Ice Graft Hair Transplant In Turkey

If you are suffering from hair loss, a hair transplant can be the solution to address thinning hair or poor regrowth. At Vera Clinic, we have some of the most innovative solutions that can enhance the process of a hair transplant in Turkey further, with one being our use of ice grafts. A popular choice that uses the precise Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique, our ice graft hair transplant procedure is a simple, cost-effective treatment that treats the extracted hair follicles with ice before transplanting. This extra step in the transplant process can further help to provide the natural-looking results you’re looking for.

Like all hair transplant and cosmetic surgery that we offer at Vera Clinic, this procedure is undertaken by the very best surgeons who are world-renowned in their field of expertise. With their many years of experience within our state-of-the-art hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, you’re in safe hands when choosing us. When undergoing an ice grafts FUE hair transplant in Istanbul, you won’t be disappointed with the results, so book a consultation today to see if you can benefit from this innovative procedure.

What Is An Ice Graft Hair Transplant?

An ice graft hair transplant is very similar to an FUE hair transplant procedure. The difference is an ice graft hair transplant technique treats the extracted hair bulbs before they are implanted into the scalp.

  • A hair bulb is what forms the base of your hair follicles and within this bulb, cells divide and grow to build the shafts of your hair, with blood vessels nourishing them and delivering hormones. This allows for the modification of hair growth and structure, which will differ as you age.
  • An ice graft hair transplant is a method that combines the use of ice and the FUE hair transplant technique. Hair follicles from the donor area are extracted and prepared by storing them in a solution designed to be kept at especially cold temperatures – hence the icein the name of an ice graft FUE hair transplant in Istanbul.
  • Before treatment is conducted for ice grafts, a hair transplant pre-procedure must take place. This is in order to protect the follicles, increase vitality, and enhance your chances of receiving a successful ice graft hair transplant at Vera Clinic.
  • This technique is especially efficient in increasing the quality of your hair bulbs and the surrounding tissue, allowing for an extended lifespan outside of the body.

Ice Grafts FUE in Istanbul Hair Transplant – The Process

  • An ice graft hair transplant will involve the storage of hair grafts in a special solution, which is commonly used in many medical and hospital environments.
  • The function of this is to secure the grafts safely and maintain a low temperature when outside of the body, ensuring no damage comes to them.
  • The solution used for ice graft hair transplants consists of various vitamins and antioxidants, making them an ideal storage solution for hair bulb and hair graft protection.
  • This process will enable proper growth of the hair follicles after transplantation, which makes it a vital stage in an ice graft hair transplant. Without this, your ice grafts FUE Istanbul hair transplant will fail, as the lifespan of the hair bulb outside of its optimally low temperature is only 4 – 6 hours.
  • Enriched with biotin, growth support is also enhanced within this process, both protecting the hair bulbs whilst invigorating their strength and growth capabilities.

What are the Advantages of an Ice Graft Hair Transplant?

If you are considering this procedure and are wondering how different it is from a regular FUE hair transplant, here are some of the main advantages you can expect:

  • Minimal Discomfort – a key benefit of receiving an ice graft hair transplant, compared to other methods of hair transplantation, is that it is a much more comfortable procedure to experience. This is thanks to the extra step between extraction and transplantation.
  • More Time to Transplant – as the donor hair bulbs have been stored at a low temperature, the surgeon will not be rushed to finish the procedure quickly. Since the lifespan of the hair graft has been prolonged using ice, this means a much smoother process.
  • High Success Rate – another main advantage of an ice graft hair transplant is that the success rate is elevated, due to the method of storage, so it is likely more new hair will flourish once the transplant is complete.
  • Fast, Natural Growth – the hair bulbs from the ice graft hair transplant will immediately begin to adapt to the targeted area, becoming aligned with your body temperature and growing naturally.
  • Reduced Side Effects – the fact that the temperature of the hair bulbs is low also makes the process of an ice graft hair transplant anti-inflammatory. This will reduce swelling post-surgery and enhance your comfort during recovery and aftercare.
  • Natural Results – whilst our FUE transplant provides amazing results, having an ice grafts FUE in Istanbul hair transplant enhances the results further. You’ll enjoy permanent, natural-looking hair growth.

How an Ice Grafts FUE Istanbul Hair Transplant Is Performed

Your ice grafts FUE in Istanbul is a hair transplant that begins like any other. Once you have received your consultation from one of our clinicians at Vera Clinic, we will be able to assess the ice graft hair transplant cost for you and assess your individual circumstances.

