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How To Make Your Nose Smaller Naturally In 4 Ways

Search engines are flooded with inquiries on how to make your nose smaller. The nose, where the respiratory system begins, is the most protruding of our features. Bearing such an amount of visibility, our noses have a grandiose effect on altering our over-all shape.

For this reason, rhinoplasty is among the most frequented of plastic surgeries. There is no particular shape that patients seem to collectively desire. However, according to research a great majority of women tend to lust over sharper nose tips and smooth nose bridges. Whereas men tend to have issues and find insecurity in having small noses. To each person a defect that isn’t compatible with their overall features.

And the drastic results of rhinoplasty before and after pictures seem to highlight the gravity of the impact. Patients can go from average-looking to heartthrobs in a matter of hours. Yet, many people still prefer to take the DIY route. But how can you make your nose smaller naturally? Furthermore, is it possible? Read along to find out.

Natural Remedies To Make Your Nose Smaller

The internet is brimming with rumors that claim to make your natural nose smaller, slimmer, and shorter without surgical intervention. Among the most popular are the following:

Exercises To Make Your Nose Smaller

Nose Exercises To Make The Nose Smaller

Nose exercises never fail to make the list in a conversation about making your nose smaller. Mostly, the suggested routines include holding the sides of your nose with your thumb and index and breathing in deeply. If you are in luck, the sides of your nose might eventually, over the repetitive practice, hold the suctioned-in position.

Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients To Make The Nose Smaller

This list is versatile, including everything from ginger to ice to garlic to cider vinegar. In short, any material that possesses anti-inflammatory properties is falsely notorious for making the nose smaller. In other words, the aforementioned contain elements that allegedly reduce swelling.

Why Don’t Natural Remedies Work To Make The Nose Smaller?

To put it simply and shortly, natural remedies that alter the shape and size are merely a myth. To elaborate further on this point, one has to understand first and foremost that the nose is merely cartilage. Cartilage is connective tissue and not a muscle. On the surface, you might understand where this is going. Since cartilage, unlike muscle is not subject to elasticity and size modification, neither massaging nor anti-inflammatory products can enhance on the exterior appearance.

In summary, natural remedies are out of the equation when considering the recasting of your nose.

Alternative Methods To Make Your Nose Smaller

Contour To Make Your Nose Smaller


Obviously, this is not a permanent solution. However, if you are keen on going natural, this might be your only fruitful approach. With a highlighter and a contouring set, you can alter the way light reflects on your nose which gives. Giving you the opportunity to modify the appearance of your nose as per your standards. Sharper tips, rounder tips, no hump, with the hump, and the possibilities are endless.

To make your nose smaller, in particular, iterate the following. With a highlighter brush apply highlighter along the bridge of your nose. The thinner the line the smaller your nose will look. The broader the line, the wider your nose will look. later, apply contour to the sides of your nose to emphasize the effect of the highlighter.


Rhinoplasty or a “nose job” is the only permanent and accurate approach to reshaping the nose. You can’t shrink your nose without surgical intervention. Although make-up does quite the trick it has its limitations.

The exclusive effectiveness of rhinoplasty stems from its ability to target the cartilage and reshape it how the patient desires. The treatment is successful if the patient wisely chooses a reputable surgeon and hospital.

Most search for natural remedies and pass over rhinoplasty due to fear of plastic surgery.  If you are very displeased with the appearance of your nose and it’s starting to impact your life, look into resources that can encourage you. For instance, before and after pictures can be very inspiring, reading stories, and even research. 87% of Rhinoplasty patients exhibit a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure post-surgery.

In reality, the process is far more simple than we assume it to be. Perhaps try becoming familiar with post and pre-surgery instructions to grasp the simplicity of the process and gain knowledge about it.

FAQ About Making Your Nose Smaller

What Is An Attractive Nose Shape?
There is no such thing as an attractive nose shape. This depends on your facial features. And to get an attractive nose shape you have to take into consideration your facial features. A good plastic surgeon will use programs to help you envision your face.

Does The Nose Stop Growing?
Everyone has heard the myth about the ears and nose continuing to grow. In reality, it is not growing as per se, but rather that gravity takes its toll on the nose and ears after a while causing them to sag.

Can You Shrink Your Nose At Home?
The short answer is no. But you can create the illusion of a smaller nose with make-up.

How Big Is A Big Nose?
There is no standard size for a big nose it all comes down to your features and face size. If your nose is much bigger than remaining features or it looks visibly out of proportions then it can be considered big.

What About Non-surgical Nose Job?
A non-surgical nose job uses either Bellafill or Botox injections to change the shape of the nose. The FDA did not approve Bellafill use for a non-surgical nose job. And while Botox is safe it cannot shrink or make your nose slimmer. But it can correct some asymmetrical issues.

In Closing

The concept that one can naturally remold their nose as though it’s a clay canvas has no scientific foundation. The nose is made of cartilage and not muscle and as a result, is resistant to exterior factors with the exception of monumental physical forces.

With practically all-natural remedies out of question, the only permanent solution is rhinoplasty. Although the most successful and popular solution, rhinoplasty is not everyone’s cup of tea. Fear of plastic surgery is what holds people back oftentimes.

You can overcome your irrational fears by understanding and learning more about rhinoplasty. View before and after pictures and read success stories to feel motivated.

However, and although society brainwashed us into thinking plastic surgery is taboo and natural is indeed the way to go, with reshaping the size of your nose, nothing else works. And if you’re held back by insecurities, remember you can change all the restraints around you.

If you fear surgery, read more about it and check before and after pictures. Perhaps your worries will wear off. If you have further questions, contact us and we will gladly assist you.