The Benefits of Plastic Surgery and the Social Stigma Surrounding it.

Somehow society managed to brainwash us into thinking plastic surgeries are taboo. The stigma surrounding this issue is so intense that rarely anyone is willing to open up about their cosmetic procedures. We have seen it happen numerous times in Hollywood. Every time a celebrity reveals the plastic surgery procedures they receive public backlash. Most of us are told to ‘accept our flaws’ instead and remain natural. However, with all the unrealistic beauty standards set for both men and women, accepting our flaws is easier said than done.

We are here to break social constructs and tell you there is no shame in plastic surgery. Instead, we will view plastic surgery and its benefits under an unconventional lense.

Boosts the self-esteem

We are all born beautiful the way we are, and nobody is saying otherwise. However, beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. There is no clear-cut definition of charm; it is subjective. So while many people keep insisting that you are beautiful the way you are, you can’t see it.

You are not obliged to go through life unsatisfied with your face or body just because others think it’s better to stay “natural.” Millions of people were able to turn their lives around and achieve their aesthetic goals through plastic surgery. If you think you will look better with a smaller nose, bigger breasts, or lifted eyes, go for it. No questions asked and no one is in a position to shame you. Just make sure to wisely choose your surgeon, have realistic expectations, and most importantly be sure you are doing it to please yourself.

No Shame

There is no shame in getting plastic surgery. In recent years numerous A-listers have opened up about their cosmetics procedures which helped in erasing the stigma around the issue. Years back, plastic surgery was not a standard procedure. Only the elites were able to afford it. However, nowadays plastic surgery has become accessible to the majority. We all know the drill, the more familiar a procedure becomes, the more acceptable it will eventually be. It is essential to keep in mind that it is not something you need. Plastic surgery is not a necessity. Instead, it should be considered as a means of making you feel better and restoring your confidence.

You only live once, so live it how you want to.

It is not just for women

We often subconsciously associate plastic surgery with women. In reality, men are catching on the wave too. Body contouring surgeries, face contouring surgeries, and hair transplants have become increasingly popular among men. Although men may not be as open about it, numbers show its far more common than men let on. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there has been a 325% increase in male plastic surgery from 1997 to date.

More Opportunities

We can preach about natural beauty all we want; the truth remains that the world does not work that way. We may never deliberately choose to be vain, but we lowkey are. Hundreds of psychological studies have been conducted around this issue, and all studies collectively agree that better-looking people are more successful than their counterparts. It is not a coincidence that most upper-class people and big CEO’s happen to have one mutual trait: good looks.

Attractive people earn 3-4% more than an average looking person. Moreover, they are hired faster and are given better positions. The world is biased in favour of good-looking people. To word it differently, plastic surgery will not only impact your self-esteem but social life as well. It could potentially open many doors for you.

In closing

The shame that accompanies plastic surgery has no reasonable foundation. For that reason, judgment from the public should not stand as an obstacle between you and what you believe would make you happy. Be careful when choosing your surgeon and have realistic expectations. We advise you to hold back from over-doing it. Making plastic surgery an obsession can reverse its benefits. Moderation is vital, in everything.

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