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5 Non-Surgical Approaches to Achieving Cheekbones

The standards of beauty are constantly changes. Certain features and body types can be the in now. But in decades fade out as other beauty standards come through. Recently, cheekbones have become the hot topic.
Defined cheekbones are all the rage due to how they affects appearance. They give a sharper edgier look that signifies maturity.

Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Achieve Diamond-Cutting Cheekbones

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

The hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are the most secure and efficient solutions to get your to-die-for cheekbones. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar that retains water and provides volume.

HA was most commonly an ant-aging treatment. But dermal fillers soon expanded their applications to substitute various cosmetic surgeries. HA fillers also contain other components for skin hydrating.

You can achieve sharp cheekbones by systematically injecting HA into the cheek area. HA molecules will hold on to water increasing the volume of your cheeks. And this will give your cheeks a protruding look.

While the results are very successful, they are not permanent. Because HA is a naturally occurring substance, the body will break it down. So expect results to wear down after a year or so.

It is also a perk that the treatment breaks down. This is because your face is constantly changing. And getting a permanent change on your features will backfire as you age. It will mean that your face will continue to evolve but the permanent procedure you had will remain the same.

As a result, the treatment will look less and less natural with time. But with HA fillers you can rest assure you will always have the chance to repeat the treatment after a while. Making sure it always blends with your face.


If applied correctly, makeup can immensely alter facial features. To use make up for our purpose you will need a few items. So get your makeup brush, a bronzer that is three shades darker than your skin tone, and a highlighter lighter than your skin tone.

To start, stand in front of a mirror and suck in your cheekbones to make them hollow. What you need to do next is to apply the bronzer in the sucked-in area just below the cheekbones and blend in. Once the bronzer is mixed in and set, you’re ready for the second step: highlighting.

Choose a highlighter that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. If you are of dark skin choose a highlighter with a gold undertone. If you are of fair skin pick a highlighter with a pearly undertone. What you need to do next is to apply this highlighter on your cheekbones using a brush. Then gently blend it in along your cheekbones.

What this does is play around with the reflection of light on your face giving the illusion of defined cheekbones.


We have zero control over where our bodies choose to collect fat as we gain weight. You might be one of the people who tend to collect fat around their face.

In this case you can consider weight loss first to get your dream cheekbones. You may not need to spend on treatments. Because following a healthy diet is all you need.

Facial Exercises

There are a few exercises that can be done to tone the cheek muscles around the cheekbones. With these exercises, you might be able to achieve that desirable hollow look.

Fish lips

With your mouth imitate the famous “fish lips” move. Once done, maintain this position and simultaneously try to smile. Hold these positions hold for ten seconds and repeat five times daily.

Jaw opener

Fully open your mouth and hold this position for 10 seconds. Repeat a few times daily. Remember to massage your cheekbones after exercise to relax the muscles.

Chewing Gum

Although there is not enough data on this, many report a change in thei facial definitions after chewing gum. And people who tend to only chew on one side of the face, notice that one side is slimmer and more defined than the other.

When chewing, you are giving your facial muscles a workout which will help tone them and get rid of the baby fat around the area.

If All Else Fails, Surgery For Cheekbones

Often regardless of what we do, the dream of achieving the desirable killer cheekbones aesthetic is out of reach. Whether due to genetic factors or other. But, there are also other options such as surgery.

Surgery might seem like an extreme commitment due to all the stigma surrounding cosmetics surgery. When pushing the stigma aside, there is no shame in plastic surgery. Countless people restored their confidence and earned their aesthetic goals through cosmetics surgery.

But to avoid a botched job, do your research and choose a good surgeon.

How Implants Work To Define Cheekbones

Cheek augmentation is an elective of facial contouring procedures that gives protruding cheekbones. The procedure leaves no scar as the incision and the protocol of the surgery occur from inside. As in, the incision is made from inside the cheek and the implant is placed from there.

Malar implants are the technical name for cheek implants. And they give the aesthetic appearance of higher cheekbones. Unlike fillers, cheek implants are a permanent option that adds volume to the target area.

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