Unshaven Hair Transplant

At Vera Clinic, we are pleased to offer our clients unshaven hair transplants in our Turkey based clinic. Similar to our FUE hair transplants, unshaven hair transplants are popular especially among women as there is no requirement to shave any area of the head before the procedure. So, if you think that an unshaven FUE hair transplant sounds like the perfect option for you, then keep reading to find out all you need to know on this expert treatment available in our Turkey clinic.

What is an Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey?

First, lets start with the basics so that you understand exactly what an unshaven hair transplant is. Commonly known as a U FUE hair transplant, similar to a standard FUE procedure, the ‘U’ simply stands for ‘unshaven’. In the procedure, a typical hair transplant in Turkey is performed, however the key difference is that the donor area which is usually shaved remains intact.

This is why a U FUE in Turkey is particularly popular among women who wish to keep their existing hair an in-tact as possible for a fuller, more natural style. Some consider it to be the next advancement in the treatment of hair loss, however it is a more complicated procedure and so not always recommended.

The Unshaven Hair Transplant Procedure

Just like with a traditional FUE procedure, hairs are extracted one by one from a donor area, meaning areas of the scalp where hair loss is not an issue. However, with an unshaven hair transplant, more skill is required by the operating doctor in order to spot the healthiest hairs available. This makes the procedure much more delicate, hence why it is more complicated and not always the best way forward.

Once the healthy hair is extracted, the strands are cut off leaving only the grafts to be implanted. In order to achieve a natural and full look, the grafts are implanted into the thinning or balding areas to ensure that they blend seamlessly to match the natural growing characteristics of your original hair.

Although this is an incredibly minimally invasive treatment which offers fantastic results, we recommend follow-up treatments to ensure optimal results and recovery process.

Why Should You Choose a U FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey?

The major benefit of choosing a U FUE in Turkey is the advantage of not having to shave the scalp. Other standard transplant procedures require partial or the full head to be shaved in order for larger hair grafts to be transplanted and achieve more permanent results. But for many patients, especially female, it can be quite a daunting thought to have to shave the head, especially when hair loss is the driving factor behind the treatment in the first place.

This is why unshaven FUE transplants are a good choice for those hoping to keep their existing hair mostly intact whilst still receiving quality care.

Unshaven FUE Transplant FAQs

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