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Vera Clinic WINS at the European Awards in Medicine

We at Vera Clinic are proud to announce that we have won a European Award in Medicine! Coming out on top for the Hair Transplant Surgery category, we have defied the odds over the last 18 months, allowing us to succeed in winning this most prestigious of awards.

We could not have done this without our dedicated team of the most highly regarded surgeons and clinicians, transforming the lives of over 25,000 patients since the conception of the company.

Exceeding all Expectations: Join us in Paris 2021

Providing consistent, outstanding quality patient care, the clinic has been rewarded with the European Award in Medicine 2021 in the Hair Transplant Surgery category.

We look forward to celebrating our achievement at the Ritz Hotel in Paris for the second edition of the event. In an environment of such sophistication and elegance, we couldn’t think of a better place for it!

Organized by the Professional and Business Excellence Institute, we are proud to receive this award from such a well-established organizing entity, with a long history of rewarding professional excellence in the medical sector. We cannot wait to share this day with others in the health profession, allowing us and other award-winners to promote excellence, expertise, and research.

By engaging in proactive networking with other like-minded, highly esteemed winners and candidates, this will not be evidence to be missed!

Vera Clinic, Istanbul: The Height of Hair Transplant Innovation

As the first in our region to perform innovative hair transplant techniques such as the Sapphire FUE and OxyCure Therapy, we at Vera Clinic are honored to receive this most highly respected of awards.

With 10 years of successful, life-changing FUE hair transplant treatments, we are enormously proud of how Vera Clinic has flourished. In giving our patients time, care, and expert treatment, we always provide them with the unparalleled service they approach our clinic for.

Our surgeons are highly trained in carrying out the most sophisticated hair transplant methods and we take pride in performing superior, award-winning FUE hair transplants for our international patients.

In winning this award, we will continue to operate to world-class standards, performing thorough, complete evaluations of our patient’s physical needs before deeming them suitable for any of our hair transplants.

Affordable Award-Winning Hair Transplants

Winning this European Award in Medicine is due to the exceptional skill sets of our highly regarded surgeons, operating at the lowest price worldwide.

Performing world-class surgeries at an affordable price while guaranteeing the best medical services is what we do best. Combining this with the highest quality standards is what has placed us leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors.

Vera Clinic can state with pride that we have the highest satisfaction ratings on Google, with customers who have been through their hair transplant journey with us providing us with nothing but praise.

We appreciate that our patients should receive nothing but the very best, so even with prices 70% cheaper than in the rest of Europe, we will continue to exceed the goal of excellence that our patients deserve!

Not One, But Two TUV ISO Certificates

As winners of the Hair Transplant Surgery category, it is clear that we meet our ultimate goal within all of our procedures:

Providing medical treatments far beyond our patient’s expectations.

With this at the very heart of what we do, we have been awarded two TUV ISO certificates for our outstanding services. The categories in question are:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality Management

The positive feedback from our patients has presented the evidence that we deliver the most exceptional, professional hair transplant procedures. As our patients put their trust in us, we consistently demonstrate that they are in nothing but the safest, most reliable hands.

Along with the surgeons and staff that have made the magic happen, our center in Istanbul is also equipped with the finest, most modern, cutting-edge technologies in hair transplant surgery.

This has allowed us to undertake high-quality diagnosis and unrivaled surgical treatments, all carried out within our operating rooms.

As we are fully equipped with the most advanced devices, the highest caliber medical equipment has allowed us to combine the creative craftmanship and surgical skillset of our medical professionals to perform medical artistry, with the most natural-looking results.

Looking Forward: Medical Excellence and Beyond

As the 2020 European Awards in Medicine were prevented by Covid-19 restrictions, we are sure all attendees will be all too excited to attend this year.

Returning stronger than ever, we cannot wait to surround ourselves with the wide range of attendees who will be there. First-class professionals, unforgettable performances, and many more surprises are yet to come!

By winning at the European Awards, we have proudly overcome the all too difficult past 18 months with success. Combining the multiple skill sets within our team, we have been able to triumph by blending determination, talent, and creativity to gain this prestigious form of recognition.

As our 23,000 satisfied patients can testify, we have proven that we are the best hair transplant clinic in Europe!