Hair Transplant Before & After

If you are considering having a hair transplant, seeing the results of patients who have had the treatment can help you see the benefits. We have many examples of successful hair transplants in Turkey performed here at Vera Clinic by our skilled surgeons.

Seeing hair transplant results before and after the procedure is one of the best ways to see the skill and quality of a particular hospital. At Vera Clinic, we are proud to share our FUE hair transplant before and after pictures with you, showing our patients extremely satisfied with the results post hair transplant. Every hair transplant results picture conveys a success story, showcasing the potential hair growth you could enjoy with treatment.

Book a consultation today with our experts to find out whether you would be suitable for hair loss treatment at Vera Clinic. With natural-looking results achieved with a minimally invasive procedure, you can achieve your desired hairline and growth with minimal discomfort and downtime.

12 month hair transplant before and after
hair transplant 6 months before and after
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8 month hair transplant before and after
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hair transplant before & after 8 months

FUE Hair Transplant Before and After

With immediately available results post hair transplant, those who undergo the FUE procedure can continue to experience improved results over time. A hair transplant after 1 week of the procedure will show your new hairline and a vast improvement aesthetically, but in much the same way as your hair will naturally grow, you will see optimum results within the coming weeks and months. The FUE donor area after 2 weeks will look further improved and slowly with natural growth continuing, you’ll soon experience full hair growth in the treated areas. Some of the FUE hair transplant before and after photos above show just how quickly results can happen, with 6 months to 1 year hair growth showing vast aesthetic changes and improvements to both the hairline and growth in general.

Results After 1 Year Hair Growth

After 1 year of hair growth from the transplant, you can feel like a completely different person, as the full head of hair is in contrast to the hair loss experienced before. You’ll notice just how much your hair growth has changed when compared to the FUE donor area after 2 weeks or 7 days after hair transplant treatment. With time, the hair follicles continue to grow and reach their potential. During your consultation, the surgeon will advise what your expected hair transplant results could be. After further hair growth in a year post hair transplant, your expectations should be completely met. It’s normal for most people to lose some hair every day, so the same will be for those whether it has been 5 days after hair transplant or many years later. Usually, hair shedding can occur 4 weeks after your procedure and this is normal, with the new hair growth providing stronger follicles. The hair transplant results will be permanent if the procedure was a success and provide long-term satisfaction with your new aesthetic.

Post Hair Transplant – Find Out More

As you can see from the FUE hair transplant before and after photos, the hair transplant results can be exceptional if you are a suitable candidate. If you are interested in having a similar outcome to our previous patients, a full consultation will be required first. This way we can fully assess your suitability for treatment after examining the level of hair loss you have currently and the number of healthy hair follicles suitable for transplant.

Book a consultation with our expert medical team today and we’ll help you choose the best course of treatment that will provide the results you desire. Hopefully, we’ll be able to add you to our list of satisfied patients who are now living with the hair growth and hairline they’ve always wanted. Our expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art facilities here in Istanbul, Turkey, ensure your hair transplant results will be of the highest standard. You can view our patient reviews here to go alongside our before and after photos for a full understanding of the hair transplant results you can expect.

Hair Transplant Results FAQs

How Much Hair Growth in a Year Can I Expect?

During the hair transplant, up to 7000 follicular units can be transplanted to the scalp and this will blend in with your existing hairline to ensure all-over coverage, After 1 year hair growth, you can expect to have the full effects of the transplant come to life, as seen in many of the patient photos. Hair growth in a year will follow your normal hair growth cycle, the difference being the previous areas of hair loss will now be showing regrowth. Each individual patient will vary with the amount of 1 year hair growth experienced, but the surgeon will fully assess what your timeline will be according to your requirements.

Will I Experience Discomfort 7 Days After Hair Transplant?

As it is minimally invasive, the pain experienced with an FUE hair transplant before and after should be very little. For most patients, no side effects or pain will be felt aside from the injection to administer local anaesthesia before the transplant. 5 days after hair transplant you may still feel some slight discomfort from swelling or irritation, but your doctor will provide pain killers to help with this. Your hair transplant after 1 week should be relatively pain-free and begin to feel normal whilst your scalp adjusts to the transplanted follicles. You will be given a full aftercare schedule by your doctor that is specific to your hair transplant results.

Are the Hair Transplant Results Permanent?

Yes, there is no reason why the hair transplant results do not continue for the long term, as long as you are looking after your hair. You’ll see immediate results, but slowly over time and even 7 days after hair transplant, you will begin to feel the permanent effects of the procedure. At Vera Clinic, we ensure any patient who is recommended for an FUE hair transplant is suitable and can experience the optimum results they desire. You should avoid putting your hair under strain from certain hairstyles and products, such as experienced with Traction Alopecia, and you can enjoy natural-looking hair for longer.