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3 Surprising Causes Of Digestive Problems You Did Not Know About

In some instances, unearthing the seed of your discomfort is direct. For example, and we have all been there, you are curled up in discomfort and pain and deep inside you know it was that delicious fat juicy burger you devoured in seconds with the assistance of sodas to down the massive bites that have only been chewed twice the evening before. We’re all guilty of this, it is hard to monitor your chewing habits with delicious food. Unfortunately, hunting down the cause of your misery is not always as straightforward. In certain times the cause just might be indirect or hard to track, and this who this article is for.

Uncommon Causes Of Digestive Problems

1- Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned Teeth

Aside from aesthetics, it is popular belief that crooked teeth do not seem to pose any problems. However, that is only at first glance, in reality, the nooks and the crannies that seem so innocuous are silently causing many of your daily struggles. A bit of a shocker, but the primary function of teeth, apparently, is not limited to glowing as you stretch your lips in an attempt to charm the ones around you. In other words, your teeth have far more significant duties than fixing your love life.

The primary function of teeth is to grind food to assist your stomach in breaking down complex carbs, proteins, and fats. Now picture this with me, your teeth are crammed above one another, what is the first thing that will be affected? If you guessed the surface area of your molars and incisions, you guessed right. Consequently, the efficiency of your chewing will dive head first to rock bottom. Which means, bigger chunks of food, which means difficulty digesting, which means discomfort.

Luckily, this is not a life sentence, to fix this problem you will have to re-align your teeth. Your options include orthodontics and do not worry about the chunky looks of braces. Recently a new trend in braces has emerged, and the trend is in your favor – current braces are thinner, slimmer, and if you desire transparent.

2- Lactose Intolerance

Lactose Free Food

I know this would be surprising for lactose intolerant people like myself. For one we never really take our allergies seriously to even find a pattern in the side effects. Nevertheless, this is a real problem. If you suspect you’re lactose intolerant, you might notice a trend in symptoms that emerge upon your consumption of milk. The symptoms include bloating, diarrhea, and nausea.

Lactose intolerance causes digestive problems because your body is incapable of breaking down the main element of milk. For that reason, discomfort can arise as your stomach attempts to handle lactose. To eliminate this problem, cut out lactose from your diet.

3- Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease Diet

Celiac disease, unlike lactose intolerance, is a more aggressive version of food sensitivity. Upon consumption of gluten products, your body will activate an immune reaction in your small intestine. Over repeated consumption, your small intestine will wear off. As a result of the small intestine wearing off, your body’s ability to absorb nutrients will disrupt.

Fortunately, the problem can be dealt with through minor dietary changes such as following gluten-free diets.

In Summary

Causes of digestive problems can be direct and obvious and other times discrete. Regardless of how mysterious a cause is, they are all thankfully avoidable. In cases of lactose intolerance and celiac disease merely modifying your eating habits would suffice. In other cases, it is not as simple, for instance in crooked teeth. If what’s causing your digestive problems is your misaligned teeth, then it is not a worry. A visit to the dentist is all it takes.

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