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How To Moisturise Your Scalp After a Hair Transplant

After you have received a hair transplant in Turkey with Vera Clinic, it is important that you look after your hair and scalp appropriately. This will allow you to heal to the best that you possibly can, shortening the recovery time and ensuring that the procedure is as successful as possible.

When it comes to hair transplant moisturiser, we can advise you as to what you should and shouldn’t use, when you should moisturise the scalp after a hair transplant, and what techniques you should use.

When Can you Moisturise After a Hair Transplant?

If you are thinking “should I moisturise after a hair transplant”, you are already in a winning position by considering the future of your hair transplant recovery in a proactive manner.

Within our hair washing guide, we include details of how to wash your hair following a hair transplant procedure, but what about moisturising? When it comes to moisturise the scalp after a hair transplant, it really isn’t so much a matter of “if”, as so much as it is “when” can you moisturise after a hair transplant.

Your first hair wash should be 48 hours following your hair transplant procedure, and our expert surgeons will have already prescribed you the medicinal hair wash, lotion, and hair transplant moisturiser. You should gently apply the hair transplant moisturiser into the scalp, massaging it sufficiently enough for it to absorb.

This should be followed by the lotions, that can lightly coat the selected area, covering it only very thinly. When you moisturise the scalp after a hair transplant, this will be a sensitive area to touch at first, but it will get easier with time, as long as you are gentle, rub it in in small circular motions, and are cautious not to damage the affected area.

Act with Caution

When applying hair transplant moisturiser, or any other hair transplant products you have been prescribed in your aftercare plan, you should be as careful as possible not to damage the grafts. This will allow healing to take place in a natural way, without any interference. You should also refrain from using any form of power shower or jet streams.

Instead, use a very gentle setting on your shower head, or even use a cup of water to gently pour the water over your hair and scalp for the first couple of days after your first wash. Once you have moisturised your scalp after your hair transplant, the last thing you want is any disruption to the impacted area.

Do not use a hair dryer to dry off, especially not on a hot setting. The heat will almost definitely cause damage to your hair and scalp, causing huge issues down the line in terms of infections and even permanent scarring.

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If you would like further information on hair transplant moisturiser then contact us at Vera Clinic today. We can advise you upon the next steps you can take within your hair transplant journey, or our experts can offer insight into the current hair transplant moisturiser you are using, addressing any issues you may be facing.