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The corrective jaw surgery cost in Turkey is the lowest you will find worldwide. Whether it is jaw reduction surgery, or any other jaw surgery in Istanbul that will assist with structural realignment, we assure you the jaw surgery cost in Turkey is unbeaten and will not only benefit your bank balance, but also improve your confidence, and help you look exactly as you have always dreamed.

At Vera Clinic, we offer a broad range of high quality, affordable treatments across a range of areas including dentalcosmetic, aesthetic and hair transplants from our clinic in Turkey.  Our jaw surgery options are one of the most in-demand treatments on offer. Find out more, below.

Jaw Surgery In Turkey

Orthognathic surgery, or corrective jaw surgery in Istanbul, is a procedure involving the realignment, correction and aesthetic improvement of the jawbone and teeth. Whether you are in need of correction for minor or major irregularities, jaw surgery in Turkey is the right move to make when these specific issues cannot be resolved with orthodontics, for either aesthetic or functional purposes.

The jaw surgery cost in Turkey is well worth the money, allowing you to make huge comparative savings and gain a wide range of benefits. Before undertaking jaw reduction surgery or any jaw surgery in Turkey, you may find that you are experiencing a variety of functional, mechanical and vocal issues, including the inability to speak correctly. Due to structural irregularities, these issues can become debilitating in day-to-day life. See the list below to see the symptoms that will be alleviated once you have undergone corrective jaw surgery in Turkey.

  • Biting, chewing and eating becomes drastically easier, allowing you to enjoy the normal things in life once more.
  • Speaking and swallowing become normal again, allowing you to socialise and eat a meal with ease.
  • Less wear on the teeth improves your dental health, so along with jaw surgery in Turkey improving your appearance, you will also benefit on a medical level.
  • Bite fit or jaw closure issues are resolved. A “normal bite” is present if your upper teeth fit slightly over your lower teeth and the points of your molars fit the grooves of the opposite molars, which jaw surgery in Turkey will help to achieve.
  • Pain caused by temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder and other alternative jaw issues alleviate. TMJ disorders may cause debilitating symptoms, such as pain when chewing, earache, and pain in the jaw, face and neck
  • The alleviation of sleep apnea and breathing issues. The structure of your jaw can cause you to have difficulty breathing, disrupting your sleep cycle. Jaw surgery cost in Turkey is an incredibly reasonable price to pay to resolve these potentially debilitating issues.

Your Jaw Surgery In Istanbul: Prep For The Future

Prior to your jaw reduction surgery or jaw surgery in Istanbul, you will usually be assigned dental braces 12 – 18 months before the scheduled surgery date. At Vera Clinic, before having jaw surgery in Turkey we believe it is imperative to take this initial step to obtain the best teeth alignment possible before receiving jaw surgery. To evaluate your specific needs and develop an ideal treatment plan for jaw surgery in Turkey, both an orthodontist and maxillofacial surgeon will be assigned to your case in order to sufficiently analyse your individual requirements.

During the treatment following up to the surgery, multiple X-rays and models are requested to evaluate the intricate changes over the treatment period regarding your dental structure and any patient specific anomalies you may possess. The benefit of this follow-up appointment prior to your jaw surgery in Turkey is to gain a comprehensive understanding of any skeletal issues and the necessary surgery approach to be taken.

To speed up the process for your corrective jaw surgery in Turkey, you have the option to accelerate the re-alignment waiting period through specialist orthodontic anchoring devices, in conjunction with CT scanning and computer-assisted treatment planning. This will help to achieve optimal teeth realignment, within a vastly reduced timeframe. If your corrective jaw surgery in Istanbul is for a milder case, you also have the options to substitute the surgery for the aforementioned procedures.

Jaw Correction In Turkey: Procedure Overview

Corrective jaw surgery in Turkey involves an operation within the mouth. The short amount of healing time means the jaw surgery cost in Turkey is relatively low compared to the benefits you will enjoy in the long run. As corrective jaw surgery here in Istanbul is an internal operation, the risk of visible scarring on the face is completely eliminated and scarring around the chin or jaw is also very unlikely. Very few cases leave any scarring, unless incisions on the exterior of the mouth may be required. In the latter case, the patient will be informed.

Once all necessary incisions are made, our expert surgeons will commence in shifting, cutting, and altering the jawbone to obtain the correct alignment within the target areas. In order to secure the new positioning of the jawbone, screws and bands may be used for jaw correction surgery in Turkey. This is nothing to worry about, the minuscule size of the screws used means that the structures will not induce any pressure and will eventually integrate with the jawbone as time passes.

It is worth noting that if your corrective jaw surgery in Istanbul is for a more extreme case, such as your jawbone missing a certain amount of length, bone grafts will then be extracted from the leg or hip and transferred securely with the aid of minuscule screws. All procedures involving jaw reduction surgery and jaw surgery in Turkey are available on the upper and lower jaw, as well as the chin, depending on your requirements.

Thanks to the low jaw surgery cost in Turkey, the avenue of availability has opened up to a wide range of people who require treatment. Suitable candidates for orthognathic surgery, must have reached an age where jaw growth halts. Typically, we recommend that in females, the appropriate minimal ages for acceptance range from 14 – 16 and in male ages of 17 – 21. This approximation is characterised by decreased or stabilised jaw development within the patient.

After Jaw Reduction Surgery Instructions

Following jaw reduction surgery or corrective jaw surgery in Istanbul, the surgeon will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions that include minor changes in diet and oral hygiene. Eliminating tobacco and alcohol use during the healing period will make the jaw surgery cost in Turkey even more worthwhile, as consuming either decreases the chance of recovering as expected. Exercise, strenuous work, and manual labour should also be avoided, as not to overwork the body. The recovery rate is comparatively short, with a healing time of 1 – 3 weeks before you can resume normal day-to-day activities. Please be aware, jaw reduction surgery and jaw surgery in Turkey depends on the individual in terms of recovery, and rates may differ between different people.

Corrective Jaw Surgery In Turkey – FAQs

How Long Does Jaw Surgery In Turkey Take To Heal?

The results of jaw surgery in Turkey are instantaneous and immediately noticeable, making the jaw surgery cost in Turkey especially worth it. Complete healing occurs over a period of 12 months, with initial noticeable healing occurring in the first 6 weeks. In many cases, dental braces may be applied after the period of initial healing, within the firsts 6 weeks of the surgery in order to achieve optimal realignment of the teeth.

What Is The Result Of Jaw Surgery In Turkey?

The results of the surgery along with the potentially necessary orthodontics period following will result in a dramatic change in the appearance of your face, increasing symmetry and balancing the structure of your face. Chewing, breathing, and speech will dramatically improve, enhancing your life in a whole plethora of ways.

For advice and a quote for jaw surgery in Turkey, contact us today so you can book as soon as possible and discover the jaw surgery cost in Turkey for you.  For more information, please visit our Blog Page, where we have more details regarding jaw reduction surgery and corrective jaw surgery in Turkey, more info on the procedure, and much more.

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