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COVID-19 Precautions: How a Hair Transplant in Turkey is Safe

Keeping patients safe whilst visiting our clinic has always been our number one priority, ensuring the highest quality standards and cleanliness are maintained at all times. Over the last 12 months, the challenges COVID-19 has brought for hospitals and medical facilities the world over is unprecedented, and now with restrictions in many countries beginning to lift, the importance of a clean and sterile environment to welcome back patients has never been more crucial.

Here at Vera Clinic, our quality standards have always been high and we strive to maintain this by the implementation of further precautions for all staff and patients to follow. This ensures that your visit for a hair transplant in Turkey is safe and will continue to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our hospital is approved by the ministry of health and all our health tourism operations and COVID-19 precautions are regulated by the Turkish government. Here are some of the additional precautions we have introduced:

Sterilization of all vehicles

All vehicles used to transport our patients to and from their accommodation are sterilized thoroughly to ensure they are not contaminated. This sterilization procedure ensures our vehicles are safe to use by our patients and is carried out after each use.

Automatic Shoe Coverings

At the entrance to Vera Clinic, all visitors are required to wear shoe coverings, provided by our automatic dispenser. Just place each foot separately into the machine and the shoe cover will be fitted effortlessly. Shoe covers help to prevent contact between your shoes and the clinic’s floor surface, creating a barrier to stop the spread of the virus and any bacteria from outside into the hospital.

Temperature Screening

All staff and patients are required to undergo a body temperature check. This is to prevent those with a higher than average temperature or fever from entering the premises, reducing the risk of transmission.

Sterilization of Physical Areas & All Materials

All physical areas within the hospital are sterilized with FDA approved methods to ensure sure surfaces are do not become contaminated. This is maintained to a regular cleaning schedule throughout all treatment rooms and communal areas. All materials we use are also sterilized, decontaminated, and stored carefully before use.

ULV (Ultra Low Volume)

We use ULV equipment to kill all viral particles in the air and on surfaces. This a thorough cleaning method that ensures disinfectant is used evenly throughout the hospital to prevent any virus particles from spreading.

Hepa Filters

We have installed Hepa filters all around the hospital at Vera Clinic. These filter the air from any dust as well as bacterial, and viral particles for additional protection.

Mandatory use of Masks

All of our patients and staff are required to wear masks during their visit to Vera Clinic in line with government guidance to prevent transmission between individuals.

Healthy Nutrition

We take great care to provide healthy, nutritional meals to our patients which are prepared inside of the hospital. Good hydration and regular healthy meals help to maintain energy levels and aid with your recovery post-surgery.

We look forward to welcoming the return of patients to our facilities here at Vera Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. We continue to take patient safety seriously, so providing a safe and sterile environment for our patients is always our highest priority.

To learn more about a hair transplant in Turkey consultation or to speak to our team, please get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have and ensure any cosmetic surgery procedure or hair transplant in Turkey is safe to have at Vera Clinic.