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Adam On His Hair Transplant Experience With Vera Clinic

Vera Clinic doctors in London are available to meet with previous patients and listen to their experiences with Vera Clinic.

“I’m 32 years old, and I started to lose my hair when I was 20.

I had my hair transplant operation last year, in August. I had been planning on getting a hair transplant for nearly five years, but I was afraid of not choosing the right clinic or doctor.

I followed a few clinics on Instagram to watch their procedures and contacted a few other clinics. However, I discovered that these were not actually doctors, but rather brokers or middlemen.

I had contact with various doctors and places, but after reading reviews on Google and Facebook, I found that people had bad experiences. It made me hesitant to trust any clinics abroad.

However, I can say that Vera Clinic truly cares about their patients. Anyone who is thinking of getting a hair transplant should stop worrying and just book their flight to Vera Clinic.”