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Your Complete Guide to Facial Fillers

There was a time not long ago where the impracticality of conventional invasive techniques in plastic surgery procedures, and their unnatural results added more stigma to the concept of cosmetic surgery. However, with many of the traditional methods being replaced by more effective treatments, and the many celebrities opening up about their experiences with plastic surgery, the stigma is gradually dissolving. Among the public’s favorite are facial fillers, a technique that attains similar objectives to facelifts at a much more immaculate level.

What are facial fillers

Facial fillers are solutions made of a naturally occurring sugar that restore or add volume to target areas reversing aging or altering their shape.

How facial fillers reverse wrinkling

Over the years, and as we grow up, we begin to lose much of the tissue beneath our skin. The fat, hyaluronic acid, some muscle tissue as well, once deteriorated, our skin eventually folds in. The folds become all the more visible over the years.

Facial fillers include hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar that retains water and consequently adds volume to
Target areas. When injected into affected areas, such as the laugh lines, around the eyes, and forehead wrinkles, the sugar will instantly restore some of the lost volume erasing wrinkles.

Facial fillers prove to be more efficient in reversing wrinkles in comparison to surgical techniques such as facelift for their natural appearance.

How facial fillers alter features

Aside from reversing aging, facial filters can replace various cosmetic surgery procedures for their ability to alter the volume. For example, lip fillers consisting of the same material as facial fillers can be used to modify the shape of the lips and increase their volume.

They can also replace facial contouring surgeries. Instead of resorting to surgical methods to achieve a defined jawline and cheekbones, patients can opt for facial fillers that are far more effective and yield more natural results. The injections are applied along the jawline and cheekbones to give the illusion for sharp facial features.

What are the types of facial fillers

Facial fillers can either be permanent or temporary. It is always more practical to opt for temporary lip fillers for two points. The first being, it could be reversed if you aren’t pleased why the results using an enzyme injection that breaks down hyaluronic acid. The scone being, your face is continually evolving and changing, permanent fillers will lose their natural appeal over the years.
Temporary fillers last for a period of around a year and have to be later re-injected. Therefore, the procedure will always be in accordance to your changing features.


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