  • Firstly, a local anaesthetic is applied to your scalp to numb the area that will be operated upon. No general anaesthetic is required for an ice graft hair transplant, so you will be conscious for the process, but will not feel a thing.
  • Once the local anaesthetic has been applied and has settled in, your ice graft hair transplant will begin, with the follicle transferal process taking place.
  • Each follicle is implanted into your scalp by creating small, inconspicuous incisions with a surgical knife. The cooled donor hair follicles will then be transferred to your scalp, allowing them to adapt to your natural body temperature once the transplant has concluded, creating a successful, powerful, long-lasting hair graft.
  • Following your ice graft hair transplant, you may be invited to a follow-up appointment, in order to assess your progress and to check that your ice graft hair transplant has adapted to your scalp sufficiently.

Ice Graft Hair Transplant Aftercare

Your surgeon and caregivers will provide full details and more to help assist with your aftercare. Following this properly will ensure you can have the results you want in the long-term and prevent complications from causing the transplant to fail.

  • After the procedure, you may experience soreness, tenderness or swelling in the transplant area. The clinicians will provide you with a full aftercare programme to follow to ensure your comfort, including any painkillers if required.
  • Once the swelling and any scabbing have reduced, the transplanted area should heal after approximately 15 days, and you will experience shedding of transplant hair between days 30 – 45. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about, as new hairs will begin to grow.
  • It is important to wash your hair carefully and use only advised products including aftercare shampoo, serums, and creams. You will need to carefully follow instructions to ensure proper use and gently massage the scalp.
  • You should avoid any unnecessary touching of your transplanted hair for the first few days at least and adjust your sleeping position to avoid rubbing or pulling your hair during sleep. Avoiding direct sunlight to your scalp for at least the first 2 weeks is recommended. Any strenuous exercise or activity should be avoided to prevent heavy sweating that can irritate the scalp.

For more information about our hair transplant procedures, you can find more details here on our website. Please contact us today if you require any help or assistance and one of our experts will get back to you as quickly as possible. You can book a consultation online if you are ready to see how our ice grafts FUE hair transplant in Istanbul can resolve your hair loss and provide fantastic results.

Ice Graft Hair Transplant In Turkey - FAQs

How Long Does an Ice Graft Hair Transplant Take?

At Vera Clinic, an ice graft hair transplant will take slightly longer than a regular FUE hair transplant that takes approximately 8 – 10 hours, dependent on the number of grafts needed. This may differ on a person-to-person basis, which is why booking a consultation before your procedure is imperative. Usually, the period of the hair follicles being placed in the ice solution will take a number of hours between extraction and transplantation. Once the procedure has finished, we would also advise that you stay in Istanbul for the following week, in order to receive post-procedure check-ups and to assess your situation, where our aftercare team at Vera Clinic can make sure that your ice graft hair transplant is as effective as you would hope for.

With an ice grafts FUE Istanbul hair transplant, will I feel pain?

No, any pain or discomfort will be minimal thanks to the use of local anaesthetic. This will be administered before the procedure is performed to numb the transplant and extraction area. As the procedure time will be a number of hours, we will make the process as comfortable as possible for you. During your consultation, this will be discussed so that we accommodate any additional requirements before commencing the ice grafts hair transplant. Your aftercare kit will contain painkillers to help with any pain felt post-surgery if experiencing any swelling or soreness.

Are the costs of an ice grafts hair transplant higher?

The exact costs of your procedure will be discussed during the consultation stage, and it will differ from person to person depending on your hair loss. As the technique is very similar to an FUE hair transplant, you can expect prices to be similar whilst taking into account the additional step of using an ice solution. At Vera Clinic, we can provide hair transplants at much lower costs to the rest of the world, so whilst an ice grafts FUE in Istanbul hair transplant will differ slightly in price from a regular FUE, you will still be able to save hundreds, if not thousands on the total costs. Factoring in travel and accommodation too, you can look to avoid breaking the bank to undergo this innovative procedure.

Do you have other options to an ice grafts FUE hair transplant?

Yes, we can provide different hair transplant options for patients depending on your needs and budget. The FUE hair transplant procedure is recommended to provide the most optimum results when compared to a FUT hair transplant offered at other clinics that is more invasive and will show scarring. A Sapphire hair transplant will provide the FUE method whilst using Sapphire stone blades that provide more precision and accuracy. You can also choose Micro Fue hair transplant surgery, providing a cost-effective and fast solution using a semi-automated procedure for accuracy. If you are not sure which transplant procedure is best for you, we will discuss your options during a consultation, recommending the best one for the results you want.

How many hair grafts will I need for an ice graft hair transplant?

This will differ between patients depending on your level of hair loss or thinning. The best way to get an approximate number is to use our hair graft calculator. Here you can use our interactive guide to work out how many hair grafts might be needed, however, this is just an estimate to be used for guideline purposes only. During your consultation, the exact number of grafts will be advised, and your total costs quoted. On average, most people will have two hairs per graft but often hair will grow in groups of 1 – 4 hairs. As a rule, the more hair loss you have experienced, the more hair grafts you will need, but this will be limited to how much healthy donor hair you have.

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