Botox In Turkey

botox in Turkey

Botox in Turkey is an ideal solution for your facial aesthetic requirements to give you a new refreshed look. We offer a range of cosmetic procedures in our clinic, including hair transplant procedures, we can assure you that all of our services are undertaken by our highly trained surgeons in our state-of-the-art hospital in Turkey. Getting Botox in Turkey costs considerably less than in other parts of the world, but don’t let the price fool you. This rejuvenating procedure will revitalise your face, enhance your confidence and even out any fine lines on your face, restoring a youthful complexion. By contacting Vera Clinic today for your Turkey Botox, you can turn your life around, turn back the clock, and enjoy the complexion of youth once more.

Botox In Turkey: How It Works

Botox, a protein deriving from the “Botulinum toxin” is a drug used to weaken or paralyze muscles, usually in the facial region, to reduce wrinkling of the skin and restore your complexion. Botox in Turkey can be used to prevent the appearance of age-related wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, mid-eyebrow lines, and wrinkles or sagging skin around the neck. Once injected you will begin to see a dramatic change within 4 – 6 days following your Botox in Turkey, with the lines in your face dissipating, leaving you with a smooth, untarnished face. These substances will target the nervous system, disrupting the nerve signalling process that stimulates muscle contraction. The nerves will then release a chemical messenger called acetylcholine at the junction where nerve endings meet muscle cells. Acetylcholine attaches to receptors on the muscle cells and causes the cells to contract. For the application of Botox, a local anaesthetic is administered in the form of a cream and applied to the treatment areas. The anaesthetic takes effect within 20 minutes and treatment begins as intramuscular injections, which are fine-tip needles. The average session will last for 15 minutes, meaning no great length of time will have to be sacrificed when getting Turkey Botox with Vera Clinic.

There are many areas of your body suitable for Turkey Botox, making it one of our most versatile cosmetic procedures. These include:

The forehead


The outer corner of the eyes

The upper lips



Botox In Turkey: Medical Uses

Botox in Turkey can be used not only for cosmetics but also for practical, medical applications. The following afflictions can be treated with Botox, and are FDA approved for use. Medical uses for Botox from Turkey are inclusive of include:

Limb spasticity

Severe underarm sweating

Migraine prevention

Eyelid spasms

Pain in the head or neck

Tips to Prepare for Botox in Turkey

When it comes to preparing for Botox in Turkey, you will need to avoid a few things and be mindful of the procedures ahead. Make sure you don’t drink wine one week before your Botox appointment, especially red wine, you will be more likely to experience bruising if you drink wine in the lead up. Also, make sure you don’t take anti-inflammatories beforehand, unless this has been discussed and recommended by a doctor. It might sound strange, but you should also avoid any food that contains garlic before Botox, as this could increase your chances of bruising as well.

Tips for Post-Treatment

After you have undergone your Botox treatment, you should listen to all the instruction we provide you with at Vera Clinic. Some have had success using arnica after the procedure to reduce swelling and bruising too, this is a natural herb you can find in pharmacies in the form of a cream. We also recommend you don’t exercise straight after your Botox, perhaps before or postpone it to the next day at least. Make sure you don’t go to any tanning booths, hot tubs, or saunas the same day as the Botox. Heat can make your blood pressure rise, and this isn’t wanted you want after Botox in Turkey, your face should be unaggravated.

Avoid the obvious straight after the procedure, don’t rub your face or lay down on it for 4 hours after the procedure. Only use a very gentle cleanser or completely skip washing your face the same day as the Botox procedure. For at least 24 hours after Botox injections, use a very soft cleanser if you must wash your face as harsher beauty products could aggravate the Botox area.

Dermal Fillers as an Alternative to Botox in Turkey

An alternative to Botox at Vera Clinic is dermal fillers, they are another cosmetic procedure performed on your face. These fillers are injected into your face, usually into your lips or under your eyes. In most cases, dermal fillers will last longer than Botox, but this isn’t always the case. Depending on exactly what you want from the cosmetic procedure, you can consider both Botox and dermal fillers. Botox is usually best for wrinkles on the face that are appearing due to repeated expressions like frowning, whereas wrinkles that appear due to loss of volume in the face, will improve with dermal fillers rather than Botox. Find more about the differences between Botox and dermal fillers in our blog Botox Vs Fillers.

Other Purposes Botox Can Be Used For

Amazingly, Botox is not only used for improving ageing faces, but also for the hair. Many clinics call this hair relaxation therapy, but Botox is used for this procedure to help combat hair loss and encourage new hair growth. Find out more about hair Botox treatments if you are looking for a remedy to restore your hair as well as your face.

Botox In Turkey – FAQs

Does Botox in Turkey Hurt?

