Ice Graft Hair Transplant In Turkey

Getting an ice graft hair transplant in Turkey is a simple, cost effective procedure that will solve your hair loss problem, raise your confidence, and grace you with the full head of hair that you know you deserve. Like all hair transplant Turkey services we offer at Vera Clinic, this procedure is undertaken by the very best in the business, as our surgeons have many years of experience and are world renowned in their field of expertise, based at our state-of-the-art hospital in Istanbul. When you receive ice grafts in Istanbul our hair transplant services will blow you away.

What Is An Ice Graft Hair Transplant?

An ice graft hair transplant is a simple hair transplant procedure, that doesn’t differ especially from other hair transplant options we offer. The difference is, an ice graft hair transplant technique treats the hair bulbs before they are implanted into the scalp. A hair bulb is what forms the base of your hair follicles. Within the hair bulb, cells divide and grow to build the shafts of your hair, with blood vessels nourishing them and delivering hormones, allowing for the modification of hair growth and structure, which will differ as you age. An ice graft hair transplant is a method that combines the use of ice, using the FUE hair transplant method. Our ice graft FUE in Istanbul are hair transplants that extract the follicles from a donor area, before the extracted grafts are prepared by storing them in a solution designed to be kept at especially cold temperatures – hence the ice in the name of ice graft hair transplants.

Before treatment is carried out for ice grafts in Istanbul a hair transplant pre-procedure must take place. This is in order to protect the follicles, increase vitality, and enhance your chances of receiving a successful ice graft hair transplant at Vera Clinic. This technique is especially efficient in increasing the quality of your hair bulbs and the surrounding tissue, allowing for an extended lifespan outside of the body.

Ice Grafts In Istanbul: How The Hair Transplant Is Performed

Firstly, an ice graft hair transplant will involve the storage of hair grafts in a special solution, which is commonly used in many medical and hospital environments. The function of this, is to secure the grafts safely, maintaining a low temperature when outside of the body, ensuring no damage comes to them. The solution in question that is used for ice graft hair transplants consists of various vitamins and antioxidants, making them an ideal storage solution for hair bulb and hair graft protection. This process will enable proper growth of the hair follicles after transplantation, which makes it a vital stage in an ice graft hair transplant. Without this stage in your ice grafts in Istanbul the hair transplant will fail, as the lifespan of the hair bulb outside of its optimally low temperature is only 4 – 6 hours.  Enriched with biotin, growth support is also enhanced within this process, both protecting the hair bulbs while invigorating their strength and growth capabilities.

Advantages Of An Ice Graft Hair Transplant

A key benefit of receiving an ice graft hair transplant, compared to other methods of hair transplantation, is that it is a much more comfortable procedure. As the donor hair bulbs have been stored at a low temperature, the surgeon will not be rushed to finish the procedure, since the lifespan of the hair graft has been prolonged. Another main advantage of an ice graft hair transplant is that the success rate is elevated, due to the method of storage, so it is likely more new hair will flourish once the transplant is complete. The hair bulbs from the ice graft hair transplant will immediately begin to adapt to the targeted area, becoming aligned with your bodily temperature and growing naturally. The fact that the temperature of the hair bulbs is low also makes the process of an ice graft hair transplant anti-inflammatory, reducing swelling post-surgery and enhancing comfort.

How The Ice Graft Hair Transplant Is Done

Your ice grafts FUE in Istanbul is a hair transplant that begins like any other. Once you have received your consultation from one of our clinicians at Vera Clinic, we will be able to assess the ice graft hair transplant cost for you and assess your individual circumstance.

Firstly, local anaesthetic is applied to your scalp to numb the area that will be operated upon. No general anaesthetic is required for an ice graft hair transplant, so you will be conscious for the process, but won’t feel a thing. Once the local anaesthetic has been applied and has settled in, your ice graft hair transplant will begin, with the follicle transferal process taking place. Each follicle is implanted into your scalp by creating small, inconspicuous incisions with a surgical knife. The cooled donor hair follicles will then be transferred to your scalp, allowing them to adapt to your natural bodily temperature once the transplant has concluded, creating a successful, powerful, long lasting hair graft.  Following your ice graft hair transplant, you may be invited to a follow up appointment, in order to assess your progress and to check that your ice graft hair transplant has adapted to your scalp sufficiently.

Ice Graft Hair Transplant In Turkey - FAQs

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