turkey. But do your research always. Here’s how to choose a hair transplant centre in Turkey.

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