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The 4 Different Types of Wrinkles and their Treatments

Like Russian dolls, certain subjects can appear sheer, holding no secret depth, no complications. Such prejudice often tails the phenomenon of senesces and wrinkling. At the surface, wrinkles appear to be just that, wrinkles with mutual characteristics and similarity in appearance. Sliding deeper into the concept, wrinkles come in a versatile range of categories that vary based on location and underlying causes.

It is important to become familiar with the different categories to take the ideal safety measures if you intend on keeping your face a clean slate.

1- Dynamic and static Wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are also known as expression lines that form initially upon the drawing of facial expressions. Dynamic lines have no prominence in an expressionless appearance. However, over repeated muscular movement, the effects of gravity, and the inherent natural cellular events of senesces, the lines accentuate and become conspicuous even in a resting face. In the occurrence of the latter, and upon the loss of ambiguity, dynamic lines lose their title to become static lines.

To terminate the transition of dynamic lines to static wrinkles, it’s advised to seek neuro-calming treatments such as Botox. Botox contains toxins from purified bacteria that paralyze muscles in target areas such as the T-zone and chin to avoid the appearance of static wrinkles. In which case, dermal fillers can serve for the purpose of eliminating static lines. Dermal fillers constitute hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar that retains water and consequently volume. It is ideal for static wrinkles as the addition of volume counteracts the effects of gravity and loss of eminence.

2- Elastic wrinkles

Elastic wrinkles are often located on the upper lip, the neck, and cheeks. Induced by exposure to the sun and smoking, elastic wrinkles can be treated via oxidative stress treatments. The best way to avoid the appearance of elastic wrinkles is to avoid exposure to the sun by applying high SPF sunscreens. In addition to following minor lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and moderate drinking.

3- Compression wrinkles

Compression wrinkles arise from routine repose positions. Constantly lying on one side, compresses various areas of the body. Although compression wrinkles eventually fade away, in certain cases, they can become permanent. In which case, dermal fillers can restore the lost volume unfolding the wrinkles.

It’s better to be safe, so ensure you practice sleeping on your back or at least changing your sleeping positions. Aside from inducing wrinkles, repetitive sleeping positions initiate facial asymmetry.

4- Atrophic wrinkles

Atrophic wrinkles are similar to gravitation wrinkles where their appearance is the result of declined levels collagen and elastin production. Collagen and elastin are responsible for generating cellular growth, preserving volume, and retaining a toned look in target areas.

Upon their loss by the natural breakdown of particles, Atrophic lines and sagging become apparent. Dermal fillers combined with PRP therapy, can restore volume and increase collagen production in target areas.

Although Atrophic lines are inevitable, the process can be accelerated via smoking and excessive sun exposure.

In summary

Wrinkles although mostly dreaded, can actually tell a story between the folds and the lines. However, because they signify the loss of vitality and thus rarely are they ever greeted with open arms.

Fortunately, though, the negative feelings towards wrinkling and aging are very prevalent. As a result, an entire industry is focusing on treating wrinkles and stopping their appearance.

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