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Hair Transplant Before And After Pictures And Stories

Below you will find hair transplant before and after pictures and stories. The following patients have visited the Vera Clinic Hospital to finally turn their lives around. Hair loss is a condition that harms our self-esteem and jeopardizes our progress and success in life.

The following hair transplant before and after pictures portray this precious moment of leaving the past behind. It is a new hairline, it is a new life, and a fresh start.

Hair Transplant Before And After Stories

1- Mr. Muhannad Abu Majed

Many patients begin to lose a sense of self-worth as their hairline begins to recede. Naturally, what tails after is social withdrawal from events. The isolation hair loss drives gradually leads to a dull life. So was the case with Mr. Muhannad Abu Majed.

Hair Transplant Before And After
Hair Transplant Before And After

Mr. Muhannad is a Saudi Arabian patient that visited the Vera Clinic hospital in the last year to reverse his receding hairline. Post-surgery, Mr. Muhannad did not only reclaim his escaping hairline but self-esteem along. After years of isolation and avoiding social situations, the spark of a new look and high self-esteem drove Mr. Muhannad to start a social media account. His account, much like his confidence, swelled significantly. In a short period of time, Mr. Muhannad has become a prominent social media figure.

Having appeared in various advertisements for shampoos and hair products, prosperity and success only highlighted to Mr. Muhannad the importance of his decision. With proceeding with the hair transplant at the Vera Clinic, Mr. Muhannad turned his life around. Mr. Muhannad is only one of the numerous people with a prosperous hair transplant before and after experiences.

In every sense of the word, Mr. Muhannad’s hair transplant before and after reflects a wedge between his past self and his current self.

2- Nick Maddock 

Nick Maddock is someone who suffered from hair loss for many years. But it wasn’t until recently that he decides it was time to change his life. As an American citizen, Nick Maddock found that the prices in the US were beyond exaggerated. But decided to look for options in Turkey, where he learned of the leading Vera Clinic Hospital. In the following video documents Nick Maddock’s hair transplant before and after.

3- Dean O’Connor

Dean O’Connor is another patient who decided to write his hair transplant before and after story at Vera Clinic Hospital. He compiled his pictures into a short video where he spoke of his experience as well. The video shows how the hair changes over the months after a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Before And After Pictures

At the Vera Clinic, our team has witnessed the transformations of thousands of patients from all around the globe. The feelings of satisfaction and elevated spirits that patients exhibit are valuable moments to us.

Every patient that visits the hospital has their own story written by the hands of our surgeons. and the impact of our work is an element of our profession that makes our career and what we do more valuable.

Below you will find some pictures of patients who found comfort in our services and trust in our expertise.

Hair Transplant Before And After

Hair Transplant Before And After

Hair Transplant Before And After

Hair Transplant Before And After For Women

Nadia Dolbaraeva

Nadia Dolbaraeva is a young woman with a love for life and memories. She decided to improve her appearance by reducing her forehead. She documented her experience in the following video.

How To Have A Successful Hair Transplant Before And After

1- The Skill And Expertise Of The Surgeon

For your hair transplant before and after story to coincide with your happily ever after, the surgeon you choose becomes the center of gravity. Of course, surgeons that possess great expertise who have also been active for decades in the field can ensure your before and after the experience is a positive documentation.

2- Aftercare

The way you handle and follow your hair transplant aftercare routine has a massive impact on the success of the surgery and how the hair will grow. For this reason, follow every instruction your surgeon gives you.

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