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David Beckham Hair Transplant Speculations & 422 predictions

The year of 2020 has had a rocky start that perhaps sent its waves beyond politics. On January first, a twitter user dug into media archives to revive and brush the dust off a 1998 piece published by FourTwoTwo magazine that holds an article image resembling the ripening of the ever attractive David Beckham by the year of two thousand and twenty.

The tweet holding a juxtaposition of the prediction of Beckham’s anticipated matured countenance and the footballer’s actual picture in the year of 2020, went viral on the application earning 23.4K likes. The discrepancy between the pictures, begs the question of how a to-age-like-milk prophecy turned to an aged-like-wine reality. Regardless of the underlying incentive behind the FourTwoTwo prophecy, and albeit the controversy, the million-dollar question remains: Are David Beckham hair transplant speculations based on a grounded source? Let’s find out.

The FourTwoTwo David Beckham Prediction

Some claim the prediction was a parody take as some source of ridicule for his performance in the world cup. While another set of opinions claims that the predictions were genuine. Others claim that David Beckham’s wallet had saved his look saying “money don’t crack.”

David Beckham Hair Transplant

While the hot father of 4 never publicly came forward regarding his hair transplant or any of his suspected cosmetic procedures, tracing back pictures of the heartthrob and the evolution of his looks provides solid proof difficult to dispute. The following picture displays two different photos of the football star that imply a hair restoration treatment had been involved.

In the picture on the left, it is visible that David Beckham’s crown is rapidly thinning. The scalp is becoming more visible. Whether David Beckham’s hair thinning was the effect of androgens or an alternative cause, requires further research into the topic.  Or perhaps the digging for information not easily accessible to the public.  However, the pattern of hair loss shown in earlier pictures of the megastar suggest male pattern baldness is to blame.

David Beckham 422 Predictions

Many people argue how David Beckham hair transplant procedure flew over paparazzi. When it is evident that tabloids could have pleasantly capitalized on such an occasion.

Factors That Helped Conceal David Beckham Hair Transplant

1- The type of hair transplant 

If David Beckham opted for a hair transplant, he certainly opted for the cutting edge FUE technology. Unlike FUT hair transplants, FUE leaves invisible scarring that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Hence the choice of technology has contributed immensely to keeping the procedure secret.

2- The Progression of Hair Loss

David Beckham Hair Loss

David Beckham’s hair thinning condition was relatively faint in comparison to other stars such as Wayne Rooney and Antonio Conte who suffered visible hair thinning, to the point where their hair transplant treatment could not be but a talking point. Perhaps David Beckham sought professional intervention sooner, or perhaps his hair loss was short-lived. In any case, the football star reversed the tell-tale signs of aging with the same swiftness and agility he practices on the field.

Did David Beckham Opt For Any Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

Some claim that David Beckham has gone under the knife for more than just his hair loss. However, upon inspection of the football star’s transitioning looks throughout the decades, we haven’t noticed any major facial feature alterations.

David Beckham Teeth

In the following pictures, we have spotted a difference in the smile that suggests cosmetic dentistry was indeed involved. The hot star perhaps had to revamp his smile through cosmetic dentistry to win the hearts of the ladies. We suspect David Beckham resorted to dental veneers or surgery to fix the alignment of his pearly whites. Then whitening session or veneers again to add a glow to his smile.

In Summary

Since David Beckham hasn’t addressed all the speculations regarding cosmetic surgery or dentistry. However, his fans seem to have picked up on the subtle changes in the appearance of the English player. Well if you were snooping on the intricate contours of the transitioning looks of Victoria’s husband, perhaps you are looking for approval and a sign to go through with your hair transplant in Turkey or cosmetic dentistry procedures.

If the UK does not provide financially accessible cosmetic surgery procedures, look outside the borders both figuratively and literally. Countries like Turkey offer hair transplants and cosmetic surgery options of paralleling qualities to the UK but contrasting prices.

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