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Nick Maddock On His Hair Transplant With Vera Clinic

My name is Nick Murdoch. I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States of America. I’m here in Istanbul, Turkey at Vera Clinic to undergo my first hair transplant surgery.

I found out about Vera Clinic online. I’ve honestly been researching different methods for hair loss for many years, but just in recent months, I really started to plan and take action. When I started looking on Google, I first looked at prices in America and knew that it wouldn’t be affordable for me. Some hair loss transplants are going for about $20,000 there. So then, I started looking at options in Turkey.

I am very satisfied with Vera Clinic given the reputation of the doctors, the reviews online, the client testimonials, and ultimately the price that was offered for such services. I vetted several different clinics in the area and ultimately decided that Vera Clinic was the best for me. It seemed like they were the most reputable and were leading the industry in research and development on the Sapphire FUE method. So, I felt at ease and confident with this choice.

I came over here from Munich, Germany. It was a very short flight, about two and a half hours. Upon arrival at the airport, I received all the necessary information via WhatsApp text messaging on where I needed to go and who I needed to meet. Everything went smoothly, and now I am heading down to meet my driver. I feel so fancy right now. Once I left the airport, my driver was waiting for me and took me out in a very nice Vera Clinic branded vehicle and brought me to my hotel. I am currently in my hotel room where I’ll spend my first night in Istanbul. Tomorrow will be an important and eventful day that will change my life.

I love to travel and have adventures. I like to write about my passion in my journal and share pictures of my adventures on my Instagram account.

Now, I am about to be picked up in a private car to be taken to the hospital. I am enjoying the scenery Istanbul has to offer during the ride, including the package of the hotel and transportation from the airport. So far, everything has been pretty seamless and easy, and I hope it continues throughout the journey. At the same time, preparations for my hair transplant have started at the hospital. All the necessary procedures are scheduled, and upon arrival, the crew was prepared to receive me and begin with the necessary paperwork. Here I am, it’s about 11:00 a.m. on the day of the transplant, and I’m excited and feeling good, looking forward to what the day holds.

After having my pictures taken, I was then admitted for a primary test. The doctor began designing my hairline and confirmed the technique of hair transplantation, which is the Sapphire FUE, based on the pictures and evaluations performed via WhatsApp during the online consultation. I then underwent several other tests necessary for the surgery, and more pictures were taken after the hairline design.

I was sent to the washing room to have my hair shaved and then sent to the operation theater where the surgery began. I was injected with local anesthetic, meaning I would be awake without feeling pain throughout the surgery. The surgery consisted of three stages. The first stage was the extraction of grafts from the donor regions. The graphs were handled delicately to preserve them for implantation. During the second stage, the doctor opened channels in the recipient sites using sapphire blades. In the last stage, the doctor implanted the grafts in the open channels. My surgery lasted six hours, and then I was transported to my hotel for a much-needed rest.

Now, a new day has come, and I am here for the second day. I just got washed and cleaned up and I’m really ready to see what the results have in store for me over the next few weeks and months. During my second day of the medical tourism trip, I am preparing for a clinical washing session where a special gel will be applied to safely remove blood clots. After 30 minutes, I will be admitted to a clinical washing session where my scalp will be carefully washed and sterilized. Then, I will be placed under a cold laser machine for 15 minutes to help the wounds heal faster.

I received a thorough explanation on how to use the products. Overall, I am pretty satisfied. The operation procedure itself was actually pretty quick, with some preset aside from that front. The facilities were extremely clean, even above my expectations. I am very happy with that. It is a true medical facility.