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The Cost Of Liposuction And Its Different Techniques

The cost of liposuction is a financial obstacle that lingers in the minds of the youth. In an era where fad diets are taking over, models like Bella Hadid are becoming it girls. The heroin chic prevalence in pop culture is revolutionizing beauty standards and pushing conformity towards slim figures.

Likewise, procedures such as liposuction are soaring in the culture of perfection as a means to attain what is otherwise impossible to achieve. To overcome the financial factor, certain aspects of the procedure rise the merits of consideration. Below you’ll find wallet-friendly tips

About The Liposuction Procedure

We are all familiar with those areas on our bodies that stubbornly refuse to lose fat regardless of what we do, in particular; the troublesome tummy area, underarms, and thighs. And while traditional weight loss methods do not often work, there are fortunately other alternatives that do. In recent years, the cosmetic industry has developed techniques to combat the issue of obstinate fat.

One such technique is liposuction that aims to remove areas of fat resistant to strenuous exercise and strict diets.

Traditional liposuction has gone through vast improvements to yield state-of-the-art liposuction known as Vaser liposuction. Which, since its launch, has gained praise and acceptance in the field of body contouring by patients and doctors alike.

The Different Types Of Liposuction

There are certainly various types of the technique, there the cost of liposuction will vary based on how recent the technology you’re opting for is. On the market there are currently three techniques of liposuction, each technology has a unique cost of liposuction. Additionally, cost of liposuction for the same technique can vary from one country to another hence why medical tourism for liposuction is becoming a popular trend.

1- Tumescent liposuction

In this type of liposuction, the lipolysis phase is not facilitated by waves whether ultrasound or laser. On the contrary, this technique uses a mixture of fluids that hardens the fat cells in preparation for lipolysis. The combination of fluid contains a local anesthetic, blood vessel constrictor, and Sodium chloride solution. This mix is injected into the target area, preparing the site for lipolysis. To break the fat cells, the surgeon has to insert a cannula, which they will then use to physically break fat cells by to and fro movements of the cannula. The cannula then suctions the fat out.

Perks of tumescent liposuction

  • Reduced risk of bleeding
  • Uses local anesthesia

2- SmartLipo (Laser-Liposuction)

More commonly referred to as laser liposuction, SmartLipo is a technique that assists laser beams in facilitating the removal of stubborn fat from various areas around the body. The lipolysis phase can either be external or internal. External lipolysis employs laser pads or laser pens on the exterior of target areas to liquefy fat cells. After emulsification, a hollow cannula is then used to suction the liquefied fat out. In internal lipolysis, however, a laser-assisted hollow cannula is used. The surgeon will insert the laser cannula in problem areas to liquefy fat cells. In external SmartLipo The cannula simultaneously breaks fat cells and suctions the emulsion out.

The Perks Of SmartLipo

  • The laser tightens the skin and prevents sagging
  • Minimally invasive
  • A non vigorous procedure
  • Minimal risk of bleeding
  • Less scarring

3- Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction, also referred to as Vaser lipo, is a non-invasive ultrasound-assisted cosmetic procedure that removes stubborn fat in problem areas. The procedure works by directing high-frequency ultrasound waves on problem areas to break down fat cells. The doctors will then suction the fat cells out using a cannula.

In traditional liposuction, doctors would use a cannula to break down fat cells. The procedure begins by creating incisions on target areas to allow for the insertion of cannulas. Upon insertion, the doctor then vigorously moves the cannula up and down to break down fat cells for suction. After breaking down fat cells, doctors will employ another cannula to suction the fat out.

Often known as ultra-sound assisted liposuction Vaser liposuction differs from other therapies in the lipolysis stage by utilizing high-frequency ultrasound waves. To use ultrasound waves in such an inch-perfect way, cosmetics surgeons connect a hollow cannula to an ultrasound wave generator. The surgeon then inserts the ultrasound-assisted cannula in target areas, where ultrasound waves will facilitate the breaking of fat cells. Once the emulsification or lipolysis phase is successfully over, the same cannula then suctions the fat out.

Perks Of Vaser Liposuction

  • Minimally invasive
  • No sagging or excess skin
  • The most precise technique at the moment
  • Does not damage surrounding tissue or nerves
  • A non-vigorous procedure

Advantages Of Vaser Liposuction Over Traditional Liposuction 

There are many benefits to Vaser liposuction, but the most appealing to patients is that it does not require an overnight stay. It is also pain-free and fairly comfortable in comparison to traditional techniques as it is not a forceful procedure. Seeing as its a micro-surgery, the recovery time is fairly shorter as opposed to other methods. Moreover, when opting for Vaser liposuction patients reduce the risk of forming fatty deposits under the skin. This due to the immaculate non-invasive fat emulsification technique of this procedure.


The non-invasive nature of the liposuction technique makes it accessible for a wide range of people.  Both men and women are considered suitable candidates for liposuction, provided they are in good physical health and in good shape. Being in good shape is an essential prerequisite as the aim of this surgery is to remove unwanted stubborn fat and not for weight loss.

It is important to remember that liposuction is not a weight loss technique but a body contouring technology. Therefore, it is best to consider liposuction when weight-loss plans are already present.

According to research, gaining weight after liposuction will cause fat cells to amplify more than was possible in the best. In any case, to get the best out of liposuction and to maintain the results you have to couple the treatment with healthy eating habits and exercise.

Side Effects 

Liposuction will alter the way your body preserves fat after procedure. For instance, if you typically store fat around your hips, your body will store fat in adjacent areas such as the buttocks. These are factors to put into consideration.

Before Getting Liposuction

After wisely picking a clinic, patients will receive a consultation session, during which they should voice their concerns and questions and share their medical past and have their physical health evaluated. The doctor will also thoroughly explain the procedure and take the patients through what they should expect.

Recovery After Surgery

Among the many factors that have led to the increased demand for this treatment is its short healing time. Patients do not require a hospital stay and can resume their normal daily activities within one to two days after Vaser liposuction. Swelling or bruising is not a cause for concern and will fade away within weeks. Patients will be able to immediately notice results, with further improvements appearing with time as the swelling goes down.


Cost of liposuction varies according to factors: technique and country of treatment. For instance, to cut down on cost of liposuction patients operate abroad in countries like Turkey to take advantage of low prices in the country. Opting for medical tourism to cut down on the cost of liposuction is an ideal alternative to opting for an old treatment because the cost of liposuction is cheaper the less advanced the technology is.

In Turkey the average cost of liposuction for one area would be around 2000 euros. whereas a treatment for two areas would cost around 2300 euros and a treatment for three body areas would costa round 2600 euros. The cost of liposuction is inclusive of quota and hotel accommodation.

For Vaser liposuction, cost of liposuction would average around 2350 euros, and fluctuate as target body areas increase. Likewise, the cost of liposuction is a package inclusive of hotel accommodation, quota, and other services.

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