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Beard Transplant: 7 Things You Need To Know

Beard transplant is a a surgical procedure that can start growth in the beard region. The procedure can restore the thickness and growth of your facial hair. Regardless of whether you can’t grow a beard or whether you lost you facial hair to physical trauma.

Beard transplant ranks in the top cosmetic surgery procedures for men. In comparison to other beard restoration solutions, beard transplants are most successful. They also yield natural looking beards.

What Is A Beard Transplant?

A beard transplant removes healthy follicles from the head and move them to the beard. To choose the right grafts for beard transplant, your surgeon will look out for a few things. One major thing is texture, then viability, and genetic resistance to hair loss.

The most compatible hair to facial hair is the back of the head.

The hairs in the back of the head match beard hair: structure, texture, and growth patterns.

To get follicles there two methods for extraction: FUE and FUT.

Once your surgeons has the hairs, they begin placing them in the beard region.

Techniques Of Beard Transplant Turkey

The beard transplant Turkey procedure follows most the FUE technique. But, in certain parts of the world, the FUT technique is still operating. To cut the confusion, the two techniques vary in extraction. To get grafts, your surgeon will remove them from the scalp. FUE uses a practical harvesting method. It gets follicles in a way that does not cause visible scarring, big wounds, or nerve damage.
FUT on the surgically cuts a section of the scalp to extract grafts. The strip of skin goes under the microscope for dissection. But the technique of FUT leaves scars and nerve damage.

Recovery & Aftercare 

While the procedure has no downtime, you still need to make small lifestyle changes. For example, you will tend for the recipient site and the harvesting site a little more attentively. Your surgeon will provide you will all the products you will need.

Here is what you will have to avoid for a few days after beard transplant:

  • Swimming in pools or the sea
  • Direct sunlight
  • Smoking for a few days
  • Sauna rooms
  • Intense activity
  • Touching, rubbing, or scratching the harvested or implant areas

Within 15 days from surgery the hair on your beard will begin to fall out. Which is a good thing because it means you are recovering well. After this new hair will begin to grow that is stronger and better. Give your beard at least 7-8 months before you start shaving. You can use scissors but not razor blades before this.

Benefits Of Beard Transplant

1- They Are Permanent

Unlike other options such as beard microblading, beard transplants are long term. The results of beard transplant do not fade or change with time. The hair continues to grow permanently.

2- Natural Looking

Beard transplants offer natural-looking results. This is because they use natural hair to increase the density of facial hair.

So, once the grafts adapt to their new location, they behave like natural hair. This gives you the option to shave your beard or wax it. You can style your beard in many ways.

3- Ability to Change The Pattern Of Growth Can

Tattooing and Microblading are no longer popular techniques. Because the results are inconsistent aesthetics wise.

Because beard transplants aren’t ink pigments and rather natural hair, you can pluck, shave, and cater to your stylish needs. And you have the opportunity and freedom to change and style your beard to ride the trends.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Hospital 

Although beard transplants have no downtime, you need to take safety measures. This will make sure you recover fast.

1- Locating Donor Regions in a Professional Way

Donor regions need professional assessment to make sure they will fall out. Choosing grafts randomly could lead to failure. For example, picking grafts with a tendency for hair loss will cause them to fall out in the beard. So, you have to make sure a professional performs you procedure.

2- Incisions And Minimizing The Risk Of Infections

The success of the procedure relies on the quality of the treatment. From steps such as graft handling, the size of the wounds, and over all care are the secret to success. For example, qualified hospitals will keep the grafts in a Hypothermosol solution. Which is the best solution to keep the grafts healthy. Also, the hygiene of equipment and surgery rooms is another important aspect. Ignorance and improper handling will manifest into inconvenient outcomes.

Although hospitals that operate above board might cost slightly more, the advantages, security, and success obtained will give you your money’s worth.

Cost Of Beard Transplant

The cost of beard transplant varies from one country to another. In Turkey for example anywhere between 1800-2500 euros depending on the technique. In the USA a beard transplant is around 7000 to 15000 dollars.

Success Rates Of Beard Transplants Turkey

Beard transplants have very high success rates with minimal risks. However, choosing the right hospital and operating under the hands of an experienced doctor are crucial factors to consider. The above factors can massively increase the chances of success.

At the Vera Clinic, we value the trust of our patients and reciprocate by providing the best treatment and the most immaculate execution. We perform all hair transplant procedures and the subcategories of it such as beard transplants  in high-tech operation theatres and as a serious surgical procedure.

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