Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

Read our hair transplant in Turkey reviews here and see what our customers have to say about receiving treatment in our world-renowned, award-winning clinic. As the best reviewed hair transplant clinic in Turkey, we only provide the finest, world class treatments. Our patients who visit us leave nothing but positive feedback. We’ve been described as having ‘wonderful service’, ‘better than expectations’, ‘very well organised’ and we treat our patients with ‘kindness and warmth’.

See the best hair transplant in Turkey reviews below and find out what our customers think for yourself.

Why Choose Vera Clinic?

As our hair transplant in Turkey reviews indicate, our patients always leaved pleased for a number of reasons. Positive feedback for procedures such as our FUE hair transplant reviews in Turkey are a clear example of how we consistently aim to give our patients not only the best treatments available internationally, but also how are expert medical team acts with compassion, understanding, with the very finest aftercare available. What we offer as the best reviewed hair transplant clinic in Turkey includes:

  • High-quality service standards in patient care
  • Modern, state-of-the-art hospital facilities
  • Fully qualified medical staff and expert surgeons
  • The best priced hair transplants in the world
  • Expert aftercare advice to provide the best results

Hair Transplant Turkey Details

Procedure Time – 6– 8 hours

Anaesthetic – Local anaesthetic/General anaesthetic/Sedation/Laughing Gas

Recovery Time – 10 – 15 Days

Accommodation & Transfer – Included

How To Start Your Journey for the Best Reviewed Hair Transplants in Turkey

#Step 1: Free Consultation

  • Book a free consultation here at our hospital in Turkey.
  • Send recent pictures of your scalp, hair loss regions, and donor regions.
  • Our expert hair transplant specialists will evaluate the images, determining your eligibility.

#Step 2: Flight Arrangements

  • Once you have been eligible, you are able to book an appointment.
  • We will cover all your travel arrangements.
  • One of our representative, accompanied by a driver will greet you at the airport.
  • Additionally, we will provide you with accommodation in a 5-star hotel, along with transportation and translation services.

#Step 3: In-Person Consultation

  • We will meet you, escorting you to your in-person consultation.
  • Blood tests will be requested during this session
  • From here, the clinician will examine your scalp and assess your medical history to ensure you are suitable for the procedure.

#Step 4: The Hair Transplant

  • It is possible to have your hair transplant the very same day.
  • IF there is no time following your consultation, it will be scheduled for the following day.

#Step 5: Clinical Washing

  • The following day we will escort you to the hospital again for your clinical washing.
  • During this session, nurses will begin by gently rinsing your scalp.
  • Products will then be applied, removing any blood clots gently.

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