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A Guide to Washing Your Hair After a Hair Transplant

One of the most popular questions after having a hair transplant is how soon should you be washing your hair after a hair transplant? The outcome of your hair transplant will be very much down to how well you take care of your hair after the transplant; this plays a big part as your skin needs to heal.

Top tips for washing hair after a hair transplant

When it comes down to washing hair after a hair transplant, you should make sure you wait 48 hours before washing. If you must shower, be extra careful to keep your hair dry.

Have a shower cap handy so you won’t have to awkwardly stand under the running water, and you will feel extra protected!

You will only be able to wash your hair on day 3 after your transplant, and your hair transplant first wash should be very gentle; in fact, all washes for the first 5 days should be. Definitely no scrubbing!

Even when it has been a few days, you still shouldn’t let your head go directly under the shower as falling water won’t be gentle on your head.

If you have a bath, you could use this to get clean instead of the shower and adopt the cup and water method when pouring water over your head. You may feel like a child in a bathtub again, but it will be worth it to avoid a hair transplant infection and heal as quickly as possible.

You can still use shampoo but something that doesn’t have many chemicals and put it onto your hands first, instead of straight onto your head, you don’t want to use too much. It’s best to use the bare minimum and carefully rub it into your head.

What can you expect after a hair transplant?

Be prepared to experience a little itchiness after your hair transplant, this could last a few days and just means the place where your follicles were extracted will be recovering.

Signs of recovering are little scabs and if you do experience itching at this time, you can use a bit of conditioner on the red dots. This is the best way to relieve itching quickly without slowing down the healing process.

Hair transplant scabs are expected but if they are still present a week after your transplant, keep applying conditioner and you can also massage in circular motions to encourage any scabbing to fall off.

Your scalp should be absolutely fine if you follow the washing hair after hair transplant tips and instructions above. You can see some before and after images here to remind you just how worth it a hair transplant is.

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