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5 Interesting Facts about Cosmetic Surgery

We often view cosmetic surgery under a negative light, however, in reality, it is not always a snooze-fest. There is more fun and history to plastic surgery than we think. Here are five interesting facts about cosmetic surgery you probably did not know.

1. Cosmetic surgery goes way back

Cosmetic Surgery In Ancient Egypt

Cosmetic surgery is nothing new: the practice dates as far back as ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians had fascinating beliefs when it came to life after death; many burial rituals were performed to promote the deceased’s experience in the afterlife. Interestingly, although the Egyptians were the first recorded people to practice cosmetic enhancements, they did it on the bodies of the dead. They believed that enhancing the deceased’s prominent features would help loved ones recognize them in the afterlife.

Eventually, the Romans caught on the trend too. Back in the Italian Peninsula, battle scars were a symbol of cowardice and shame as they indicate that the soldier turned his back or let his guard down and the enemy had struck him. As a result, Roman soldiers would opt for cosmetic procedures to remove battle scars to preserve their reputation.

By the 16th century, ancient civilizations came to the conclusion that barber shops were the ideal sterile places in which to perform cosmetic surgery.

In contrast to our time, barbers in ancient civilizations had far more responsibilities and services to provide. Among their diverse practices was cosmetic surgery, where they often performed limb amputations, dental work, and other surgical procedures.

2. More men are requesting cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic Surgery Among Men

It is not surprising that the majority of people seeking cosmetic surgery are women. However, advancements in technology and medicine have increased the variety of cosmetic procedures available. For example liposuction, nose correction, calf augmentation, breast reduction, dental implants, and hair transplants are all now popular with men.

Furthermore, as we grow more aware of how toxic current masculine definitions are, the stigma around men having surgery is rapidly dissipating. Another factor contributing to the normalization of male cosmetic procedures is the growing number of celebrities openly admitting to having gone under the knife.

3. Lasers do most of the work

Before introducing lasers to cosmetic surgery, the procedures were long, painstaking tasks that left the patient in pain with weeks of recovery time ahead of them. For that reason, laser surgery has revolutionized cosmetic practices in several ways. Today, most of the procedures are painless and take only minutes in a doctor’s office.

In addition to their time-saving characteristics, lasers are safer, more precise and can reach places the blade cannot. Moreover, and this is the biggest perk, scars are much smaller and trivial. In brief, laser cosmetic procedures, are one of the biggest reasons aesthetic surgery is growing more popular among the public.

For women, the most common procedure is breast augmentation, while nose correction – also known as rhinoplasty – is the most popular for men. Although rhinoplasty is more popular among men, it is more for medical purposes than it is for aesthetics. Men either seek nose correction to help with breathing and snoring difficulties or to correct physical damage from accidents.

Fuelled by social media, a surprising number of teens and young adults are enhancing their facial and body features for a picture-perfect look to post on social media. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are seen as icons to follow for many young people, and that includes going under the knife.

To conclude

Although we tend to think it is a recent phenomenon, plastic surgery actually dates centuries back. With ancient Egyptians being the first to engage in the practice for peculiar purposes, plastic surgery developed from there on to be what we know now. Through all the years, the civilizations and empires, there is still a stigma around plastic surgery. However, with more A-listers and influencers opening up about their procedures, plastic surgery is becoming more accepted.

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