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Drew Brees Hair Transplant


Drew Brees, former American football quarterback for the San Diego Chargers and the New Orleans Saints, has remained in the public eye even after retiring from the sport. Many have wondered if Brees underwent a hair transplant surgery, as his hair has shown significant changes over the years. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the transformations in Drew Brees’ hairline, discuss the speculation surrounding his alleged hair transplant, answer frequently asked questions about Drew Brees’ hair transplant, including before and after photos, delve into the different methods of hair transplant Turkey, and provide information about the renowned Vera Clinic in the conclusion. If you’re interested in more about  the benefits and reasons to choose Vera Clinic, a leading clinic specializing in hair transplants.

Changes in Drew Brees’ Hairline

Throughout his career, Drew Brees’ hairline has attracted attention. When he joined the Chargers in 2001, Brees, at the age of 22, had a full and healthy head of hair. As time passed, however, a receding hairline became more apparent, leading to speculation about his hair loss. Fans noticed a significant change in his hairline over the years as he advanced in his career.

Speculation about a Hair Transplant

In 2020, just before the start of the football season, Drew Brees shared a video where his hair appeared fuller and reminiscent of his early career. This sudden transformation sparked speculation among fans that Brees had received hair plugs or used hair restoration products. However, in August of the same year, he surprised everyone by shaving his head, leading to further speculation about the state of his hair. Some believed it was an attempt to reset his hair growth, while others thought it was due to a bad haircut. Despite a few images shared by Brees, where he was seen wearing a hat, the speculation surrounding his hair continued.

Career Transition and Thicker Locks

Besides the rumors surrounding Brees’ hair, there were also speculations about his career change. Fans wondered if Brees would become a TV announcer after retiring from football. The possibility of him joining NBC, one of the major sports networks in the US, as a football announcer gained traction. In September 2021, Brees made his debut as an NBC football announcer, and what caught everyone’s attention was his seemingly full head of hair. The significant change in his hairline sparked jokes and comments on social media, further fueling the speculation about a potential hair transplant.

Did Drew Brees Undergo a Hair Transplant?

While Drew Brees has never publicly shared information about any hair transplant surgery, the reappearance of his hairline has made fans question if he underwent the procedure. Many note that there are no visible incision scars on his scalp, which led to speculation that he might have chosen the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) method. DHI is a minimally invasive technique that involves the extraction and implantation of individual hair follicles, leaving no visible marks. Although there is no official confirmation, a comparison of Drew Brees’ hair before and after the speculated operation reveals a distinct change, suggesting the possibility of a hair transplant.

Frequently Asked Questions about Drew Brees’ Hair Transplant

Did Drew Brees get a hair transplant?

While Drew Brees has never publicly confirmed undergoing a hair transplant, the noticeable changes in his hairline have led to speculation about the possibility.

What method of hair transplantation did Drew Brees undergo?

The exact method of hair transplantation that Drew Brees may have undergone is unknown. However, some believe that he might have opted for the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique, which leaves no visible scars.

Are there any hair transplant before after photos of Drew Brees’?

While no official before and after photos of Drew Brees’ alleged hair transplant have been released, comparisons of his hairline over the years reveal a significant transformation.

Does Drew Brees’ hair transplant show any visible scars?

There have been no visible incision scars reported or captured in photographs, leading many to speculate that if Drew Brees did have a hair transplant, it might have been through a method that does not leave visible scars.

Hair Transplant Turkey Methods

Hair transplantation techniques have evolved over time, offering various options depending on the individual’s needs and desired outcome. Some common methods include:

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): This method involves surgically removing a strip of scalp from the back of the head, dissecting it into individual hair follicles, and implanting them into the recipient area. FUT may leave a linear scar at the donor site.
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): FUE involves the extraction of individual hair follicles from the donor area using a tiny punch tool. The follicles are then implanted into the recipient area. FUE typically leaves small dot scars that are easily concealed.
  3. Direct Hair Implantation (DHI): DHI is a minimally invasive technique that involves extracting individual hair follicles and directly implanting them into the recipient area using specialized tools. This method is known for not leaving visible scars and provides natural-looking results.
  4. Sapphire FUE: Sapphire FUE is a variation of the traditional FUE method where the extraction is done using a sapphire blade instead of a standard punch tool. This technique is believed to offer more precise incisions and potentially faster healing time.
  5. Stem Cell Hair Transplant: Stem cell hair transplantation involves using stem cells, usually derived from the patient’s own body, to promote hair growth and enhance the success of the transplant. This technique aims to improve the density and quality of the transplanted hair.


In conclusion, while Drew Brees’ hair transplant surgery remains unconfirmed, his changing hairline over the years has sparked curiosity among fans. The absence of visible scars and the notable transformation suggest the possibility of a hair transplant procedure. For those considering a hair transplant, it is important to consult with professionals specializing in the field, such as the renowned Vera Clinic. The Vera Clinic offers state-of-the-art hair transplant options and personalized treatment plans to help individuals achieve their desired results. Whether Drew Brees opted for a hair transplant or not, his journey has ignited discussion around hair loss and the available solutions.