Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

There are many desirable cosmetic procedures, such as hair transplants, but the costs can be challenging to justify, particularly in Western countries where the prices are incredibly high. However, hair transplant costs in Turkey are far more affordable since Turkey has developed into one of the leading medical tourism destinations in Europe and globally.

One of the main reasons that hair transplant costs in Turkey are considerably cheaper is that the Turkish government subsides rates. At Vera Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most affordable hair transplant costs, along with high-quality facilities and expertise from the world’s leading surgeons.

The Benefits of Having a Hair Transplant in Turkey:

Despite Turkey being renowned for offering some of the best hair transplant procedures in Europe, it’s essential to understand why. There are several benefits of having a hair transplant done in Turkey.

Long-term hair loss solution: 

Hair loss and baldness can affect both men and women. Natural solutions are the most sought after but hard to find. However, due to advancements in medical and technological progression in Turkey, they can offer solutions that encourage hair regrowth like a natural scalp does long-term.

Improved appearance and confidence: 

One of the main benefits of getting a hair transplant would be a positive change in your appearance. Many individuals who have suffered hair loss also experience lower self-esteem as a result. Therefore, getting a hair transplant will give you a new sense of confidence, and you’ll regain your youthful appearance.

Simple service: 

In Turkey, most hair transplants are carried out using local anaesthesia, allowing you little to no pain felt. There are different techniques for you to choose from, and the expert team at Vera Clinic will work with you to establish the best technique. Some of the most popular approaches are:


One of the main benefits of receiving a hair transplant in Turkey is that it’s one of the most cost-effective methods in Europe. Read on to dig deeper into why the hair transplant cost in Turkey is so cheap.

All-inclusive holiday options:

Turkey is also a popular holiday destination full of rich culture and beautiful beaches, which adds to the appeal for receiving a hair transplant procedure here. Many hair transplant clinics can curate all-inclusive packages with treatment that includes luxury accommodation, excursions, and sightseeing alongside treatment.

100% natural solution:

Another benefit of having a hair transplant in Turkey is the natural results. Many think a hair transplant involves synthetic hair, but in fact, it’s a process of taking healthy good hair follicles from one part of the body and to the area of hair loss. The new hair growth is entirely safe, natural, and effective.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in UK, USA & Other European Countries?

Hair transplants in other parts of the world, such as hair transplant costs in the UK, US, and other European countries, can cost up to an average of between €10,000 and €35,000. Costs are usually a one-off payment, and the procedure provides long-term results.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey?

According to the Turkish Health Care Travel Council, Turkey has become one of the leading medical tourism destinations in Europe, with 750,000 health tourists visiting each year. Of that figure, Turkey receives approximately 6,500 visitors for hair transplants. On average, a high-quality hair transplant costs between $2500 to $3500 in Turkey.

Cost of hair transplant in TurkeyCompared to other countries, this is significantly cheaper, and there are a few reasons why that is:

Low-Cost High-Quality Labour

There are strict regulations for medical clinics in Turkey, meaning every team member must hold specific qualifications to join a procedure. Plus, the labour costs in Turkey are much lower. Paired together, this means many health clinics in Turkey can employ staff and offer treatment for a fraction of the cost compared to other countries.

Cheap Medical Infrastructure

Another reason Turkey is so much cheaper than other countries is that medical spaces are far more affordable to acquire and rent. For example, a 1000sq ft of office space in London could cost up to £6000 per month, whereas the same space could cost only £2500 in Turkey.

Low-Cost of Living

In general, Turkey offers a very low cost of living for many who visit. Therefore, as a holiday and medical destination, you’re able to get a lot more for your money. However, due to low salaries among citizens, they can’t enjoy it as tourists would do.

Other factors affect hair transplant cost in turkey. For example, the technology used, aftercare services, guaranteed success rate, government incentives and the number of follicles needed to cover the bald patches.

Every individual who wants to undergo a hair transplant procedure will have a bespoke treatment plan depending on their needs. For example, patients will have different hair structures, scalp types, ages, hairline preferences and hair loss. These other variables will help our team determine which hair loss treatment is best and may affect the total hair transplant cost.

In Conclusion:

Hair transplant is one of the most popular treatments for those who suffer from baldness and hair loss. Due to the high success rates and highly trained professionals in this treatment area, Turkey remains one of the leading medical tourist destinations for hair transplants.