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Brazilian Butt Lift Cost, Warnings, and Results

Because the shape of the buttocks affects attractiveness, butt reshaping procedures are all the rage. One such procedure is the Brazilian butt lift that is becoming very popular. It falls under body contouring surgery that can achieve the perfect hourglass figure.

The cosmetic procedure improves the appearance of the backside. It does this by transferring fat from unwanted areas to the buttocks. This gives the butt a fuller rounder shape.

If you are interested in Brazilian butt lift and want to learn more read along. Below you will find all the information you need on Brazilian butt lift. Including the best cost-efficient options for the procedure. And how to achieve permanent desirable results for an attractive body.

BBL Surgery Procedure

The BBL surgery or Brazilian butt lift is a minimally invasive procedure that includes liposuction and fat transfer. The procedure occurs under the effect of local anesthesia. The surgery starts with liposuction to remove fat from unwanted places, usually the waist. But removing fat can be from any place on the body with stubborn fat such as the back and flanks. Your surgeon will make a cut to insert the liposuction tube and extract fat.

Most people prefer to go for the waist because it will give you a more hourglass figure once the procedure is complete. So speak with your surgeon before surgery regarding this point.

The fat your surgeon removes will go into the buttocks. But before this, your surgeon will first process the fat to make it pure. And after this step, your surgeon will make cuts on your buttocks to inject the fat.

Of course, there is a particular technique for which fat injection happens. Not all the amount goes in one location. Instead, it is distributed around the buttocks for an aesthetically pleasing look.

But if you wish to only increase the size without changing the shape of your butt, you can also achieve that. Make sure you tell your surgeon exactly what you wish to get.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Brazilian Butt Lift?

You need to make you are fitted for the procedure because it is not for everyone. Generally, you are suitable for the Brazilian butt lift if you have the following:

If you wish to increase the size of your butt without implants or exercise.
You have sufficient fat around your body that can be injected into your buttocks.
Have a flexible daily routine that will allow you to not sit on your buttocks for weeks.

You should also have realistic expectations and understand your aesthetic problems. This is important because the Brazilian butt lift is not the solution for everything. For example, if you are struggling with loose skin and sagging in the backside, BBL cannot fix that for you. It remains a procedure that increases the size of your butt and reshapes the way it stores fat.

If your issue is sagging, consider butt lift surgery that will make your skin look more toned.

How Does Brazilian Butt Lift Differ From Butt Implants?

Brazilian butt lift can enhance the size and shape of the buttocks using your own fat. This makes it more desirable because it can give a natural finish. And if you choose an accredited hospital and skilled surgeons you do not only have fewer risks, but your results will be satisfying.

But in case you are suitable for BBL because you do not have enough fat, you may consider implants then. Butt implants use synthetic material to increase the size of the buttocks. While the results with butt implants are good, the procedure carries more risks. Also, the results tend to look and even feel less natural than the Brazilian butt lift.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery & Results

Results are instantaneous, but there will be some swelling in the area. So you should expect the appearance to get better with time. It is important to have realistic expectations. To avoid disappointments make sure you are very direct with your surgeon. Also only operate at accredited hospitals.

You will need to make some lifestyle changes after surgery. For example, you have to avoid placing your weigh on your buttocks through sitting for 8 weeks after surgery. You also will feel a bit of pain but it will not be extreme. And for this, your surgeon will provide pain medication.

You can only go back to regular sitting when your surgeon allows it. And to get back into sitting again, you will need to use a special cushion that absorbs pressure from sitting on your buttocks.

The more you abide by your surgeon’s instructions, the fast you will recover. You can get back to daily activity within a week and back to work in 10 days. Practice all activity on foot, and lie down on your stomach to rest or sleep.

Are Results Of Brazilian Butt Lift Permanent

There are many aspects to consider for this. For example, the liposuction results are long term. The fat cells your surgeon removes using liposuction do not return. Even when you gain weight, the area you remove the fat from will gain weight the least.

But generally, the same way weight fluctuations impact the skin, they will impact results. It is healthier to maintain a steady weight.

It takes 6 months for results to reach their final form. Depending on the aesthetic look you are after you may need to repeat the procedure to achieve what you want.

By then, you will have a curvy body that is between pear or hourglass with a round perky butt. The changes your body will make you more confident as you see observe the way clothes fit your body.
There are many aspects to consider for this. For example, the liposuction results are long term. The fat cells your surgeon removes using liposuction do not return. Even when you gain weight, the area you remove the fat from does not gain weight.

Alternatives To Brazilian Butt Lift That You Should Avoid

  • Silicone injections
  • Hydrogel injections

The FDA warns against these alternatives.

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost

The cost of Brazilian butt lift varies based on location. For instance, in the US the average cost of the Brazilian butt lift is between $7500to $11500. In Turkey, a Brazilian butt lift would cost around $4500 to $5500.

The Takeaway

The Brazilian butt lift is a successful procedure for reshaping your body and getting a curvy physique. You may need to make some lifestyle changes such as avoiding sitting. But in 8 weeks you can get back to normal. And by 6 months you will have the final results. Of course, the results are instantaneous but it takes a while for you body to adjust.

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