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Do you want to make out of your upcoming transformative hair transplant experience a “total body takeover”? Who would resist our tempting offer to get your brand new hair as you will be reborn, body-wise and mind-wise, in the hands of our accomplished medics? We offer no beauty elixir but a real beauty fixer, i.e., two sessions of revitalizing & refreshing ozone therapy at our Vera Clinic.

You might be familiar with oxygen therapy, referring to boosting your blood with oxygen for an improved healing process. Our clinic has been offering one such therapy, OxyCure, as a supplementary treatment to a traditional hair transplant. Today, we are introducing an alternative to our “good old friend” that matches OxyCure in its scientifically-proven effectiveness & 100% safety. 

Without further ado, here are the basics and a bit more you need to know about our nourishing & strengthening therapy that will make you arise from the ashes like a phoenix after your hair transplant surgery. 

What Is Medical Ozone? 

Medical ozone, a colorless natural gas made of three oxygen molecules, as a 100-years-old disinfectant, not only targets various harmful bacteria and viruses. You will be surprised to hear the rich menu of its curative offerings. Medical ozone is not only a pain-killer but also an immune booster. 

In the 1960s, when German scientists made the first big step to propose using ozone in various medical procedures, medical ozone entered the extensive world of medicine. Since then, the application areas of medical ozone stretch from cardiology and ophthalmology to its most recent field of use, hair transplant surgeries. If all that sounds like ancient history, we want to surprise you: scientists recently found that ozone therapy is effective for healing Covid-19 patients

At our Vera Clinic, we proudly embrace reputable centenarian German école to carry your hair transplant experience to the next level with revitalizing ozone therapy sessions. 

Why Is Ozone Therapy Effective?

Ozone therapy as an alternative treatment will nourish your transplanted hair & scalp strengthening hair follicles. Therapy affects vein formation in the area of hair transplant within 48 hours that follow the injection in the scalp. Formed veins will feed transplanted hair follicles, increasing their survival rate. It will increase your hair density. Voila! Your uplifted brand new hair will grow to blossom as never before. 

How Does Ozone Therapy Work? 

We store ozone in specially-engineered containers of 100 Ccl made of unique material. For injection into your blood, we ozonize the gathered gas mixing it with your blood. The ozone-blood composite injected into your blood cells will make its “trick” in around 15 minutes. 

Hemoglobin, a protein inside your red blood cells carrying oxygen from the lungs to tissues and organs, can transport four molecules of oxygen at a time. Ozone increases hemoglobin’s transportation capacity and the pace of the oxygen-binding process by four times. Blood injected into the hair transplant area with a high-pressure diffusion system will “feed” hair follicles in the targeted region. As a result, ozonized blood cells that will form in 48 hours following the hair transplant surgery provide nourishment for hair follicles.

You can think of your body as a giant machine where the oil that assures its operability is your blood. Hence, hair transplant surgery that disturbs one part of the extensive system blocks oil’s way into the heart of the machine. Therefore, we must pump the needed oil immediately. There comes ozone therapy.

Ta-da! Minimized hair loss & quicker achievement of desired results. That is what we call an uplifted hair transplant experience.

How We Apply Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy at our clinic is applied in two sessions. 

  • First Session: Takes place before an hour to the end of hair transplant surgery.
  • Second Session: On the day that follows your hair transplant surgery, when you come for your first hair wash.

Ozone therapy has various application methods, such as:

  • Major method: The most widespread application of 20 minutes, during which 50-200 ml of your blood is infused into your body as an ozone-oxygen-blood mixture. 
  • Minor method: It is a less preferred administration of ozone-oxygen mixture into your blood with a smaller proportion of your blood in the blend. 
  • Delivery to body cavities: Ozone is given to you by rectal/vaginal technique or via ear canal spraying. 
  • Delivery into the joints & muscles: Ozone gas is injected into your joints & muscles using an appropriate needle. 

Note that our medical experts prefer a ‘major method’ of application. You can count on our experience-proven professionalism for the best results of your ozone therapy at Vera Clinic!

4 Reasons Why You Must Go For Ozone Therapy

Do you wish for the best hair transplant results? Look wise & health wise? Here are the four main reasons you must go for ozone therapy to make your wishes come true with no magic but Vera Clinic-style professionalism.

1. Revitalize Your Body

Ozone therapy, given oxygen richness in the therapeutic procedure, is anti-aging. It will boost your immune system as well.  Your immune system, like all warriors, must be adequately fed to fight off the enemy, i.e., infection. Good news; ozone therapy will give the guardians of your wellbeing a much-needed helping hand, the oxygen supply. Besides its immune-strengthening potential & anti-aging capacity, ozone is a powerful antioxidant that can keep inflammation manageable. You will feel reborn on the way toward your new hair, thanks to ozone therapy. 

