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What Is Mesotherapy And Is It A Scam?

One of the oldest methods in cosmetic science and yet not the most popular. The multi-purpose mesotherapy treatment is finally gaining recognition. But what is it? And does it actually work or is it a scam?

What Is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a fat removing technique that first emerged as a treatment in the early 1950s.
The technique works by injecting a mixture of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, plant extracts, and pharmaceutical products into the fat tissue. Or more specifically into adipose fat.

The treatment doesn’t only remove fats but also tones the skin in the area. In other words, mesotherapy has a rejuvenating touch as well.

Mesotherapy History

The technique of mesotherapy was the invention of the French dictionary Michel Pistor. The topic earned even more recognition and research around it increased. So that by 1987 the French announced mesotherapy as a specialty on its own. Originally, mesotherapy had more uses and applications. For example, it was a treatment for pain. Shortly after mesotherapy has become very popular in many regions around the world.

What Is Mesotherapy Used For?

– Target and remove fat in the stomach, thighs, hips, legs, arms, and face.
– Tone the skin and remove the cellulite.
– Rejuvenate the skin by removing wrinkles
– Remove Skin pigments
– Treat certain types of alopecia

How Does it Work?

The name mesotherapy is a Greek word that coins the terms “middle” and “therapy” together. This is because mesotherapy actually targets the middle layer of the skin during treatment.

And for this technique, doctors use very fine needles to inject the mixture into target areas.

Now the solution that doctors inject improves circulation and reduces inflammation. And as a result, the skin in the area improves.

As for removing fat, the solution that doctors inject, containers fat removing effects. In other words, it causes adipose cells to shrink and waste away.

What Is Inside The Mesotherapy Injection?

The injection can have many elements depending on your cosmetics goal. The mixture would vary based on the treatment you want. If you’re seeking the treatment to remove fat, or reduce wrinkles, or improve your skin; each has different components.

But generally, mesotherapy uses elements like:

  1. Antibiotics and vasodilators to reduce inflammation and stimulate circulation
  2. Calcitonin and Thyroxin which are hormones increase metabolism (fat burning).
  3. Hyaluronidase and collagenase. These two work wonders for rejuvenating and removing wrinkles.
  4. Herbal extracts.
  5. Vitamins and minerals to strengthen and support the cells.

How Much Does Mesotherapy Cost?

Mesotherapy costs between $250 to $600 per session. These costs depend on where you choose to get treatment. Since it is a cosmetic surgery procedure it is not likely that insurance will cover it. Since you will need more than one session, the costs will pile up in the end.

How Do You Prepare For Mesotherapy?

Your doctor will take you through what you need to know. There are a number of rules that you stick to before mesotherapy. For example, avoid blood thinners such as aspirin. Look up all the NSAID drugs and make sure to avoid them before the procedure.

Generally, it’s better to avoid blood thinners before any surgery of procedure because they increase the risk of bleeding.

When Do Mesotherapy Results Appear?

During Mesotherapy you will need several injections at varying depths. All these factors depend on what you’re getting the treatment for.

But you will need a few more sessions before you start seeing results. The least number of sessions you might need is 3. And the maximum number of sessions you might need is 15.

Will I Feel Pain?

Everyone has their own tolerance for pain. The procedure uses very thin needles. And the depth that the needles penetrate is between 1-4 cm. Some hospitals use local anesthesia. But it is not the case for all hospitals.

Pain is very minimal during Mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy VS Liposuction

Both techniques target fat so which one is the better here? Liposuction has more effective and immediate results. And you generally need one session to achieve your goal. The results are instantaneous and with time become better. But on the other hand, it is more invasive and you will need some time off to recover.

While Mesotherapy is only injections with no downtime, results need time to appear. You will need multiple sessions and even then improvements won’t be drastic.

Also, liposuction leaves some scarring. This is because surgeons have to make small cuts on the skin to insert tubes to break and remove fat.

Does It Work?

Mesotherapy efficacy varies based on application. For example, there is no sufficient data to support its efficacy in hair loss.

Whereas for fat removing and rejuvenating it is a success. One study on 2600 showed improvement in fat dissolving. 68.2% of the patients in the study showed a decrease in body fat deposits. And the FDA approved mesotherapy for fat removal. But it works best on small areas such as the face, neck, and chin. For larger areas, liposuction is a better alternative.

Mesotherapy For Hair

There are claims that suggest mesotherapy for hair stops hair loss and encourages growth. But the FDA did not approve the use of mesotherapy for hair loss. And a published study by NCBI suggests it increases hair loss in some cases.

What Are The Side Effects & Risks?

There are a number of side effects that come with mesotherapy. But it is not necessarily that people will suffer from them all or any of them. This varies between patients but you can expect any of the following:

  • nausea
  • pain
  • sensitivity
  • swelling
  • itching
  • redness
  • bruising
  • bumps at the injection site
  • infection

In Summary

Mesotherapy is mainly a fat removal technique that the FDA approved for rejuvenating and removing fat in small areas. For example, it works best for the double chin and neck fat. For larger areas of fat opt for liposuction. As for hair, mesotherapy does not have any promising effects. And the FDA does not approve the treatment for hair loss.

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