Hair Pigmentation Treatment

If hair loss is leaving you with a hairline that is not symmetrical or patches on your scalp, hair pigmentation treatment can be a solution to your problem. At Vera Clinic, our hair loss specialists can provide you with a hair line and all over coverage with hair micropigmentation that can restore a youthful aesthetic and raise your hair confidence. With natural-looking results that can be long-lasting, we can assess your suitability for pigmentation treatment and arrange a cost package including flights and accommodation.

Book a consultation today and begin your journey to address and treat your hair loss with our experts. As well as cosmetic and dental aesthetic surgery, we perform hair transplants in Turkey at a much lower cost whilst keeping the highest quality standards.

What is Hair Pigmentation In Turkey?

Hair pigmentation, also referred to as scalp pigmentation or micropigmentation, is a non-invasive procedure that requires no surgery, that helps to cover any patches of hair loss. If you suffer from Alopecia Areata or have a receding hair line such as experienced with Female or Male-Pattern Baldness, the areas of hair loss can be injected with pigment into the skin. Similar to having a tattoo performed, the bald areas are essentially filled in to restore an all over coverage aesthetic. Whereas an FUE Hair Transplant will move hair follicles and promote hair growth, hair micropigmentation is an alternative aesthetic treatment that will provide a buzzcut look.

Hair Micropigmentation Benefits

There are many benefits to choosing pigmentation treatment here at Vera Clinic, especially if you do not want to undergo a full hair transplant. These can include:

An even contrast between the skin and hair follicles

Restoring a symmetrical hair line

Minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment

Long-lasting results between 4 to 6 years

Minimal pain; similar to having a tattoo

No downtime; return to daily activities immediately

Who is Suitable for Pigmentation Treatment?

This form of hair loss treatment is ideal for those looking to resolve their concerns in an aesthetic approach. Those who are looking for hair regrowth are more suited for a hair transplant in Turkey, as scalp pigmentation will not help with this. Also, as the pigmentation process does not transplant hair or stimulate hair growth, it is suited for those happy with a short hair style, specifically a shaved head look. If you have patches of hair loss but still hair growing in other areas, you will want to consider shaving this hair so that you have an overall even look.

As the procedure is non-surgical and doesn’t require you to have hair growth such as needed for a hair transplant, scalp pigmentation is suitable for anyone over 18 with hair loss. We recommend that all patients interested in hair micropigmentation book a consultation so that our medical team can fully assess your suitability before going ahead with treatment.

The Procedure – Scalp Pigmentation

Before the hair pigmentation treatment, your consultant will mark on your head the new hairline you wish to achieve. This will form a guide for where the scalp pigmentation will be applied using a thin needle. Whilst the sensation is similar to having a tattoo, the type of needle and the ink used do differ. Hair pigmentation treatment typically uses a smaller needle so that accuracy can be achieved. The micropigmentation ink is not injected as far down as tattoo ink, instead usually around 2 layers deep. This is to avoid the ink from dispersing and allows the surgeon to provide a precise aesthetic that looks as similar to shaved hair follicles as possible. Also, as the ink is not applied as deep as with a tattoo, minimal pain and discomfort will be experienced throughout. Before you undergo the treatment, the pigmentation ink will be matched exactly to your hair colour, although other colours can be personalised for your desired results.

Once the procedure is completed, you will be advised to avoid excessive sun exposure and use a SPF lotion to treat the area of hair pigmentation. The results can be immediately seen and depending on the level of hair loss needing to be addressed, may require follow up sessions for the complete aesthetic.

Book a Consultation Today for Pigmentation Treatment In Turkey

Our team are ready to help you achieve the hair line and overall coverage you’ve been looking for. Whether you have an undesired hair line after hair loss, or bald patches that you want to address, hair pigmentation treatment can be the ideal option for you. Our facilities use state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained surgeons and technicians. We take our quality standards seriously and have helped many patients achieve hair confidence again.

Book a consultation for an assessment and get in touch with our expert team today. Please be aware that if you’d like to undergo hair micropigmentation treatment, this is currently performed at our facilities based in Germany. You can find out more about other hair loss procedures we can provide, including eyebrow transplant in Turkey, facial hair transplant and sapphire hair transplants.

Hair Pigmentation Treatment FAQs

How Long Does Hair Micropigmentation Last?

A benefit of having hair micropigmentation is the long-lasting results, with some patients experiencing 6-8 years before needing further treatment. Whilst the procedure takes a few hours depending on the extent of hair loss, and may be performed over a number of sessions, the results will provide a near permanent aesthetic to help restore your hairline and hair confidence.

Does Scalp Pigmentation Come as a Package?

Yes, all treatments available at Vera Clinic can include everything from flights to accommodation and transportation to our facilities. We can provide a quote package price during your initial consultation which can work out to provide huge savings compared to having similar treatment closer to home. During your stay, we can provide 5-star hotel accommodation so you can enjoy any downtime in the best way possible before your return flight.

Will Pigmentation Treatment Help With Hair Regrowth?

No, hair pigmentation treatment is for aesthetic purposes only and will not be effective if you wish to achieve a full head of hair or regrowth. As we are hair loss specialists, we can definitely help you if a hair transplant is more what you had in mind. Suitable for both male and female patients, our FUE hair transplant can help you achieve a natural-looking, full head of hair to restore a youthful look.

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