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Hair Botox Treatment: The Beauty and The Lies

Hair Botox is a new treatment in the hair restoration industry. Although beauty centers adopted the name of this treatment as a hair relaxation therapy, hair Botox injection does not work for this purpose.

Hair Botox injection helps in stopping hair loss and generating growth. Whereas the other treatment is non-invasive and works to relax hair.

In the following article, we’ll discuss the two types of hair Botox used in the hair industry. In addition to everything, you need to know about them.

What Is Botox?

Let’s kickstart this by unraveling the mysterious Botox. Although the name in itself is quite popular, only a few know what Botox is and what it does.

Botox is a purified toxin extracted from bacteria which has a freezing effect on muscles. It deactivates tissues in target areas to an extent. Making its applications extensive and benefits versatile.

It first gained widespread acceptance as a preventive treatment for wrinkles. But the FDA later approved it for many more treatments. So all in all, it is safe and it is effective. Only & only if you perform it on government-certified health facilities.

Types of Hair Botox

1- Injection Hair Botox

This is a cosmetic treatment that you inject into the scalp to stop hair loss. Not any type of hair loss, only pattern hair loss. This treatment isn’t offered in medical centers and delivered by medical professionals.

2- Hair Botox Relaxation

This treatment doesn’t contain Botox altogether. It’s a topical treatment that relaxes the hair using other chemicals. It is similar to Keratin hair therapy but consist of a different compound. It is not certain whether it’s safe or not. Some studies suggest this type of hair Botox available at beauty salons contains carcinogenic products.

How Hair Botox Injections Work

Androgenic alopecia is a scientific name for pattern hair loss. Which happens to be the most common type of hair loss among men and women alike.

It’s a hereditary condition that when in your genetic cocktail, means you have no escape. Ultimately, if you do nothing about your pattern hair loss it will take over.

But treatments like hair Botox can delay symptoms or prevent them altogether. DHT is the hormone causing hair loss and it travels via blood to your hair follicles. Hair Botox injection, owing to the “freezing” effects of Botox, reduces blood flow to the scalp.

To word it differently, DHT can’t travel with the same intensity and frequency to the scalp anymore. As a result, your hair loss decreases or at times completely stops.

Is Hair Botox Safe?

Hair Botox the injection is entirely safe and the FDA doesn’t approve its use for the treatment of pattern hair loss. Although many usually seek Botox injections in the scalp to help with migraines or sweating. But not enough research supports its efficacy in treat hair loss. One emerging study states it can be relatively effective as well. Further research is necessary to end the debate with more certainty. But Botox is a material that fades with time. So to keep the results you need to repeat treatment every 3 to 4 months.

Alternatives To Hair Botox?

There are other alternatives to hair Botox that can absolutely work wonders. It’s True that hair Botox may have some effect, but as we mentioned above the FDA doesn’t approve the use of botox for hereditary hair loss. Therefore you have to consider FDA-approved options that really work. With the advancement of the medical field, you have a lot of non-invasive options.

1- PRP Therapy

PRP therapy uses your own blood to extract essential proteins for growth. After injecting these proteins into the scalp, it accelerates hair growth & slows down the development of your pattern hair loss. Studies show that it works even better than Rogaine for this purpose. PRP is an injection you get once per month, For some people, one injection per year is enough, others have to complete a full cycle of 8 sessions.

The injection aspect makes it similar to hair botox treatment. But it works better and is FDA approved.

2- Minoxidil

Minoxidil is an over-the-counter hair loss treatment that works effectively in reversing pattern hair loss. You should apply this treatment daily on your scalp. It is an injection like hair Botox. It typically comes like a solution as a spray or even shampoo.

3- Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is microsurgery and unlike hair botox, it only works in cases of permanent hair loss. This microsurgery has no downtime and can effectively and permanently reverse baldness.

In Closing

Hair botox can be an effective treatment if we’re talking the injection. But although research shows it has a mild effect on hair loss, the FDA hasn’t approved it yet. Whereas hair botox treatment available at hair dressers does not contain botox at all.

For more effective treatments that the FDA approves for hair loss you have PRP injections, minoxidil, and hair transplantation. Although you must note that hair transplantation is only applicable in cases of permanent hair loss.

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