2. Detoxify Your Body

Toxins are everywhere. In today’s world, it is hard to imagine a detoxified world. Voila! Medical trials prove that ozone treatments that speed your metabolism up will have a detoxifying effect. Ozone therapy will prevent fungi & post-op infections. Surely you need to assist your therapy with an improved diet, carefully watching what you put into your body for the best results. 

3. Repair Your Stem Cells 

Your stem cells are hardworking producers of cells that aid your heart, brain, and nerves. Ozone therapy improves your cell’s ability to reactivate by repairing stem cells. Hence, ozone therapy leads to quicker and better repair of broken cells that will not only shorten the healing process. Additionally, ozone therapy prevents the occurrence of complications during surgery. 

4. Improve Your Skin 

Surprise, surprise, antioxidant properties of ozone not only help your cells to recover and repair. Besides, ozone increases collagen and improves elastin activity resulting in rejuvenated skin. 

  Do not be afraid of bizarre medical terminology. In simple terms,

  • Ozone therapy will increase the success rate of your surgery by allowing quick attachment of grafts to the transplanted area. 
  • Ozone therapy will shorten the postoperative healing process enabling rapid healing & a quick return to daily life.
  • Assisting treatment will lessen the hair transplant procedure’s possible complications/side effects. 

Now that you know the basics and a bit more, let’s ensure you can go for ozone therapy. 

Check the below points to know that you must NOT undertake an ozone therapy session. 

When You Must NOT Go For Ozone Therapy 

Ozone therapy, a complementary treatment method that shall only assist but not interrupt your primary curative procedure, i.e., hair transplant, can be used with many medicines and additional treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy, and physical therapy. However, there are some specific cases when you must NOT go for an ozone therapy session. 

Now that you know you are an eligible candidate discover the rich menu of assisting therapy’s “blessings.” 

 As with all good things in life, ozone therapy has potential complications. However, note that complications are rare and manageable with the caring help of our team.

Complications of Ozone Therapy 

Medical ozone utilized in ozone therapy does not have evident side effects. Yet, bear in mind some mild complications such as,

  • Post-application low blood pressure 
  • Rare complications due to incorrect application technique and faulty dose selection 

Besides complications, there is an uncommon possibility of a “recovery crisis.” 

What is a Recovery Crisis?

Even though the side effects of an ozone therapy session are mild in most cases, if your TAS (total antioxidant status) is maladjusted to ozone concentration level, you might experience a recovery crisis. 

A typical recovery crisis, which is not synchronous with your primary treatment, might occur after 2-3 ozone therapy sessions, lasting 2-7 days. 

  • A recovery crisis refers to the worsening of already existing post-treatment symptoms & addition of new post-treatment symptoms to already existing post-treatment symptoms.
  • A recovery crisis might be mild, moderate, or rarely severe.
  • Fatigue, headache, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, and flu-like symptoms are typical symptoms of a recovery crisis.

Quick Check-List to Prepare You For the Upcoming Ozone Therapy Session 

Here is your practical checklist to prepare you for your revitalizing ozone therapy sessions at Vera Clinic.

  • During the therapy, you must DISCONTINUE all antioxidant supplements that contain Vitamins E & C as their high concentration in your blood will affect the effectiveness of ozone therapy. 
  • If you are taking blood pressure & diabetes medications, you must take them at least 2 hours in advance. 
  • Do NOT be hungry during your therapy; eat properly beforehand. 
  • Lend an ear to our accomplished medics, who will inform you about the whole procedure before your ozone therapy sessions. Make sure that you are fully aware of everything you need to know about your therapy, such as the ozone therapy technique, the number & duration of your sessions, and utilized devices/material.
  • Do not think that ozone therapy is a “magical” treatment method. Instead, ozone therapy is an alternative/complementary treatment that will assist your hair transplant procedure in carrying results to the next level. 
  • In addition to the acknowledged responsibility of our medical team of top-tier doctors, entirely devoted to their job, you shall be aware of your “duties” as a committed patient. Be on time, lend an ear to our team’s advice and follow the instructions! As simple as essential for the best results of your ozone therapy. 

Why Shall You Go For Ozone Therapy at Our Vera Clinic?

Who would say no to our tempting offer to elevate your hair transplant experience at our Vera Clinic? 

At Vera Clinic in the beautiful city of Istanbul, you can count on the medical expertise of our professional team & Vera Clinic-style hospitality of our friendly staff for your upcoming hair transplant assisted with ozone therapy. 

Do not distress yourself! We recommend you consider OxyCure therapy as an alternative to ozone therapy if you do not qualify as an eligible candidate for ozone therapy.

Otherwise, if you are an eligible candidate, do not lose time; gain your brand new hair. Ozone therapy at our clinic will be THE decision of your life that will make your hair transplant experience unforgettable! 

For more information, feel free to contact us; we are ready to help you on the path toward your brand new hair!