Botox injections are a relatively painless procedure, so you don’t need to worry about any discomfort, thanks to the use of local anaesthetic cream. The entire process only lasts between 15 – 20 minutes, and you will be able to function and live life as normal afterwards, even being able to drive home yourself after the procedure.

How Long Do the Effects of our Turkey Botox Last?

It can take as little as 2 days and as many as 14 days for the full effects of your Botox in Turkey to be entirely noticeable. The effects themselves last up to 6 months, meaning you can enjoy your Botox from Turkey for months after the procedure.

Will I still Have an Expression on My Face Following Botox in Turkey?

It is a tired cliché that Botox removes the expression from your face. As the procedure involves the smoothing of wrinkles in the face, some tightness may occur, but this doesn’t mean your facial expressions will be removed following Botox in Turkey. Depending on the extent of your Botox procedure, one of our clinicians will let you know what changes the Botox procedure will have on you, but they are all positive.

How Often Can I Get Botox in Turkey?

Once the effects of your Turkey Botox have worn off, your wrinkles will gradually begin to reappear. You should wait 3 months before booking in for your next Botox treatment in Turkey, although for some individuals, it has been known for the treatment to have a longer-lasting effect, so you can wait for a longer amount of time between procedures.

Is Botox Cheaper in Istanbul Than Other Cities in Europe?

Yes, you won’t find a better price for Botox in Europe than in Istanbul with such qualified, experienced surgeons. The prices for Botox in Turkey are not cheap because the job isn’t going to be as good, they are cheap down to the government in Turkey subsidising the procedure costs. If you are from the UK and not looking to travel too far, this is another perk of Botox in Turkey. When you research ‘how much does Botox cost in Turkey?’ you will find Vera Clinic has some of the best prices on the market, get in contact for specific details.

Does Botox in Turkey Have Any Side Effects?

When it comes down to side effects, Botox in Turkey only has very mild symptoms, such as a small amount of pain in the localised area, and very little swelling within the injection site. Within 48 hours, these symptoms should subside entirely. It has been known for a small amount of bruising to occur, although this side effect is an uncommon one and we don’t imagine this issue should arise. Botox is a well-established cosmetic procedure, being used for over 30 years. As this method of cosmetic procedure is tried and tested, we at Vera Clinic know it is a safe option for aesthetic enhancement. If you have any questions about our procedures or the before and aftercare you will need to take, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Is Botox Considered Safe Overall?

Yes, Botox in Turkey is considered a safe procedure when performed properly in a clinic such as Vera Clinic. You will only be safe if you use a plastic surgeon for the procedure, you will be more likely to experience negative side effects if you don’t do this. All Botox injections must be prepared according to the FDA standards.

What is Botox Exactly Made From?

Inside Botox you will find naturally existing bacterial toxins that undergo purification, they possess muscle paralyzing effects and powerful rejuvenating properties. All the toxins we use at Vera Clinic are regulated and safe. The protein from the Botulinum toxin used for Botox in Turkey is only beneficial when used by doctors in small doses.

What is The Difference Between Botox and Fillers?

Botox and fillers are both used for those who want to make a change to their face, they are also both injected with a needle. The biggest difference between Botox and fillers is that Botox is commonly used to rid of wrinkles or make fine lines less obvious or disappear. Fillers are used to fill the wrinkles, making them disappear in a different way than Botox. Fillers don’t paralyze the skin like Botox does. In simple words, Botox freezes the skin, whereas fillers plump the skin and fill it in when it has gone saggy.

What Age Do You Need to Be for Botox?

Botox is mainly to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines for those who have symptoms of ageing present on their skin, this is usually those who are middle aged so it’s unlikely you will need Botox if you are under the age of 30. However, some women and men in their 20s get Botox to tighten up their skin if they spot early signs of ageing. You will need to be at least 18 years old to qualify for Botox but it’s not likely you will need Botox or any treatments at this age.

How Much Is Botox in Turkey?

The Botox Istanbul price is the lowest in the world. Thanks to subsidies from the Turkish government, we can offer the best Botox procedure, at half the price that you would find in other countries, such as the USA, UK, and other areas within Europe. Botox in Turkey costs are available at as low as $200, which is a huge bargain when you take the long-lasting effects into consideration. The price will differ depending on the extent of the Botox treatment in Turkey you have, so to find the correct Botox in Istanbul price for you and your individual needs, we would highly recommend booking in with one of our clinicians for a full and thorough consultation prior to your Botox procedure in Turkey. For more information, please visit our Blog Page, where we have more details regarding the Botox Istanbul price, as well as information regarding all our other cosmetic and medical procedures we have to offer. For advice and a quote, dependent on your specific needs, contact us today and one of our experts will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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